Saturday, 31 January 2009

Carbon myth

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

In 1976 we had a very hot summer, at a time when scientists were predicting the next ice age, all due to man’s aerosols. 1948 was hotter, though little CO2 was released. Explain.
Nuclear Power seized on an article by News Week, to really push Global Warming on the world – as a result of CO2, which they thought they did not release.
But with their turn over of plants, and their transportation of processed fuel rods half way around the world, they release as much CO2 as conventional plants.
Then in 2005, the world started warming – it is all due to solar cycles. Man live with the weather, he does not make it!
New Scientists published the name of the lady who thought up climate change. This says CO2 affects the weather in some unknown way, by some unknown means!
Global Warming went with infra red properties of air, but with CO2 at 0.00037%, only the brain dead would think this had any effect.
Plants take in CO2, and at that level, more CO2 means more life! It was at 40% when green plants got busy.
Still nuclear power talks about the dangers of CO2. But now they are careful not to say it will warm the weather, as the world has been cooling for 4 years.
Sea levels have not risen in recent history, so that one is still swept under the carpet, with threats seas will rise by 10 meters in 1,000 yearsl
Excuse me, but more plant growth means LOWER sea levels, as rain gets tied up in plant AND ANIMAL BULK. So more CO2 means more life on Earth, and lower seas.
Ah, but CO2 causes more hurricanes! Trouble is, 2007 was a bad year, in the natural range of hurricanes. Stuff has settled down since then, as CO2 emissions have gone up.
I did law on my degree, and if somebody said something, they had to have supporting g data, and a means of operation.
Nuclear power has neither!
CO2 supports plants, and plants excrete O2, from the CO2 they sink. No CO2, no O2, and no plants to eat.
CO2 is the gas of life, nuclear power are the merchant’s of death. Who have bought off Gordon Brown, Barak Obama, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.
Stop the planet; I want to get off before nuclear power kills us all!

Nature does fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Life on Earth would not exist without all the nuclear fusion going on! Biology does most of it.
With growing bacteria, animal blood systems, and green plants in the light! Most of it goes on in the deep seas. Though water falls and steam bubbles rising from geothermal vents also do it!
As do rain storms and tornados/hurricanes etc.
Chemistry gets in on the act! We have light emitting chemical reactions! I saw 27 years ago! Sono luminescence in a form of turbulence molecular nuclear fusion.
Where we get steam in turbulent flow. This is how man does it! In steam, internal combustion and jet engines! Ti metal and Pt also does it!
So ‘cold’ fusion was right! It is just a very weak form of it. Prof Zimmerman told me about the importance of turbulence for heat flow.
He was wrong in an interesting way! Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion. So by passing steam up a helix, he was doing nuclear fusion!
His area was chemical engineering, but he was too close to the rock face to see what was going on!
I told him to do a HEAT BALANCE, WHERE WE WOULD SEE THAT THE HELIX WAS CREATING HEAT: But he got back to me, and said they could not see this outside experimental noise.
Such a helix would give off gamma rays, so a Geiger counter would have shown him! But there again, I knew about the emission of radiation from boiling water, steam pipes and chemical engines, and didn’t figure out why.
My favorite way is with a steam plasma tube! Because we know gas plasmas on Earth gives out gamma rays. So does the H plasma on suns!
This is why the surface of stars if hotter than the interior! And before you nuclear stooges call me a retard, this was taught to me on my masters.
I regret having to leave Sheffield, as they were about to make me an honoree Professor! Instead I went singing on stage, despite my damaged voice!
Nuclear power is TOXIC death: So fatal before a plant blows up. They are so not green.
The irony is that green plants do nuclear fusion. Safely, producing a whiff of He and O, from regular water. So safe, clean and cheap. A 4 times as much heat as fission, for free!
Nuclear power is none of those! And occasionally kills all life on half a continent.
It seems that Greenpeace and FoE have been bought off by nuclear power, as they are pushing Global Warming – which is fatal fiction from nuclear power.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Nuclear fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

