Saturday, 28 February 2009

Nuclear fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Prof Zimmerman ( is a cleaver guy: On the only tutorial we did on my PhD in 2001, he told me how to do nuclear fusion! He said you did not want linear flow of hydrogen around a torrous, you wanted turbulent flow.
The easiest way to get this is to give the H+ nuclei spin, by using a transverse magnetic field. He tossed this into the conversation contemptuously, as if everybody knew that!
I devised molecular nuclear fusion, as we see it in the deep, in chemical engines, in the air and every in our own blood systems.
When Marrie Currie thought up radioactivity in 1911 physics took it as theirs to study! But the biological kingdom does loads of it! Put another way, all life on Earth does it!
In the deep sea, we see the creation of He and O, from water in turbulent flow: So Prof Z’s turbulence is central to it all! Here we do molecular nuclear fusion from high pressure water.
In boiling rooms we do so much of it! As we burn fossil fuels to form CO2 and H2O! The steam does the molecular nuclear fusion for us.
Plants take in the CO2, as does deep water bacteria, to do biological molecular nuclear fusion!
Photosynthesis is light induced biological molecular nuclear fusion. Deep water bacteria do turbulence, pressure, water molecular nuclear fusion.
So physics can easily do atomic nuclear fusion. It took a professor chemical engineering to tell them how! We are far better off doing molecular nuclear fusion. My money is on SERV knowing this, but take the research money for experiments that would never work!
North Korea are building a small torous: They could easily install some spin magnetic coils, adn give the world atomic nuclear fusion!
Biology shows us how! Photoblasts are the main wayto do it on Earth, but they sink CO2 down to 0.00037% today: The CO2 level goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period!
So if Global Warming had ever been true, it would have cured itself! But it was only ever fiction from nuclear power and their stooges.
So biology should take back nuclear fusion from physics, and Sheffeild should give me a biology PhD: As I will have given them 200 years of science to look at!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The UK pound

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

‘Global Warming’ and then ‘Climate Change’ were inventions of nuclear power to get new plants. People hate nuclear fission, as it is fatal!
I was doing a PhD into Global Warming at Sheffield University UK. I found out that all nature, and man’s chemical engines do molecular nuclear fusion.
So the industrial revolution happened as man used the steam cycle, and found out how to do nuclear fusion! So my PhD got ended for no reason.
But giving the world access to nuclear fusion will double the value of the pound. I also told Berkley, so this could also double the dollar.
If only we could get academia away from the money given to the by nuclear power, to do their Public Relations!
CO2 has no effect on the weather – we are headed into the next ice age, which historically has higher CO2 levels. And still nuclear fission causes death: Your death.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

It is already done!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

In 1983 I wrote a seminal essay fro Prof Argent on the failure of nuclear power to account for decommissioning costs: Which has been my number 3 essay on youtube for a year!
This is probably why I was told about neutrons causing water to froth. But I was busy, so I walked on, not understanding it.
Now neutrons cause water to go heavy, having H2 and H3 in. These decay, converting some of the mass of the atom into heat.
This causes the water to boil: But NASA has shown this releases radiation! The only source is molecular nuclear fusion.
So we are going to get off steam, plus some He and O: Some of this steam will be heavy.
We pass this gas over a red hot surface, and suddenly we have steam at 800 C, with a bit of O and He in. You may argue with molecular nuclear fusion: Certainly the emission of radiation from a boiler room suggests we need to look see!
Collect some of the steam after a turbine, and analyze it for composition. I reckon we will convert some of the mass of the water into energy, in addition to converting our neutrons into heat.
Einstein said e=mc2. So we should girt a lot of heat. Einstein was wrong, in that time does not vary, but the electro magnetic framework does vary with gravity, so local time will vary from universal time. A tautological difference.
Import ant as he said, there is an upper limit, at about neutron stars, so black holes do not exist!
How could black holes rotate – they are meant to have no dimensions. They also have size, which is an oxymoron.
So even after taking off the power to run the neutron generator, we should have 98% power left! This will equate to consumption of some of the working fluid – the water.
So here is power with no CO2. This bit of science needs pinning down. So this goes out on ‘BLOGGER’ so it will get looked at!

