Monday, 30 March 2009

Not our fault

By ‘JonThm’ on Jonathan Thomason

After Chernobyl nuclear power realized they only way they would get new plants, would be to be green!
Fast breeders are a lost cause, only the French will allow these plants here them! They use Pr, one of the most toxic substances on earth! When a fast breeder goes off, all life in Europe will cease! I estimate this will occur by 2020!
They actually use Pt to boil off water, and this turns some of the water into He and O: It does molecular nuclear fusion. But there are loads of ways to do it, without Pt! Go view my blog for more about this.
With u, you mine it, process it, and ship it half way around the planet. These days they have nuclear ships! Due to boiling water, conventional ships release ¼ of the radiation a nuclear ship does.
But mining the U ore kills and pollutes. Then the chain of centrifuges uses so much power! This tends to be conventionally powered, as a nuclear plant cost up from $20 billion!
But the really big one is building the plants. This uses concrete. And guess what, this releases a massive amount of power. To build plants which are turned over every 25 years.
All the staff then uses conventional cars to get to and from work. So in the end, nuclear power releases as much cO2 as a connectional plant.
Nuclear power had paid their academic stooges to write about the dangers of CO2. They paid the wrong guys – CO2 is the gas of life, and it is a trace gas in the global air!
Plants TAKE in CO2, and excrete the O that forms the O2 we breathe! We breathe in the waste gas of plants. In the light they form the carbohydrates all animals eat.
They release He, as photosynthesis is really light induced biological molecular nuclear fusion. CO2 is how life dose nuclear fusion. CARN can’t but a pot of grass seed does, in the light.
This is why there is only 0.00037% CO2 in the global air: I have trouble converting 3.7 parts per million to percentage, which his why the nuclear stooges only quote ppm!
You have seen higher figures, but they are from by engine exhausts in the city. Which are not 50 C warmer than around! If you discount the heat from the engine, they are not 0.000001 C warmer!
The clue is in the name ‘Global Warming’. Cities are such a small area of the globe, to get a real figure, you want in the middle of the Pacific. But there it is at 2 ppm – the same number as before the Industrial Revolution.
You see we think we are big and important. The earth has not even noticed we are here.
CO2 has been higher: 4ppm. In the middle of an ice age! Hold on, I thought CO2 caused Global Warming. No, that is a line being mindlessly recited by ‘green’ warriors.
High CO2 figures go with ice ages. And the world has been cooling since 2005. As predicted by solar emission cycles.
So nothing to do with man: We have been trying to tell you this for 20 years, but nuclear power has spent $10 million a year for 20 years, to get articles written by their nuclear stooges.
How do we spot a stooge? Easy. Any scientist would have stopped writing articles about Global Warming about 20 years ago!
Nuclear power is not Green: It is toxic death!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Letter to Sheffeild U

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Swamps are interesting, as they take in CO2. But they turn it into CH4. Some of which his converted into carbohydrates, but some is liberated.
Swamps also liberate O, and I would put money on them making He! This is liberated into the air, but is not held by Earth’s feeble gravity.
So it, and the He from the deep end up in space! The light rays emitted from suns combine in space, to form H. So we gain H from space, as do suns!
But they will gain 1 kg a second, and burn 100 tonnes a second!
Swamps meanwhile pile up CH4 and O in moist air! CH4 has a 5 second life in the air, as it fids a source of ignition. Swamps gas ignites every couple of days, so around swamps there are fewer naked flames.
CO2 and CH4 are in tension! So in warm weather, there is less CO2, more CH4: But the latter is always burning back to CO2.
You can see why I have not done much work on swamps! But they do liberate gamma waves, as does the deep.
Both consume CO2, and produce O and He! All this is documented – I read the latest article in new Scientist within the last month!
So biology does all this molecular nuclear fusion: And its production of
O, He, and consumption of CO2 is on record. As it their production of gamma waves.
No wriggle room! Biology does molecular nuclear fusion. PhD please!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Life does fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
I was doing a PhD, and found that all life does nuclear fusion from water!
- Green plants in the light
- Growing bacteria
- Animal blood systems
- Water falls
- Breaking waves
- Steam erupting from the deep Earth
- Man’s chemical engines
- High pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.
It turns H2O, into He, O plus gamma waves! So if CERN gave their hydrogen nuclei spin, and sent them around d a small torrous, they would do molecular nuclear fusion!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Chemical fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Chemistry has loads of processes that give off radiation! I mean light and gamma rays here. The processes split water into H and O, and convert two Hs into one He!
Welcome to molecular nuclear fusion! Physics can’t do nuclear fusion, but chemistry does loads of molecular nuclear fusion.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