On my video on youtube today, I tell you have favorite way to do molecular nuclear fusion. For the last year I have put videos out, telling you how to get at power with no CO2, or the toxic death of present nuclear fission.
Not one has even checked it out! All they have to do is e-mail – as I said 8 months ago!
It appears the worlds news are stooges to present nuclear power. And would prefer we all die horribly, rather than have access to safe, cheap and clean power!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Fusion device

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Ti turbines are fed with steam, sometimes in the form of combustion products. They give out gamma rays, as they turn this into He and O.
If we feed them with combustion products, we also get out CO2. If we bubble through 10% of the exit steam, we need burn no fuel, and release no CO2.
We power it off molecular nuclear fusion! A tiny amount of the water is converted into He and O. This is so clean and safe! It is not like the nuclear fission tubes, which are dangerous and toxic – even before we use them.
They need to be processed and purified, so they are dear! A steam plasma tube uses ordinary water.
The plasma smashes this up into hot H+1 and O-1. In time, this is converted into He+2 and OH-2.
This process liberates excess neutrons, which causes the heavier atoms to fission into H and light. Sheffield University Have a different take on this!
They took MY idea of a steam plasma. I published my ideas on Google, so any patent granted to Sheffield will not stand up in law, as publishing on Google counts as publishing in this IT age.
You enclose the plasma tube in a ceramic helix, down which you trickle water. This is boiled off, so you introduce steam via a duck neck glass tube, into the centre of the plasma tube.
The heat and turbulence slits this into H and O nuclei, and lose electrons. These are in chaotic flow.
At the top of the tube we get the H nuclei congregate, and are in chaotic flow – like on the surface of the sun.
We either apply a small driving current, or we run the tube at enough pressure that once established: the H plasma does enough nuclear fusion to power the tube!
We do not use the tube for heat – which I would have done. We use this heat to boil off the supply water. We are going to end up with as tube that runs around 800 C, so we might even think or rapping the tube construction in thermal insulation.
We take off H+ from the gas near the top of the vertical tube, and O- from the base of the tube. We will also get a small amount of He+2, but not enough to worry about.
When we burn these gases, we get a flame that runs at 1,400 C. This is useful heat! Though it is less than the 3,000 C we used to get off a steam train boiler.
A steam train heater was sat in a tank of water, which stopped the metal melting here. It did molecular nuclear fusion as the water boiled. The industrial revolution was driven by molecular nuclear fusion!
As I keep telling you, a fossil fuels boiler does molecular nuclear fusion, but at a lower level because of the CO2 produced.
Running a Ti turbine as a Windscale kettle uses the turbine to drive itself from its exit steam. In the same way a steam plasma tube will drive itself, once started!
So the fusion age 2!
The world is cooling, and plants sink all the CO2 we can give them, down to 0.00037% at today’s climate. The numbers rise in an ice age.
Nuclear power have got the green’s so transfixed that they claim CO2 is harmful! They should talk to their plants about this!
CO2 is their food, O2 is their waste gas. No CO2, no O2 and no carbohydrates to eat. So no animal proteins to chomp.
So run a jet engine off the molecular nuclear fusion cycle, and we get ten times the power, with no fuel burn – once the engine is started. There are non CO2 ways to start a Ti turbine, but burning a bit of fossil fuels is so easy!
And plants will be very annoyed we have restricted their CO2! Today 80% of the CO2 comes from animals breathing out.
So if you think CO2 is harmful, stop breathing, now! Come on! You think you are helping life.
Where as you are really giving nuclear power free PR. I think nuclear power should really be paying you for all the pluralistic rubbish you spout of their behalf. Look the word up. And get educated.
O level biology is just fine!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Chaotic weather

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

The weather is very chaotic! So locally the weather is nearly random. The sum of all the world weather gives the climate, so this averages out all the small chaos.
So we are left with solar cycles. The short period ones are every 4 and 7 years, so the weather nearly repeats every 28 years.
There is longer term drift, over centuries and millennia – and there is chaos caused by moisture in the air doing molecular nuclear fusion. Yes that’s right! Local weather patterns turns water vapor into He and O, and the heat drive tornadoes and the rest.
CO2 trails 4 years behind climate changes. If you want to win money from the bookies, beet on a white Christmas about 25 – 30 years after the last white Christmas ion the UK.
Sorry I can’t be any more precise, but that is chaos for you.
1948, 1976 2005 were hot summers.
The world cooled for 35 years before 1976. And the world is cooling again.
Where did Global Warming come from? That was fiction from nuclear power, reckoning they could get new plants of death built before the world started cooling again.
They failed. All the academics who took their money to write bad science papers on the effect of CO2 on the weather, should take retirement, and actually look at the weather records in recorded history!
CO2 follows plant growth cycles, so it reacts to the weather, it does not make it!