Personal power

In 1985, I was told a stream of neutrons caused water to fizz! Now you can buy a neutron emitter.
They produce closed loops of electromagnetic radiation, rather than free E.M. waves. We need to get the frequency right – OK, I do not know the fine details, but they are commercially available!
They convert the H in water into H2 or H3. The latter are only available on Earth via heavy water, which does deep Molecular Nuclear Fusion!
When we get decay of the H3, we get the release of radiation and heat. The former should be very low power, so should be absorbed by the bulk water. The heat causes boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
This was told to me in 1985! What the hell have you guys been doing?
So we should produce a lot of steam. We need a vent, to ensure we have superheated steam for our Carnot process.
We then throw the heat away to the environment, as we use some of the generated power to drive our neutron generator!
We enclose the whole unit in Fe2O3, to prevent the emission of radiation! We do have slightly heavy steam in our heat exchanger, but this is no more dangerous than your kettle at home.
So we produce a self powering unit that produces all the heat and power for a house, from water.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Letter to Prof Zimmerman

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Molecular nuclear fusion looks like a new idea! And it took me two years when looking at this area to think of it! But the proof is out there!
1) Like with flames of H or fossil fuels. Hydrogen flames work best! Which his why we lost the Hindenburg.
2) With scrapping of ice. As we see radiation from avalanches! This is also what doomed the Titanic, as scrapping along an ice berg melted the rivets!
The steel was higher grade than we do today!
3) With erupting volcanoes and Earthquakes, when we see the release of steam and gamma rays!
4) In growing plants and animals we toggle the CO2 circuit. Combining it with water to form He, O and CH4. When we combine this with O2 we get back out CO2 and water.
5) With steam in turbulent flow we get He, O and gamma rays. So in steam, IC and jet engines. This is the science you know.

So with steam pipes going around bends we see gamma rays! Did you never wonder why?
6) We see loads in the deep, where we also see the release of He and O. This is biology, but Sheffield has loads of medics and biologists.
Animal blood systems do loads! As do their mitochondria, as they sink body CO2 and release O2.
Growing bacteria do it too – basically all life on Earth does it.
So it is four times as energetic as nuclear fission, and produces no toxic waste! It goes off from regular water, not needing enriched U ore!
Transporting the latter takes in so much energy and releases so much CO2.
Building nuclear plats every 25 years also means that nuclear power releases as much CO2 as burning fossil fuels!
More CO2 supports more life. More nuclear fission supports more life.
Life does molecular nuclear fusion. The He is lost to space, and we breathe in the O! It is the way of life!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

No fission no death

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Nature does nuclear fusion from water – it does molecular nuclear fusion producing He and O. We breathe in the O18, and the He3 is lost to space.
Nature does not do fission: Which is toxic death. If done ‘properly’ it produces massively dangerous, toxic waste! And we have to ship the ore and process it. So it releases as much CO2 as conventional power.
There is 0.00037% CO2 in the global air – a value that goes up in an ice age. So plants take in the CO2, and we get more life on Earth!
Now the climate is cooling naturally! It follows solar cycles. And CO2 follows it! In the 1980s nuclear power stooges said burning fossil fuels would make sea levels rise 15” by now.
Britain would be an arid dessert! That will only happen if we allow more nuclear plants: They create nuclear death.
Fossil fuels = CO2 = life. Nuclear power = toxic death. You choose!
All man’s chemical engines produce steam in turbulent flow. This does molecular nuclear fusion today! So we are living in the fusion age.
We should not be doing nuclear fission, unless we want to die.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Global Warming is for the stupid!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
The world has been cooling since 2005. There are three groups who still talk about Global Warming as if it was true!
1) The stupid
2) Stooges paid by nuclear power
3) Fiction writers, who can’t think of true, useful stuff to write about!

If you fall into one of these groups, please leave this planet quickly – don’t bother wiping your feet, elbowss or stuff whic hrubs on the floor!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Stupid science

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Physics professors made up Global Warming, but it was a biological issue, not a physical one!
Plants taker in CO2, so if CO2 caused ice to melt, there would be fewer sinks for CO2, and the world would warm more!
1) CO2 tracks the wax and wane of plants, so follows solar cycles with a 4 year lag. Through history, it has never made the weather!
2) Plants are a sink for CO2, but a better one is anaerobic bacteria! So it the seas rose, there would be more sinks for CO2!
3) Both green plants and deep bacteria take in CO2, combine it with water, and form He, O and CH4: It is in the books! Go look it up

Plants liberate some of the CH4, at the parts per trillion level; most is combined with more waters, to form carbohydrates.
Animals eat these, combine it with O2, the waste gas of plants, and form CO2 – the feed gas of plants.
Most of the Earth’s bacteria lie at the bottom of the seas as methyl hydrate. This abducts down to magma chambers, where it forms natural gas, or even oil: If there is exposed Pt metal around.
By burning the fossil fuels, we release the CO2 to the ecosphere, and increase life on Earth.
The life ties up rain fall on land, so the sea levels go down.
So more CO2, more life on Earth and lower seas. The only people who have problems with CO2 are nuclear power, who want us all dead anyway.
More nuclear fission = more death, maybe your own. Conventional power = more life.
Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into power with no toxic death of CO2, basically for free! Surf my video blog for ideas on it.
Prof Zimmerman ended my PhD on Global Warming when I said it was P{R from nuclear power: Because I was not mentally up to the PhD. I tell the world how to do nuclear fusion from water. What has he ever done for life on Earth?

