Wednesday, 25 March 2009

2nd letter to Prof Z

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Other MNF
I note you did not comment on nature’s MNF: Green plants in the light, growing bacteria, animal blood systems.
Also the deep, and moist air in the light. This is biology, and has not been censored: Though I note some work on Fe seeding the south polar sees did not work.
But plants all over the world take in CO2, so sink it down to 0.00037%. High values are only possible locally. But ‘Global Warming’ needs global CO2 shifts, which hare not possible.
To get higher CO2 levels you need an ice age – but that is with us. Historically CO2 levels have only risen during cold periods. They fall in warm ones.
Who ever thought up ‘Global Warming’ did not know their biology. This means every biology professional on Earth has sat on their academic hands, which implies some serious money has been expended to buy them off.
Volcanoes are preceded by steam emissions. So we get off non ionizing radiation during an Earth quake: There is no source possible other than MNF: We get a blip of gammas, when there is no substantive change in the geology.
So if we drill down into magma chambers at fault boundaries, we can stop eruptions and earth quakes.
Deep MNF is basically chaotic, as is sir MNF, which is why we can’t predict these events. We can stop the mega eruption in California and the Yellow Stone national Park happening.
When Yellowstone blows, it will take half of North America with it!
The deep sea produces He, O and gammas: This has not been edited, and is proof of nature’s MNF.
Radio waves produce gammas as it passes through moist air. This is what lead to the development of the microwave oven: Which comes plastered with radiation warnings. But there is no fissionable material around.
The only possible source of gammas is MNF going off in the food. This proof is on any microwave oven you buy. No Geiger counter required.
And no possible source of fission around. I think you can’t argue with this one! Food safety dictates those warnings HAVE to be on a microwave oven you buy.
The radiation can only come from water molecules in the food being knocked together so hard, it is turned into He and O.
Don’t panic, as NASA has shown, and published the emission of radiation from boiling water. So in all cookers and ovens, and water boilers …
One I was taught about on my M.Eng. in 1982, was from IC engines. Which you doubted.
This must be known, as I said before, to all chemists on the Earth, included you!

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