Climate swings

By ‘JonThm’ on

CO2 output from man and gone up every year since the 18th century. But man started burning coal, and we had the little ice age! Plants sink CO2, so CO2 went up to 4parts per million in the little ice age, but down to 2 ppm at the turn of the century.
It is fixed at 3.7 parts per million now – that is 0.00037%. Only the mentally challenged would think this affected the climate – though nuclear power paid people to write article saying that!
For the 35 years until about 1974, the world was cooling. Then in 1976, we had the hottest year since 1948. Year on year, CO2 emissions were going up.
Then the world warmed until 2005, and nuclear power seized on the name ‘Global Warming’ coined by News Week magazi ne, to try and get new plants of death built.
To make themselves green, but they are so fatal to life! And CO2 supports it! It is the gas of life.
So now CO2 emissions are going up year on year, but out of cities CO2 levels in the air are fixed at 0.00037%. And so little of the world is built up, our cities don’t even figure in the environmental noise.
Now I have realised that nature does nuclear fusion from water! Plants do so much of it, which is why they release He and gamma rays in the light!
Water falls, breaking waves and animal blood systems do it. So does the steam cycle, so we can produce a self powering steam cycle.
Which produces power, with only a whiff of He and O: Like the deep seas, and fields of green crops does!

Climate swings

By ‘JonThm’ on

CO2 output from man and gone up every year since the 18th century. But man started burning coal, and we had the little ice age! Plants sink CO2, so CO2 went up to 4parts per million in the little ice age, but down to 2 ppm at the turn of the century.

It is fixed at 3.7 parts per million now – that is 0.00037%. Only the mentally challenged would think this affected the climate – though nuclear power paid people to write article saying that!

For the 35 years until about 1974, the world was cooling. Then in 1976, we had the hottest year since 1948. Year on year, CO2 emissions were going up.

Then the world warmed until 2005, and nuclear power seized on the name ‘Global Warming’ coined by News Week magazine, to try and get new plants of death built.

To make themselves green, but they are so fatal to life! And CO2 supports it! It is the gas of life.

So now CO2 emissions are going up year on year, but out of cities CO2 levels in the air are fixed at 0.00037%. And so little of the world is built up, our cities don’t even figure in the environmental noise.

Now I have realised that nature does nuclear fusion from water! Plants do so much of it, which is why they release He and gamma rays in the light!

Water falls, breaking waves and animal blood systems do it. So does the steam cycle, so we can produce a self powering steam cycle.

Which produces power, with only a whiff of He and O: Like the deep seas, and fields of green crops does!

Fusion tube

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
I was talking to Sheffield University about using a steam plasma tube as a way to generate heat from water. Bu they thought about it, and there was other work going on there!
They took out a patent on using a steam plasma tube, as a way to separate water into H and O gas. They were totally right!
We break water apart into H and O gases. The energy comes from the small amount of molecular nuclear fusion we are doing here.
So the tube will run hot, but separate water into H and O gases. So we will also get a little He, but so little than when we burn the H gas, we produce H2O, He and O.
The deep seas produce He gas, and it is lost to space without reacting with anything. If man did a lot of molecular nuclear fusion using steam plasma tubes, our He would be lost in environmental noise of He in the air.
It has no effect on anything! Particularly not the climate, as the deep produces so mush He.
So we run a steam plasma tube. We rap it up in thermal insulation, and the pressure we run the tube at, determines how mush H and O gases we can draw off! And how much H2O we need to introduce into the tube.
I have said elsewhere on my video blog, an H flame foes loads of nuclear fusion! So we get very, very hot steam.
So the steam plasma spits the water into H and O gases using no external current. And then a flame of H and O produces very hot steam to power an engine: A small Ti turbine does FCC fusion, as if we had not done enough molecular nuclear fusion already!