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Friday, 13 February 2009

Proof of molecular nuclear fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Is hard, because it is all around us in nature!
In the deep, there is no fissionable material around, but we see He, O and gamma waves! Did no biologist think this worthy of attention? Thi Is deep molecular nuclear fusion.
When we trun on a Bunsen burner, we get the back ground radiation count. Until we light the flame! The Geiger counter reading goes up 20 fold, as we do flame molecular nuclear fusion.
If we boil water, we will tend to use a flame of fossil fuels, so this does flame molecular nuclear fusion – as above.
Bu the top of the water, as it boils, gives off 10 times as much radiation, as it does boilngi molecular nuclear fusion!
When we feed steam into a Ti turbine, it will be slightly heavy, becasued of the boiling molecular nuclear fusion.
It does fcc molecular nuclear fusion in the turbine hall! Which his why we take out 10 C as uiseful work, but the steam heats up by 20 C!
A fluorescent light gives out radiation, as it coverts Na into He, H and light! So the tube loses weight, unti lit will nto work!
Oxidizinf fossil fuels ashould be endothermic, but all the molecular nuclear fusion it does end up with a flaem being very exothermic.
This only applies to flames of molecular hhydrogen!
The steam cycle is the most important source of molecular nuclear fusion man uses. So a steam pipe with a bend in it does molecular nuclear fusion!
The final place I want to mention today is growing bacteria and animal blood systems. So youi give out gamma rays, as your heart beats!
And you breath out He and CH4!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Chemical fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Before I was a metallurgist, I was a chemist! And chemical reactions give rise to strong physical and electrical effects in a tank of water! So we see loads of molecular nuclear fusion!
Bristol patented the crystallization and solution as a salt a year ago, as a way to get at excess power! The energy of crystallization being in excess of the energy taken in what the salt dissolves.
Go read your text books here! Crystallization also gives out He, O and gamma waves! I was taught on my degree about the radiation given out on crystallization.
There are also some reactions that give out light! A quick Geiger counter use will confirm we are doing molecular nuclear fusion!
Physical interactions give us fluid turbulence, and molecular nuclear fusion with water systems.
But chemical reactions around water do loads of molecular nuclear fusion! We just need to consult the books, to find out which!
Melting iron ore does molecular nuclear fusion if we wet down the ore before we melt it! Burning coal is better if the coal is wet!
So here is a whole new branch of science that is poorly written up for us to look at again!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sinking CO2

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Global Warming was though of by a chemist, and seized on by nuclear power to get new plants of death built. They did physics and engineering, they did no biology.
They have exerted influence through the funding bodies, to keep biologists silent for years! CO2 is the gas of life, nuclear power is death to life! Included yours.
Before green plants evolved there was 40% CO2 in the air. There was massive volcanism, and no real life on Earth.
Now there is only 0.00037% CO2 in the global air, and massive life on Earth! Why have you seen higher figures?
Because some bright spark takes readings in a city centre, during the Bank holiday drive home! Cities are such a small amount of the land mass of the Earth, life on Earth has not even noticed our presence.
Our output of CO2 just means there is more life on Earth! The only way to increase global CO2 levels is arrange an ice age. The new have fewer plants inking CO2.
Somebody tell Al Gore! CO2 levels go down in a warm period. Up in a cold period.
If there is more CO2 emissions, there is more life on Earth, so sea levels fall as less rain runs back into the seas.
Through history CO2 follows solar cycles with a 28 year period. It does not make the weather; it trails it by 4 years!
Nuclear power was desperate for new plants, so they seized on an idea that CO2 might affect the weather. It does not.
Nuclear power uses nuclear fission today, which causes toxic death.
All the while green plants in the light do molecular nuclear fusion. How? Ask a biologist or a REAL scientist. Any scientist who has published stuff on Global Warming should go off and write fiction – it is what they are good at after all!