2nd letter to Prof Z

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Other MNF
I note you did not comment on nature’s MNF: Green plants in the light, growing bacteria, animal blood systems.
Also the deep, and moist air in the light. This is biology, and has not been censored: Though I note some work on Fe seeding the south polar sees did not work.
But plants all over the world take in CO2, so sink it down to 0.00037%. High values are only possible locally. But ‘Global Warming’ needs global CO2 shifts, which hare not possible.
To get higher CO2 levels you need an ice age – but that is with us. Historically CO2 levels have only risen during cold periods. They fall in warm ones.
Who ever thought up ‘Global Warming’ did not know their biology. This means every biology professional on Earth has sat on their academic hands, which implies some serious money has been expended to buy them off.
Volcanoes are preceded by steam emissions. So we get off non ionizing radiation during an Earth quake: There is no source possible other than MNF: We get a blip of gammas, when there is no substantive change in the geology.
So if we drill down into magma chambers at fault boundaries, we can stop eruptions and earth quakes.
Deep MNF is basically chaotic, as is sir MNF, which is why we can’t predict these events. We can stop the mega eruption in California and the Yellow Stone national Park happening.
When Yellowstone blows, it will take half of North America with it!
The deep sea produces He, O and gammas: This has not been edited, and is proof of nature’s MNF.
Radio waves produce gammas as it passes through moist air. This is what lead to the development of the microwave oven: Which comes plastered with radiation warnings. But there is no fissionable material around.
The only possible source of gammas is MNF going off in the food. This proof is on any microwave oven you buy. No Geiger counter required.
And no possible source of fission around. I think you can’t argue with this one! Food safety dictates those warnings HAVE to be on a microwave oven you buy.
The radiation can only come from water molecules in the food being knocked together so hard, it is turned into He and O.
Don’t panic, as NASA has shown, and published the emission of radiation from boiling water. So in all cookers and ovens, and water boilers …
One I was taught about on my M.Eng. in 1982, was from IC engines. Which you doubted.
This must be known, as I said before, to all chemists on the Earth, included you!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Self censorship

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Academia makes a lot of money from Global Warming, so search engines have been purged of stuff I learned in 1982: Stuff you are not willing to check at first hand.
This is not academic thoroughness; it is helping nuclear power to obscure the truth.
1. Try Dictionary of Radiological Terms - REMM
I have tried before, and all references to radiation and non fission sources have been removed from the web. This is censorship gone mad.
So the thing to do then, is confirm the stuff I was taught in the 1980s. I used to study at the department of engineering materials, to suggest they can lay their hands on a Geiger counter in 5 minutes beggars belief!
Walk 100 meters to Mechanical engineering, as they told me this stuff about natural emissions of radiation in the 1980s! New Scientist published the stuff on plants 6 months ago.
Green plants in the light give out He, O and CH4 – the latter in the parts per trillion range. I think I have even read about the emission of radiation from a steam engine there.
So you are helping with the censorship of ideas. Why?
In 2001 you told me how to do nuclear fusion using a fusion torrous, by inducting turbulence. You tossed it in, like it was obvious. Now you will have no memory of the conversation.
So you told me that spinning H nuclei in a torrous would give nuclear fusion. But now you are unwilling to confirm this in the lab.
You ended my PhD fro no explained reason. Now you are helping censor knowledge.
This goes out on blogger, for the world’s reactions! The biggest discovery ever, and you are sitting on your hands, and have gone deaf and stupid.
I was told about the emission of radiation from chemical reactions, of non fissionable material in 1982! By Dr Walsh. And this is known to every chemist on Earth: Included you!

Life eats CO2!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Green plants evolved with 40% CO2 in the air. They take it in, and convert it to plant bulk and O2: So there is 25% O2 in the air and massive life on Earth.
No CO2, no O2, and nothing to eat! Animals only evolved to turn the waste gas of plants, O2, into their food – CO2. In the late Cretaceous life on Earth hit a brick wall until animals evolved. This is why 95% of life died!
So it was a far bigger mass extinction that the death of the dinosaurs! CO2 is the gas of life.
The level in the air trails the natural climate swings by 4 years. When there are fewer plants, there is more CO2 in the air.
Marsh bacteria take in CO2, and release CH4. So when things are cooler, there in less CH4, and more CO2.
Plants release He, O and CH4, though most of the latter ends up as carbohydrates. He? Yes, life uses ~CO2 to do molecular nuclear fusion.
In the seas we see the same! Water and CO2 are converted into CH4, O and He. Life does nuclear fusion, enabled by CO2: The gas of life.
So where did Global Warming come from? And who is pushing climate change today? Nuclear fission and their stooges!
Nuclear power uses nuclear fission, and is so fatal! Even before a plant blows up. A field of green plants, and your own beating heart does molecular nuclear fusion.
This is safe, non-toxic and basically free!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Letter to Prof. Z

