Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New scientist the stooge!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
After Chernobyl nuclear power realized they had to get the ecologists on side, if there were to be new plants of death built!
So they pain professor’s of physics to make up stories about CO2. But they should have got biologists involved!
Plants in the light take in CO2 and water, and produce CH4, He and O! It liberates the O2 we breathe. No Co2, no O2, and we can’t breathe. But no CO2, and there are no carbohydrates for us to eat either!
CO2 is the gas of life! It tracks the growth cycles of plants. So it goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
So the physics bods said CO2 caused Global Warming. If this was true, it would cure itself! It is a climate follower.
20 years ago, New Scientist published stuff to throw doubt on Global Warming. On Oct 2nd it published the fact that the world climate had cooled for 3 years. So snow in Los Vegas, and the worst winter in the UK for 13 years follows!
By 2010, sea levels were meant to have risen by 15”! In 2003 there was a record LOW tide in Scotland.
But somewhere along the line, New Scientist became an in-house magazine for nuclear power! They are talking about 4 C rise in the next century.
Whereas last year they said there MIGHT be a 0.1 C rise in the next millennia. Don’t they read their own magazine?
We are headed into the next ice age. Biology takes in CO2 to support all life on Earth.
Come on New Scientist, you are better than a nuclear stooge!

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