CO2 is how nature does nuclear fusion!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Plants and deep water bacteria take in CO2. They combine it with water, to produce He, O, CH4 and gamma rays.
With plants most of the CH4 is used to build carbohydrates. In the sea, CH4 bonds with water to form the metastable methyl hydrate. This white solid falls to the bottom of the seas.
Most of it is still there –there used to be 40% CO2 in the air, nature got busy and there is now only 0.00037%: A figure which goes up in an ice age!
In a warm period we get more plants, and less CO2 in the air. So to suggest that more CO2 emissions wo0uld result in a warmer climate is silly!
More CO2 means more life on Earth. And this ties up rain fall in plants and animals on the land, so history shows we get lower sea levels! At the end of the Jurassic, sea levels were 65 meters LOWER. In a warm period.
There was 60% more life on Earth then too!
So nature takes in CO2 and converts it into CH4 and He. This process goes on very dynamically in swaps today! CO2 and CH4 are in balance.
Swamp gas is basically moist CH4 and O2 in the air!
This is exciting stuff. We can run a steam plasma tube, and the amount of molecular nuclear fusion we are doing turns water into two streams of H and O gases. So we get free rocket fuel!
Which when burnt give us H2O, plus a bit of He and O.
So who the hell devised and publicized Global Warming? Nuclear power. Which do toxic nuclear fission today. Dangerous and toxic. In comparison molecular nuclear fusion is clean, safe and very cheap!
Plants do molecular nuclear fusion in the light. And you blood system does it all day! So I repeat VERY CHEAP and SAFE.
Oil and gas are the result of methyl hydrate abducting down to magma chambers. And when we burn them, we do a bit of molecular nuclear fusion!
A very round about and inefficient way. We can modify the steam cycle to make it self powering. Or use steam plasma tubes to do molecular nuclear fusion directly.
We should not be doing nuclear fission – that is the way of death! Trouble is, nuclear power ahs all the money, and they influence academia through the funding agencies.
They are the way of death!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Letter to Prof Zimmerman

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
I have said before, steam being fed through a helix does molecular nuclear fusion.
So you sho0uld have the data: A heat balance on a double helix will show more heat coming out, than went in! Additional to the heat flow expected with no boundary layer!
If your data is not precise enough to show this, buy new thermometers. Another way is to borrow a Geiger counter from engineering materials.
This will show the emission of radiation linked to the gas pressure.
I was taught on my M.Eng., boiler rooms, turbine halls, IC, steam and jet engines give off radiation.
As do growing crops in the light, or animal blood systems all day. Also with growing bacteria.
So the data is in! I am sorry my people did not fund my PhD, as you are a cleaver guy. But all the data to prove molecular nuclear fusion was in, in the 1950s.
Power with no CO2 or toxic death. So no Global Warming – but that was only ever Public Relations from nuclear power. Funding agencies wanted to keep up the illusion that it was a real problem.
As so much academic research is linked to Global Warming. Just happens it is so not true!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

My ideas

I keep hearing from nuclear fission guys, who do not believe in molecular nuclear fusion. Despite the fact nature does it all over!
In water falls, at breaking waves, with high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow in the seas. Green plants in the light do it, as do animals and growing bacteria.
So biology does so much of it. Photosynthesis is really light induced molecular nuclear fusion. Which his why plants take in CO2, and release CH4, He and O – plus gamma waves.
In physical systems there is so much of it! At flames, or in all man’s chemical engines. Steam, IC and jet. The release of radiation from Ti turbines was taught to me on my M.Eng.!
‘Cold fusion’ is really the very weak, catalytic hot water molecular nuclear fusion. We are better off doing steam molecular nuclear fusion!
The science I would like to do is to study a steam plasma. We know from the sun, an H plasma does atomic nuclear fusion.
And so it was very frustrating fro me for my PhD to have been ended in 2001, for no reason! Just as I was finding out Global Warming was just Public Relations fiction from nuclear power – and so not true.
My top video on youtube today is on the cure to HIV. It is getting the most hits, so nothing will catch it.
So I get top cure ~HIV, sat at my computer – though with emails from my medical contacts.
So I will save lives, but get no PhD fro it. Life is more important though.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