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

You say molecular nuclear fusion is too weak: This is silly! If it was not for the molecular nuclear fusion IC engines do, they would take in heat as they oxidized fuel.
Diesel engines run at higher pressure, so do more molecular nuclear fusion! This is why diesel engines are so powerful!
Steam engines run off pure steam, so they do more molecular nuclear fusion, but they take longer to get to heat! Hence diesel engines are used in preference.
I outlined to you how a steam turbine could be run off a Windscale kettle: Where some of the boiler room steam is looped back to below the boiler liquid and this keeps the boiler in a state of boiling.
If we throw away to spent steam, we have to loop back 85% of their steam, so we condense the spent steam on a Carnot heat pump, which will return 90% of the process heat.
You are right. More work needs to be done here for a commercial plant, using H flames or steam plasma tubes.
But for personal use, this will generate all the heat and power for a house! Run off water – a cup full a year!
No CO2 or the toxic death of nuclear fission. So no chance of Global Warming, or early death! The world has been cooling for 4 years now, so the Public Relations company employed by nuclear power have decided CO2 affects the weather.
They do not know their history! There have been ice ages and warm period before man! CO2 tracks the weather, so goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
If you are interested in truth, why no tell the world that Global Warming and Climate Change are Public Relations by nuclear power, and so much rubbish!
By paying academics to write papers for them, they have turned academia into their stooges!

Life does fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
All life on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion: If it was a minor sideshow, life would not bother! But it is crucial to life.
In the air we see molecular nuclear fusion, as light hits water vapor.
In the seas we see molecular nuclear fusion at hot smokers! This is nice, as there will be a radioactive fingerprint on the smokers we have raised to the surface.
The gas which rises from a hot smokers will be O and He! There is no other way those gases would be there at such high levels.
Though the deep does produce He and O: Which is why deep caverns are not death tunnels! They produce O!
I have mentioned before green crops in the light produce He, O, CH4 and gamma rays: The signature of molecular nuclear fusion involving CO2.
So there are massive sinks for CO2! Life uses it to induce molecular nuclear fusion.
Physics have seen molecular nuclear fusion for as long as they have used bubble chambers! You shoot sub atomic particles through water, and set off a train of molecular nuclear fusion!
You apply a magnetic charge to bend the trails of bubbles.
Gas plasmas do nuclear fusion! Steam, IC and jet engines all do molecular nuclear fusion.
Your own beating heart does molecular nuclear fusion! I though in 2004, if there was a way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, nature would have found it!
And it has! All life on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Nuclear Green

After Chernobil and 3 Mile Island, nuclear power set out to be 'green': To get new plants of death built. They paid their academic stooges to make up stories about CO2, to get new plants.
What they forgot, is the climate would start cooling, so they only had 20 years befroe GW would be shown to be a lie! But by then, too many people were tehir paid stooges, to lie the lie die.
So instead, we ALL will!

So how much have nuclear power paid Greenpeace? Must be a lot of money!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Saving life on Earth!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 2001 I started a PhD into Global Warming. It got ended suddenly, for no reason.
I went off singing, and noticed in 2003, that NATURE TRUNED WATER INTO He AND O. PLUS A LOT OF HEAT! In water falls, breaking waves and where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.
Plants in the light turn CO2 and H2O into He, CH4 and O! So photosynthesis is light induced molecular nuclear fusion!
All man’s engines do it, which is why they give off radiation!
T his will give a century’s study! And save life on Earth, from the toxic death of nuclear fission. So quite useful then!
Power with no CO2 or toxic death. But really CO2 supports life on Earth, ALL THE Global Warming RUBBISH CAME FROM TAME ACADEMICS AND STOOGES TO NUCLEAR POWER.
Recently nuclear power has begun bunging the green movement, to sing the praises of nuclear power. These people are stooges, and enemies to life!
So you would think Sheffield University, UK would give me my PhD. No.
Nuclear power got there first! You want to study there? OK. Just as long as you are not interested in truth!


