Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Life eats CO2!

By JonThm on YouTube.com Jonathan Thomason

Green plants evolved with 40% CO2 in the air. They take it in, and convert it to plant bulk and O2: So there is 25% O2 in the air and massive life on Earth.
No CO2, no O2, and nothing to eat! Animals only evolved to turn the waste gas of plants, O2, into their food – CO2. In the late Cretaceous life on Earth hit a brick wall until animals evolved. This is why 95% of life died!
So it was a far bigger mass extinction that the death of the dinosaurs! CO2 is the gas of life.
The level in the air trails the natural climate swings by 4 years. When there are fewer plants, there is more CO2 in the air.
Marsh bacteria take in CO2, and release CH4. So when things are cooler, there in less CH4, and more CO2.
Plants release He, O and CH4, though most of the latter ends up as carbohydrates. He? Yes, life uses ~CO2 to do molecular nuclear fusion.
In the seas we see the same! Water and CO2 are converted into CH4, O and He. Life does nuclear fusion, enabled by CO2: The gas of life.
So where did Global Warming come from? And who is pushing climate change today? Nuclear fission and their stooges!
Nuclear power uses nuclear fission, and is so fatal! Even before a plant blows up. A field of green plants, and your own beating heart does molecular nuclear fusion.
This is safe, non-toxic and basically free!

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