letter to w.zimmerman

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
You discovered fusion on Earth!
At the time of my PhD, you had done a decades work on helical turbulence! B you were too close!
Passing a stream of steam up a helix does molecular nuclear fusion. You had told me the biggest idea ever! It did not improve heat flow; it generated massive amounts of heat.
If we Ti plate the helix, and run the system at pressure, we get so much heat. We generate steam using a Windscale kettle.
Where we bubble some of the produced steam back through the boiler water. This will release radiation!
We then pass the produced steam through our Ti helix. This will catch all water drops, and heat the steam from 120 C to about 500 C.
We then use steam plasma tubes, to heat the steam up to 800 C, before we pass it through a turbine, where we do more molecular nuclear fusion, and we know today we get radiation!
As we know all water boilers in the world give off gamma rays!
So we produce power with no fossil fuels burn! We burn nothing! Though burning hydrocarbons and carbohydrates both give off gamma waves: I learned this still in 1984!
So we then have a load of hot steam which has generated power. I would use a Carnot heat pump to return 85% of the heat to the boiler room. Does it matter?
We are doing so much molecular nuclear fusion already! Clean power with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear fission.
Which we should not be doing! It kills, when done correctly!

Greens do fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Green plants in the light take in CO2, so in an ice age, CO2 levels in the air rise! In a warm period they fall! So Global Warming was so silly! If CO2 levels in the free air go up, we are in an ice age.
Only local CO2 levels in a town can do up in a temperate period like today. Well I say today, but we are headed into the next ice age! So if Global Warming was true we would want more CO2.
But it tracks the weather; it does not make the climate! More plants, less CO2. More CO2 emissions, more life on Earth. More nuclear fission, less life on Earth: They publicized Global Warming fro all they were worth! But they want YOU dead.
Green plants in the light combine the CO2 with H2O, and release He, O and CH4. Most of the latter is used top build carbohydrates, so we only see it being liberated at the parts per trillion level!
The He is lost to space, and we breathe the O2! The entire O around fields, breaking waves, or water falls bonds with O2, to form O3 – ozone!
This breaks down at the ozone layer. 40% of the O2 you breathe comes from doing green molecular nuclear fusion.
Don’t panic, you blood system does it, with every beat of the heart.
So why are CERN studying the linear flow of H gas? Because they can get money to do so!
If they really wanted to study nuclear fusion, they would put in magnets to spin the H stream, and this gives us turbulence, and like on the surface of the sun, this is the major catalyst to nuclear fusion.
In the word of Prof Zimmerman ‘Linear flow is pants, to study nuclear fusion they want turbulent flow! He told me this in 2001, on my PhD into the phantom science of Global Warming.
When I said Global Warming was PR fiction by nuclear power, he suggested I went off and studied cancer! Cleaver guy, but he jumps to the beat of the funding agencies in academia.
So biological systems do so much molecular nuclear fusion. As does the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.
The easiest way to study molecular nuclear fusion is boil a kettle! At the point of boiling, the collapsing steam bubbles do molecular nuclear fusion. As does every boiler in the world!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Global Weather brr!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
I studied statistics on my degree. And one of the Global Warming idea was there was no statistical link between CO2 and climate – other than CO2 levels followed the wax and wane of plants.
It was a climate follower; it did not affect the weather. Weather affected it.
There is a statistical link between solar cycles and the climate. There is a 28 year cycle to the world’s weather. Man has not changed this.
The CO2 stuff was PR fiction from nuclear power. They chose to ignore that the processing or uranium ore, its transportation and the rapid turn over of fission plants means nuclear power liberates as much CO2 per kWh, and burning fossil fuels.
So now the UK is having as bad a winter as 18 years ago. But CO2 emissions have double in this period, but plants sink CO2 down to 0.00037%.
A number that goes up in an ice age.
So if Global Warming was true, and ice age would never occur!
So CO2 has no statistical significance for the world weather. That one is a killer for the Global Warming fiction.
Nuclear power did not know about ecology, biology or world weather. They didn’t even know their statistics.
They put all their money into Global Warming publicity, and academics went along with it, to get at money. The great check to ideas was bought.
They are never going to be believed again! Any scientist who pretends one syllable of Global Warming is true should not be in education.
Bit of a killer that one! This goes out on blogger, as the world deserves to know!