Plasma fusion

In 1984, on my M. Eng., somebody told me that fluorescents give out gamma rays. They produce radiation. I said 'Sure' and walked on, as it made no sense!
In 2001 I was back doing a PhD under Prof. Zimmerman – who took until 2003 to agree with me that Global Warming was PR by nuclear power: Basically anti-CO2 stories.
As they assumed they did not release any! But by mining and processing U ore, and shipping it half way around the planet, and most importantly replacing their plants every 25 years, they release as much CO2 as a conventional power plant.
He told me about the importance of turbulence for nuclear fusion. On the sun we have a H plasma, which does atomic nuclear fusion.
When we boil water, as confirmed by NASA in 2007, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So the crucial thing about the sun is the turbulence on the surface. This is why the interior, at higher pressure, is cooler. It all comes down to the boiling mass of H gas on the surface.
A fluorescent tube has a plasma of Na gas. Through its life it turns this into H and He, and light. Which is why we need to burn a tube in, to fission the Na into He!
That's right guys, a gas plasma does nuclear fusion and fission from low atomic numbers! Here the isotopes have half lives measured in hundredths of a second, rather than thousands of years.
The tube mid life runs on, when there is no external current applied. Then when it has lost weight, as it turns Na into light, it is time for a new tube.
But H plasmas are too exothermic! We can't engineer around them! Also H is a pain to store and transport.
Most of the H on Earth is bonded with O, to form water. That's interesting! We see loads of Molecular Nuclear Fusion on Earth!
In the deep sea, with green plants in the light, with animal blood systems and growing bacteria. Also with breaking waves, water falls, and where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow!
So I would have got there, but Prof. Zimmerman would have saved me two years! If my PhD had not been ended for no reason, and I went off to sing on stage and become a video reporter.
So this is 2009. 8 wasted years!
The sciene I would like to look at, is a steam plasma! At a certain pressure, the tube will display run on, while we top up the steam level, all the mass ends up as light.
All elements up to Fe give out heat as they fuse. And as lower atomic numbers decay, they convert some of their mass into heat and light.
A steam plasma tube should do a mass burn, converting the water into heat! Because we do not top up with steam, we top up, slowly with water. The plasma heats the water, so we effectively add steam to the plasma.
The tube should sit there, turning water into heat, with no external power or fuel burn, once started.
But, you say, we can't do nuclear fusion on Earth yet! Nature can – see above. And man does when every he burns hydrocarbons or carbohydrates, or runs a steam engine.
This is why burning fossil fuels works so well! We are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But at the expense of creating CO2.
Which plants take in, to leave 0.00037% in the air today. There is no build up of CO2 globally! Only locally.
More CO2, more life on Earth! The weather does what it wants, which today is cool.
We can get all our heat and power using safe, clean, cheap steam plasma tubes. Which run off ordinary water. Not deuterium etc..
So you no longer need mains power or energy. You can run your own little captive steam cycle, and make your own heat and power, from water.
Boiling water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, but a steam plasma produces a lot of heat, from water.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Nuclear fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In 2001 I was doing a PhD into Global Warming under Prof Zimmerman. In 2003 he agreed with me that Global Warming was Public Relations by nuclear power, and a good source of academic funding, but so not true!
The world has been cooling since 2005 according to New Scientist. By the 28 year solar cycle frequency, we would have expected the world to cool from 2004. Maybe the weather is allowed to be one year out in 25!
Certainly what we have got now is Global Cooling. As CO2 levels have climbed. CO2 follows the natural climate, nuclear power invented the fact it controlled the weather.
It does not, but they were desperate to be ‘Green’ to get new plants of death! CO2 supports life on Earth, nuclear power kills it. You choose!
He told me that nice linear flow of H gas around a fusion torrous was never going to give nuclear fusion. What they wanted was turbulent flow.
He then went on to describe how passing steam along a helix gave turbulent flow and better heat flow. He didn’t use a Geiger counter! He has told me how to do molecular nuclear fusion.
He has given the world access to nuclear fusion. By going from water we get 1,000 times less heat, but this means we can engineer plants around it! Atomic nuclear fusion kills all life within 15 miles.
Molecular nuclear fusion will allow us to generate all man’s power from water, with no CO2, and none of the toxic death of present nuclear power.
It will produce He3 and O18, life the deep sea and your own beating heart do! Basically all living things on Earth do molecular nuclear fusion. Like Green plants in the sun, which produce CH4, He3, and gamma rays from CO2 and water.
Here is clean energy fro the future! The He is lost to space, we gain H, and get back our water. So it is the power source which never runs out.
Molecular nuclear fusion in the air drives the winds, in the seas drives the waves. So all renewable power sources tap into nature’s molecular nuclear fusion.
We can make a self powering steam cycle, and get at molecular nuclear fusion direct, with no unwanted end product! Our production of He will we lost in the seas production of He, which does not interact with anything before it is lost to space.
I repeat, your own blood system does it – it is that safe. Clean and cheap. And we have done in, unknowingly, since the industrial revolution.
The fusion age is here! Tell CERN. A large helix with linear flow was, in the Prof’s words, never going to do nuclear fusion!
Green plants, water falls, breaking waves, animal blood systems, growing bacteria, steam, IC and jet engines all do molecular nuclear fusion. Basically, all life on Earth.
The life nuclear power is so anxious to kill: Starting with you.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Simple Fusion


