Friday, 6 March 2009

Arc Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In electric plasmas, we have free atomic nuclei and electrons in frequent, random collision! Usually the strong atomic force keeps these charged particles apart.
In a Na plasma, just occasionally they overcome this force, and a proton and electron merge. They become a neutron. So Na3 becomes He3.
This decays in 0.04 seconds, to form He2 and gamma rays, plus heat. We use a phosphor to turn this heat into light!
We can also detect the gamma rays. Wrap photographic film, in a light cover, around a fluorescent tube for a few hours, and you will see we get off a lot of radiation!
Thus when we have the tube burnt in, we have more He3 about, and the tube is easier to start.
In time the tube loses weight as we convert the Na3 into H1 and then light! This is why a fluorescent tube mid life gives run on, as we have more He3 about.
You would think that an H plasma would give off so much light! Well it does, far too much. Old arc lights used to do molecular nuclear fusion in moist air, but this would blow out the arc, so we got light flicker.
Which is why we now used a closed tube, so we do less molecular nuclear fusion, but the light is constant, though dimmer.
So an old street light would do what CERN can’t! In moist air such lights do molecular nuclear fusion.
So how to use this nuclear fusion? We don’t leave it to chance: We set up a steam plasma – which is really a mixed O and H plasma. The O soaks up some of the heat, so we get a dimmer, more controllable light than an H plasma.
To get sustained H plasma, we want low pressure. With a steam plasma, while we top up the steam level with a water feed, the tube will display run on for ever.
So once started the tube will turn water into heat and gamma rays. Weak gamma rays, like you get from a pan of boiling water.
Interestingly enough, I got this idea after NASA shoed in 23007, that boiling water gave out radiation!
Molecular nuclear fusion is why! Nuts to CERN! A pan of boiling water does nuclear fusion. For so very little money.
A steam plasma should turn water into high temperature heat (About 800 C here) with no applied voltage.
Some where down the line, we draw off very little power, to drive a water pump.
So power with no CO2, and done of the toxic death of present nuclear power: Which uses lethal nuclear fission.
The deep, water falls, green plants in the light, and animal blood systems all do molecular nuclear fusion.
So you do it, as the blood flows around you body!

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