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

The UK is having the worst winter since 1981. Nuclear power started publicizing the idea of Global Warming in 1977, after the hot summer of 1976. Which was not as hot as 1948, or the warm middle ages.
So it was totally consistent with natural weather. In the Middle Ages man released very little CO2, but stuff was warmer than today.
Now we are having a bad winter, but it falls within the range of natural weather. Now CO2 emissions have gone up since 1981, so Global Warming was so wrong!
Nuclear power retiled their anti CO2 fiction as ‘climate change’. But it isn’t! It is totally within the weather range of very recent history.
So Global Warming is wrong. And climate change means nothing! And also is nuclear fiction.
Now you want power with no CO2 or toxic death: You should really talk to plants about it, as they want all the CO2 they can get, down to 0.00037% CO2 in the air globally!
So why no do nuclear fusion from water! No CO2, and none of the toxic death of nuclear fission.
You want to see it in action? Go stand on the sea shore, by a water fall, or turn a Geiger counter on your heart, or a field of green crops.
You see nature does loads of nuclear fusion from water. Tell CERN, they are wasting so much money for nothing!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

DNA Holidays

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Women object to men knowing if they are the father of the child they have paid for. Because they know they are the mother.
But guys have the right to know if the children they have raised are theirs!
The UK is seeking to outlaw the practice of doing DNA paternity test: Why? They have paid to raise the child, so they have special rights over that CHILD.
They are not random tests, they are tests fro their ‘children’. When it goes to court, I will be interested in how the courts choose between bad law, and the right of the parent.
So all the guy needs do, is pay for a foreign holiday, to a country which hallows paternity tests. Then any cup or glass will do for the child’s DNA sample.
Any lose hair, any used underwear. There is no way women are going to be able to stop paternity tests.
Now is a good time to level with your partner, before it goes to court.

My thanks go to Sally for a female input here! Her ex was as much use as a wet Wednesday, for nurturing her kids. She stressed nurture over nature.
I was talking to a guy, and he stressed the importance for emotional bonding. He stressed that after years, the child WAS yours.
This brings me to what I thought! After divorce the man is going to get a DNA sample, and sort out parentage.
People caught up in this advance in technology have my sympathy. Women who have fathered a child by another man probably had good reason! The man’s infertility.
His lack of interest or poor libido. By now the man will be bonded with the girl, so what does it benefit anybody by knowing their DNA?
Only in the case of divorce. Women beware. Reach for the divorce courts, and wait for the big paternity suite!

Plasma tube

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

In 2001 I was doing a PhD into Global Warming. Prof Zimmerman was desperate fro us not to fix the problem, but work around it!
He told me that helical turbulence improves heat flow. I learned loads of stuff on my M.Eng., and when he ended my PhD for no reason, I carried on thinking about it.
I say no reason, I got two offers to work on cancer at the NIH, a move which was blocked by the people with my money, who did not think I could made any useful contribution to the area. They were accountants; Dr MatZinger is a world leading immunologist.
So Hugh Jones thought he knew better! A slight complication is that Dr MatZinger is expecting me to sort out nuclear fusion for her!
So Will said turbulence improved heat flow: He never did a heat balance, or used a Geiger counter!
When you pass steam through a helix, you do molecular nuclear fusion! So he had stumbled on the biggest science idea ever, but tried to prevent he had not!
So we see radiation with steam pipes, steam, IC and jet engines. And in nature, waterfalls, breaking waves, green crops in the light, and animal blood systems all day!
So molecular nuclear fusion is all around, and in us!
I thought of molecular nuclear fusion in 2003, by Will never responded to the idea. In 2008 I thought up steam plasma tubes, and Will got back to me to say Sheffield had taken out a patent on them.
Not to generate heat as I had thought, but to split water into H and O gas. At a flame, we get back our water, but we also do flame molecular nuclear fusion, so get He, O and gamma rays, plus so much heat.
I think Will’s input here is very good! The guy is smart, but too addicted to the money from nuclear power for Global Warming research.
But the guy has helped the world find out how to do nuclear fusion on Earth!
A steam plasma tube, when mounted vertically, will sit there splitting water into H and O, but convert some of the H into He, to maintain the plasma!
H and O is rocket fuel! For free!
This means my ideas have moved outside Will’s area. But the molecular nuclear fusion idea will change life on Earth.
And stop us dying to duel radiation and plant explosions from present nuclear fission.
Now all the fission plants can convert to safe, clean, cheap steam plasma tubes. Which produce no waste or toxic death!
To stop a plasma tube, we use a hammer. They produce no toxic death! It is the power of the water fall!

To prove Nuclear Fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

To make pants which run off molecular nuclear fusion is a production engineering problem.
We want a Windscale kettle, some steam plasma tubes to superheat the steam. Then a Carnot engine to loop the bulk of the heat around!
We then vent the He from the water reservoir. The steam plasma tube is the only bit of new science here!
It is the bit I am interested in proving! Prof. Zimmerman was interested in a steam plasma tube, as a way to spit water into N and O gases, unpowered: This is rocket fuel – for free!
With no CO2 or toxic death.
That is the job of industry; our job is to prove steam molecular nuclear fusion.
We need a source of steam, a sealed glass tube, some pressure and temperature gauges, with a Geiger counter – job done.
I am a little upset that we have moved outside will’s area of interest. It is so easy to set up and prove molecular nuclear fusion, but then there is years of research work to be done here!