A nice simple way to prove Molecular Nuclear Fusion is with a flame of H or natural gas: The former has no chance of fission! And makes a white flame.
This is all out on youtube, but nobody has used a Geiger counter on it!
Ways I already know about are
1) The deep, which produces H and O. As well as gamma waves
2) Green plants in the light! Take in CO2 and H2O, and produce He, O, CH4 and gammas. So
photosynthesis is really light induced Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

3) IC engines. Though diesel do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion than petrol ones!
4) Steam engines! This is why the industrial revolution happened!
5) Steam lances on to steel! This one was told to me at Bleanavon in 1982.
6) Helical reactions. Also boiling and vaporisation
7) A double helical heat exchanger – which was Prof Zimmerman’s big thing. He never used a
Geiger counter in the 19 years he was looking at these.

8) Animal blood systems
9) Growing bacteria
10) Moist air in the light
11) Steam escaping into the air or sea water

So life on Earth would not exist without M
olecular Nuclear Fusion! Why has nobody noticed before?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

The seas are falling!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Scientists told us from 1980 to 2005, that because the world was warmer, seas would rise! They missed out the fact that the first ice to melt was below the sea surface.
So as it melted it would contract and the seas fall! This is why water expands as it freezes!
Even this week, ‘scientists’ were trying to say seas would rise more than the 0.001 cm predicted in the next millennia. This explains why nobody has measured it yet.
But since 2005, the globe has been cooling! So we would expect more snow and ice on the land: So sea levels are due to fall.
All the extra plants and animals created as a result of the extra CO2 in the air are going to die up rain fall in their bulk, so this will make seas fall even more!
So what ever the weather does, extra CO2 means more life on Earth, and lower seas.
So we should be seeing measurable falls in sea level, as we put out more CO2 – the gas of life. Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2.
Animals only evolved in the Permian to breathe in O2, combine it with plant bulk, and breath out CO2!
So man’s emissions of CO2 make us a super animal, increasing life on Earth!

Friday, 13 March 2009

The US cares for the UK!

Thanks guys! Trouble is, Gordon Brown is teh worst PM in UK history, since Calhang.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Monday, 9 March 2009

Nuclear fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

On suns we have hot, high pressurized H gas, in turbulent flow as it boils! Interestingly enough, the gas further down is under higher pressure, but we get lower temperatures.
It seems that turbulent flow is needed! Actually Prof. Zimmerman told me this is 2001, but I was working on a Carnot device to shuttle heat to and from the seas.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones! And make all lands hotter. I actually found the idea, but by then I was rehearsing to sing on the largest theatre stage in the UK: Having fallen out with Prof Zimmerman.
I concluded that Global Warming was Public Relations by nuclear power: Who were desperate to be ‘green’ to get new plants. Global Warming looked good, until the world started cooling from 2005.
Nuclear power renamed the effect of CO2 as ‘climate change’ and carried on saying CO2 would end all life on Earth.
There is no historic basis towards their claims! Plants take in CO2, so cO2 FOLLOWES the natural climate, with a lag of four years, to follow the wax and wane of plants.
CO2 goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period. Usually more CO2 means more life on Earth!
So in 2003 I started looking for natural instances of nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen – which I termed ‘molecular nuclear fusion’ after a comment from Prof Argent about ‘molecular fusion’ being ambiguous.
I did an M.Eng. in 1982, so I knew plenty of places.
1) In water falls or breaking waves. I termed this ‘turbulence molecular nuclear fusion’. A fluid turbulent is the obvious catalyst here.
2) We see loads of molecular nuclear fusion in the deep. This is why deep water gives out He, O and gamma waves. This is the common signature of molecular nuclear fusion from water.
3) Ammonia or hydrocarbon refineries do ‘refinery molecular nuclear fusion’. And here we tend to see C and molecular fragments.
4) In electrolysis, we see molecular nuclear fusion. This was the basis fro ‘cold fusion’. This turns out to be ‘hot water, electric, molecular nuclear fusion’. Interesting but very weak.
5) Special mention must go ‘Sono Fusion’. Here it was found that if you bubbled air though water through which you played radio waves, you get a standing ball of light. I will come back to this idea soon.
6) Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion. So we know about the emission of radiation from such sources: In steam engines, as steam goes around bend s, and as steam emerges from a blast furnace.
You may be puzzled about this, but they damp down scrap before they smelt it, and coal before they use it to generate pressure.
7) It is worth reiterating that the steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion! Which his why both conventional and nuclear fission plants run a steam cycle to generate power: And this cycle even gives off radiation from a conventional power plant.
The most interesting emission of radiation for me is from gas plasmas! But any atomic nuclei above He needs a driving current!
8) Biology gets in on the act in a big way!
Plants in the light take in CO2 and H20, and from He, O, CH4 and give out gamma rays!
Animal blood systems take in CO2 and H2O, and give out gamma rays and guess what, so do growing bacteria!
We are so living in the fusion age! In 2003 I looked around, and found nature was full of molecular nuclear fusion! Not all of it good!
9) Scraping ice forms a low volume of water in contact with the ice, which his why ice skates work so well!
But it caused the loss of the Titanic, as well as the fall of the twin towers: Where steam from the burning aviation fuel, did molecular nuclear fusion down the stair well of the twin towers.
10) All Earth quakes and volcanoes are powered by steam escaping to the surface in turbulent flow. Then super heated water follows.
And here we get boiling fusion, which does massive molecular nuclear fusion, as the water first boils and then condenses.
In the same way avalanches are driven by the same molecular nuclear fusion as ice skates!
11) I promised to return to Sono Luminescence. We can run a Windscale kettle, where bubbling steam through liquid water will produce excess steam, while the boiler is kept in a state of boiling. I guessed at 10% recirculated steam, but this runs down! 100% reci9rculated steam keeps the state of boiling up.
So there is more research work to be done here. NASA showed that boiling water gave of radiation – as it does molecular nuclear fusion!
The other engineering way to do molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma. This will self sustain, converting water into 800 C heat. With no CO2 or the toxic death of nuclear fission.
Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into He, O gammas and heat. As
done by the deep sea! We lose the He3 to space, and get to keep the heat.
12) The third most important way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is via a flame of hydrocarbons or carbohydrates. This produces steam in turbulent flow.
High pressure water or steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion.
So you have read my 12 ideas. I have others, but get out there are build fusion engines! Save us from nuclear power, who want us to have a toxic death!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Man's fusion device

A steam turbine does nuclear fusion - today!

Man's fusion device

A steam turbine does nuclear fusion - today!


Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

In a rain cloud, we have loads of water drops collide in a turbulentturbulent way. They impact hydrogen ends first!
With heavy rain, we overcome the strong atomic force, which his why rain storms give off radiation.
They convert some of the water into He2+ and O2-. These bond with other water molecules, so we end up with He2+ and H2O.OH-.
So we have loads of charged water molecules, and first flight He nuclei. So the positive charge goes up into space, and the negative charge falls to the ground as charged water molecules.
Guess what; lightening is a discharge of negative charge from the clouds, to the earth, which is earth! In time it will gain the positive charge from space, but we see massive electric bolts of negative charge hitting the ground!
Before the down stroke hits the Earth over the next few hours, positive rain drop by positive raindrop. Earth, we get a positive strike up into space! But as water clouds do not carry charge around, we end up with a negative ligtening charge, anda few hours later, positively charged rain drosp hittingthe Earth

Man's Fusion!