In 2003 I told Sheffield University, UK how to do nuclear fusion from water: SAfe, cheap, clean power with no CO2 or the toxic death of nuclear fission.
It is how nature does it - at a water fall or breaking wave. Sheffeild have responded by telling nodoy!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

No details

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

On my blog, I tell you how nature does nuclear fusion from water! And how man can do it from steam! Why no details?
Because as soon as I said Global Warming was PR fiction by nuclear power, pressure was exerted to end my PhD. For no reason, but nuclear money shouts!
Academia falls over itself to get the research money from nuclear power, and ignore the fact that Global Warming is a lie.
Plants take in CO2, down to 0.00037% today – though the numbers do go up in an ice age! Otherwise, more available cO2, more life on Earth: And so lower sea levels and a more temperate climate over the Earth.
So burning fossil fuels is the best we can do for life on Earth!
Nuclear power is the best we can do for death on Earth: You choose! Nature does nuclear fusion from water and steam.
It never does nuclear fission, which is so toxic to life! We found nuclear fission in war, and it is that deadly! We should no be doing it.
You want to see nuclear fusion in action? Sit by a water fall. Which releases He, PO and gamma waves.
As do plants in the light! Which also take in CO2 and release CH4.
You breathe out He and CH4, as your arteries do molecular nuclear fusion! Below is my favorite way to do molecular nuclear fusion. But there are loads of other ways!
Live long and prosper. But if you allow more nuclear plants, none of us will live long!

Carbon deposits

By JonThm on
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I was just cleaning my microwave out. Over time sauces have dripped down on to the tray. Now they were all black spots.
Hang on, they were not dried up cause spots, they were carbon spots. So we have done a nuclear transformation, and ended up with carbon!
I have said before that microwaves are molecular nuclear fusion devices. I also said the problem with steam plasma tubes may be carbon build up.
I think with plasma tubes, we get a high level of free neutrons: Both from freeing nuclei neutrons, and from proton electron collisions.
Neutrons do a matter burn! Where we transfer matter via multiple fissions, and end up with IR light.
So here a microwave oven does molecular nuclear fusion, and causes atomic transformation. The other atoms tend to be lost to the air. But carbon remains.
So there is a health problem here! Both from the gamma rays produced, and the gas atoms formed from the food.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Simple weather

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In the 1970s, scientists were predicting the next ice age. One maverick scientist said CO2 had a larger warming effect than man’s aerosols produced a cooling effect.
Nuclear power seized on his ideas in News Week magazine, to get new plant of death built.
There were loads of problems with the idea: CO2 was at 0.00037%. 800 times below the level to have any effect. Nuclear power ignored this fact, and said it was at 3.7 parts per million . This sounds more.
Scientists managed to get higher levels in cities, near diesel exhausts. That is such a frighteningly small amount of the Earth; they stated the figures like it was all the Earth.
Biologists could have told them that plants sink CO2 down to 0.00037%. Higher emissions just mean more life on Earth.
Plants excrete O2 as their waste. Animals evolved to breathe in this, and turn it back into CO2, the feed gas of plants. How many scantiness knew this, and kept quiet, so the research money from nuclear power would continue.
Things went fairly well, as the world was in a warming phase until 2005: 1976 was a very hot year, but all the graphs took their base line as 1980, to keep the research money flowing.
You see scientists bend their research to get more research money. They are not impartial. Quite the opposite really.
When I pointed this out to the IPCC, they changed their name from ‘Independent …’ to ’International ..’. This was not reported; as newspapers wanted all the money and copy sales they could get from Global Warming.
The 3rd estate is not impartial. They want your money.
Then the weather changed, so from 2005 the world has been cooling. Nuclear power ignored this, and their stooges fell into line.
Gordon Brown and Barak Obama wanted some of the nuclear money, so they pushed Global Warming, as Tony Blair had done.
Global Warming was never devised to take breaks: More CO2, meant warmer weather all over the Earth.
The UK is now suffering the worst winter for 18 years. California was 20 C cooler than normal (I do travel around the world to research the climate)
So China releases more CO2 year of year, but the weather cools from 2005. So Global Warming was wrong.
It was only ever fiction from nuclear power. So heads up stooges, so we can cut them off!
Gordon and Barak first.