Man alread does nuclear fusion on Earth, without realising! Power with no CO2 or toxic death.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Arc Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In electric plasmas, we have free atomic nuclei and electrons in frequent, random collision! Usually the strong atomic force keeps these charged particles apart.
In a Na plasma, just occasionally they overcome this force, and a proton and electron merge. They become a neutron. So Na3 becomes He3.
This decays in 0.04 seconds, to form He2 and gamma rays, plus heat. We use a phosphor to turn this heat into light!
We can also detect the gamma rays. Wrap photographic film, in a light cover, around a fluorescent tube for a few hours, and you will see we get off a lot of radiation!
Thus when we have the tube burnt in, we have more He3 about, and the tube is easier to start.
In time the tube loses weight as we convert the Na3 into H1 and then light! This is why a fluorescent tube mid life gives run on, as we have more He3 about.
You would think that an H plasma would give off so much light! Well it does, far too much. Old arc lights used to do molecular nuclear fusion in moist air, but this would blow out the arc, so we got light flicker.
Which is why we now used a closed tube, so we do less molecular nuclear fusion, but the light is constant, though dimmer.
So an old street light would do what CERN can’t! In moist air such lights do molecular nuclear fusion.
So how to use this nuclear fusion? We don’t leave it to chance: We set up a steam plasma – which is really a mixed O and H plasma. The O soaks up some of the heat, so we get a dimmer, more controllable light than an H plasma.
To get sustained H plasma, we want low pressure. With a steam plasma, while we top up the steam level with a water feed, the tube will display run on for ever.
So once started the tube will turn water into heat and gamma rays. Weak gamma rays, like you get from a pan of boiling water.
Interestingly enough, I got this idea after NASA shoed in 23007, that boiling water gave out radiation!
Molecular nuclear fusion is why! Nuts to CERN! A pan of boiling water does nuclear fusion. For so very little money.
A steam plasma should turn water into high temperature heat (About 800 C here) with no applied voltage.
Some where down the line, we draw off very little power, to drive a water pump.
So power with no CO2, and done of the toxic death of present nuclear power: Which uses lethal nuclear fission.
The deep, water falls, green plants in the light, and animal blood systems all do molecular nuclear fusion.
So you do it, as the blood flows around you body!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Water Lorry

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

This idea was suggested to me in 1002 (sic) by Prof Zimmerman, who has a double first from Columbia, but now does his stuff within chemical engineering at Sheffield University, UK.
He told me to get better heat flow from a fluid, we want turbulent flow. This was interesting. But he should have used a Geiger counter, and observed that if the fluid was steam, we got molecular nuclear fusion!
In 2007 NASA showed that boiling liquid water gave off radiation. Because the turbulence of boiling does molecular nuclear fusion too! So NASA discovered how to do nuclear fusion on Earth, but still whitters on about the Public Relations of nuclear power – Global Warming!
I went away singing, as you tend to when bored. OK, it is what I do when I fall out with my PhD boss! But I carried on thinking about it.
Now turbulence locally can overcome the strong atomic force and do nuclear fusion. As we see on all suns in the universe.
Where a boiling mass of H gas does atomic nuclear fusion! Tell CERN, as Prof Zimmerman said in 2001, ‘Linear slow will never give nuclear fusion. You want turbulent flow’.
We were talking about Global Warming at the time, so this was a side comment. It took me two years to think about it.
I stared wondering about molecular nuclear fusion in 2002. We should see it all through nature! Then I realized we did! It was obviously the reason I did my M.Eng.
In water falls and breaking waves. Where the large kinetic interactions give us the fluid turbulence. But we need deep water, or big water falls.
In steam pipes, machines, IC and jet engines. Basically all man’s chemical engines. This is why oxidizing hydrocarbons does not take in heat, as the enthalpy changes says we should. We do molecular nuclear fusion, which releases so much heat.
Nuclear power uses metal oxide tubes to run a steam cycle! Metal fission tubes are toxic death. They should use steam plasma tubes.
On Earth today, gas plasma tubes give out radiation and heat. An H plasma gives out too much heat. As the mob in Ireland will have found.
A steam plasma tube gives us enough molecular nuclear fusion, once started, we display tube rub on, for as long as we top up the water level.
The heavier elements dilute the naked power of the H plasma, and will eventually fission away to light.
There are so many ways to do molecular nuclear fusion. But plasma molecular nuclear fusion looks to be the most useful.
It converts ordinary water into light! On the way, it liberates free neutrons, which bond with the O, and cause atomic fission at low atomic weights! Here the half lives are measured in minutes, and cause the low atomic mass elements to fission away to H and light.
So we put in energy to start the tube, then the plasma runs itself! Is Prof. Zimmerman interested? He says so, but his big problem today is affording the Geiger counter! His email is

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New scientist the stooge!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
After Chernobyl nuclear power realized they had to get the ecologists on side, if there were to be new plants of death built!
So they pain professor’s of physics to make up stories about CO2. But they should have got biologists involved!
Plants in the light take in CO2 and water, and produce CH4, He and O! It liberates the O2 we breathe. No Co2, no O2, and we can’t breathe. But no CO2, and there are no carbohydrates for us to eat either!
CO2 is the gas of life! It tracks the growth cycles of plants. So it goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
So the physics bods said CO2 caused Global Warming. If this was true, it would cure itself! It is a climate follower.
20 years ago, New Scientist published stuff to throw doubt on Global Warming. On Oct 2nd it published the fact that the world climate had cooled for 3 years. So snow in Los Vegas, and the worst winter in the UK for 13 years follows!
By 2010, sea levels were meant to have risen by 15”! In 2003 there was a record LOW tide in Scotland.
But somewhere along the line, New Scientist became an in-house magazine for nuclear power! They are talking about 4 C rise in the next century.
Whereas last year they said there MIGHT be a 0.1 C rise in the next millennia. Don’t they read their own magazine?
We are headed into the next ice age. Biology takes in CO2 to support all life on Earth.
Come on New Scientist, you are better than a nuclear stooge!

Nuclear Wrong!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

After Chernobyl, the only way that nuclear power would get new plants, was if this toxic, fatal industry became green. Problem – they are fatal!
So they seized upon some bad science by a maverick academic, who predicted that CO2 would warm the Earth.
Plants sink CO2 down to 0.00037% today! More CO2, more life on Earth. So nuclear power had to invest enough in academia, so all the physics departments would keep biology quiet: I worked!
But green plants evolved over 600 million years ago, and took CO2 down from 40% to 0.00037%. New Scientist published this fact, but nuclear power kept paying fro articles about Global Warming, so they were4 kept out of the game!
Which was fine, as from 1976, we moved into a 29 year warming period. So from 2005, the world started cooling. Well this was an easy one, just don’t tell people!
Those people who went out of doors could be fobbed off by ‘climate change’. That CO2 mysteriously gave us weather! Ignore the fact that the weather is linked to 28 year period solar cycles.
Global Warming was such a simple theory: ‘More CO2 emissions, higher temperatures’. Ignore the fact that nature has 4 trillion units that sink CO2. It is the gas of life, O2 is the great polluter.
That is right, we breathe in the waste gas of plants and bacteria.
So Global Warming was wrong! Its weakness was that it predicted stuff, which did not happen! Where is the 15” sea rise we were promised by now?
Life ties up rain fall on the land. So more CO2, more life, lower seas! But nuclear power does not do biology! Why should it, it kills life on Earth. So it has no interested in it, or you. It wants you dead!
So what of ‘climate change’? It said that CO2 would make for more extreme weather. Ah! That is testable. And it is already wrong.
2007 was a bad hurricane year, as happens naturally. And 2008 + 9 have been quiet ones.
More CO2 should have meant that every year since the industrial revolution has been more extreme. This hasn’t happened.
Nuclear fission is still toxic, polluting and dangerous. And does cause toxic death, before we get a Chernobyl going off. Or a 3 Mile Island, or 25 leaks from Sellatape, or what ever it is called today!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Molecular Nuclear Fusion


When I worked at UNCO, all radiation testing was done with camera film! Engineering materials should still have a dark room to process it! So we do not need a Geiger counter!

We should confirm the emission of radiation from boiler rooms, green crops, water falls … Or not bother, as it is such old knowledge!

A lot of it makes no sense, unless Molecular Nuclear Fusion is real! The emission of radiation from steam in turbulent flow is so important!

It proves we are doing nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen! Add a dash of turbulence, and very locally we overcome the strong atomic force!

All atoms up to Fe give out energy as they fuse! But my choice is for water, which is molecular hydrogen! So very exothermic!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Biology does fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In the US, the photosynthetic organelles in green plants are called chloroplasts; in the UK they are called photblasts! Either way, they are so important to life on Earth.
In the light they take in CO2 and combine it with water, in the light! This ends up with He+, OH- and CH4. Most of the CH4 is linked with more waters to form hydrocarbons.
Only a little CH4 is liberates, at the parts per trillion level. The He+ crosses a semi permeable membrane, whereas the hydroxyl molecule stays behind!
So the chloroplasts act as a battery, pumping an electron across a membrane – or rather pumping an electron hole across a membrane, as the electro is kept back.
Doing this, plants give off gamma radiation. Much the same happens in animal bodies. Where mitochondria turn CO2 and water into OH-, He+ and CH4.
All these OH-s bond together, to form water and O2. This is why plants excrete O2, and circus men can hold their breathe for 3 minutes! Don’t try it at home; you will give yourself brain damage.
This is how Houdini lost his life! After he was ill, and did not realize that this stopped the holding your breathe trick!
So CO2 is the gas of life! And you breathe out He and CH4.
And every green plant in the world does molecular nuclear fusion.