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
I did an M.Eng. in metallurgy and engineering in 1982, and people were always falling over themselves to tell me stuff they had found out, they did not understand. Neither did I, I got back to them in 2000 on my PhD.
On the sun, an H plasma does nuclear fusion. On Earth a Na plasma burns matter into light. Mid life with no applied current. So I will attach my latest video on steam plasma tubes at the end of this file.
Going back to my degree, we are always wetting stuff down: Fe ore before steel making, sand before glass making, coal before driving a steam engine. Interestingly enough, flames of coal, oil or gas all give off radiation!
Massively more than the raw coal etc does. Things which make you want to go ‘Hmm’.
At Port Talbot on the first year of my M.Eng., then told me they had tried a steam lance rather than an oxygen blow (To remove impurities in molten iron, before they turn it into steel) and it was too exothermic, it burned the iron.
Now this is so interesting, but I was 18 at the time, and was busy with study and girls. So I logged the thing as interesting, and walked on.
So the idea is there to make float steel!
We trickle FeO into a bath, where we use steam lances to melt the ore. OK, the ore in also Fe2O3, you don’t need to know that, I do!
We tap this steel into an O chamber. Here we use O lances to burn out C, S and impurities. We also add shredded scrap before the O blow. So rather than electric steel, we are doing fusion steel! So we need room to mix the molten metal, and take off samples to analyze.
We are continually adjusting our additions, to give us a fixed steel product.
So from the O chamber, we go into an alloy chamber, where we add C and alloy dust. The O blow is exothermic, but we may want a small steam lace, as we melt and mix the molten metal.
We then tap the metal, to cast steel bars of plate. We continually cast these items, and as we cool the metal, guillotine it off into manageable lengths.
So we directly produce secondary steel! Steel the same dimensions that we get today after primary processing.
We will then reheat this product, and work it into finished items. We have no blast furnace, or electric steel making.
I always knew I studied metallurgy for a reason!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Earth quakes

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Are often preceded by the release of steam! Which produces a wave of gamma rays. So we are back to my old friend, molecular nuclear fusion.
So we see the massive release of energy, as the steam escapes, and causes boiling molecular nuclear fusion in the deep.
It is the build up of a magma chamber of pressurized water that drives the ethquake. The release of pressure causes boiling, so we get boiling molecular nuclear fusion – like in boiler rooms.
And guess what: Boiler rooms give off radiation! Away from the flames, that do flame molecular nuclear fusion.
Get paranoid! Molecular nuclear fusion is all around and in us! The latter as we get pressure waves in our blood!

Deep life

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

On Earth, deep water life combines water molecules, and releases He, O and a lot of heat! Science calls it anaerobic respiration.
This means there are whole ecosystems independent of the sun! They are supported by molecular nuclear fusion. So they do nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen.
Power with no CO2. We do it via the steam cycle, and green plants initiate it by UV light! Animal blood systems do it via pressure waves in the blood!
It releases He3, which is totally chemically inert, and is lost to space! That is why there is He in the air – the seas make it!
And this science is totally unstudied! Nuclear fission combines heavy elements, to release heat, and is very toxic, and its end products are lethal!
Molecular nuclear fusion makes He3, and O18. And today you breathe in the O18 the seas make. It is very, very safe.
It uses ordinary water, and produces no toxic death! And weight for weight, it produces 4 times as much power as nuclear fission!
Now we know molecular nuclear fusion is real, and that we even do it today, why are we doing nuclear fission? Do we have a death wish? Or are we just very stupid?

Fixing heart disease

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

When you are ill with a virus or bacteria, you are subject to the pathogen DNA, and a series of host specific pathogen leaders that pathogen uses. These are shared around pathogens, which his why we saw SARs more from viral to bacterial!
This trick of passing pathogen leaders as strips of RNA means when the full virus is cleared, we can leave pathogen leaders behind as viral or bacterial rumps.
When we have 6 golden pathogen leaders ion a rump, we get cancer. But we can also form bacterial rumps colonizing the myelin sheath a round neurons, or fatty plaques ion the arteries. These cause MS and heart disease.
With heart disease, the production of inappropriate enzymes calling for pointless heart disease, blocks the genuine calls for repair to the heart.
A short term fix would be to give pills of these enzymes, to spike the body into repairing the heart. But this is only a short term measure.
We need to set up the immune system to find and remove these non body enzymes which show up on the antigen presenting surface created by the body for bacterial rumps.
The short answer is to give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4. This will clear all rump colonies. So curing heart disease, cancer and MS, diabetes, arthritis, IBS, Huntington’s Korea …