Proof of fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
I was taught a lot of the stuff about molecular nuclear fusion 20 years ago, and have not been around a science lab since 2001: So all you guys can check out molecular nuclear fusion for me!
A lot of the things I was told but did not check. But I know they are true, as they sounded so weird when I was told them!
The release of radiation and gamma rays from green crops in the light! I turns out that photosynthesis is a form of biological molecular nuclear fusion.
Thus plants give out O, He, CH4 and gamma wave radiation. This was just so remarkable! And was covered in New Scientist in 2004.
On my degree, I was told that growing bacteria give out radiation. So do living fish. They covert CO2 back into O2! A Geiger counter and a lunch break in all you require to check this!
I had an American argue with me about Global Warming. He was saying that I did just not understand it. This was my PhD area, so that is just so impossible!
My PhD supervisor was Prof. Zimmerman, who stopped believing in Global Warming about the time of my PhD – when this was my conclusion.
I told the American about molecular nuclear fusion, and he threw in the towel! Here is the way to produce power with no CO2 or the toxic death of nuclear power. The latter is so fatal, and not Green!
Your own blood system gives out radiation – as told to me by a friend who used to work for BNFL (sic). So this is proven fact here. You are a fusion device!
I was also told on my degree that steam, IC and jet engines all give out radiation, as does steam flowing down pipes with bends in.
I am a metallurgist, and we were always musing at the release of radiation from electrodes, and the fact that Ti catalyzed reactions involving hydrogen.
So here is the way to double the power of engines: Ti plate the inside surfaces of that engine! Working IC car engines give out gamma rays.
One possible idea would be to surround the engine with a thin layer of FeO. This should reflect the gamma rays back into the engine. Check this one out for me and get back to me!
Ti plating the engine is a done deal! It will about double your mpg. We get the same power for half the fuel burn! So we halve your CO2 emissions. And this one is so easy to retro fit.
What got me out of bed, is paint strippers! It was such a different idea; I had to write it up now! If you have an electrically operated steamer, the steam that comes out of the nozzle is weakly radioactive. This is because boiling water does boiling molecular nuclear fusion!
Here is another one for you to check! Boil a kettle, and as the water boils, it gives s out a blip of radiation. This was confirmed by NASA and new Scientist in 2006.
But when this steam hits a wall, we get so much radiation! We do turbulence molecular nuclear fusion, which is what boiling molecular nuclear fusion is one form of!
So steaming wall paper generates heat on the wall! This is why it works so well! Ovens and boiling pans also do boiling molecular nuclear fusion, which is why it cooks food so well.
When you buy a microwave, it come s with radiation warnings. This is because microwaves caused molecular nuclear fusion in the fat or water inside the food.
Grilling food also does boiling molecular nuclear fusion. And don’t start me about your water heater! So kitchens do so much molecular nuclear fusion.
This is why a jet of high pressure water is such a good cutter! It will even cut diamonds (I think – check it) as it will melt the carbon. I don’t know about this one, the ones above I do know, or have flagged them fro checking.
I would really like to work on photosynthesis now, as this is so important for life on Earth. My biological friend says that photosynthesis pumps an O atom across a semi permeable membrane, but nobody knows why!
In molecular nuclear fusion we get OH2- and H2+. The hydroxyl molecules is large and can’t cross the membrane.
The alpha particle can and does! So the hydroxyl molecule is left behind!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Molecular nuclear fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

I am off to Egypt on Sunday; I am back on the 29th! I expect you to be one of the 200 e-mails I will receive.
I still like your idea of a metal helix. I would pass steam up this, and take the pressure, temperature and radiation readings we get: Using one of the 3,000 Geiger counters engineering material has!
The amount of He we get is minute! Probably around 0.001% of the H we can draw off. Using a plasma to split water is a great idea!
We then cool the gas we draw off, and get at the H and He. The He will be such a tiny amount, we do not separate it.
When we burn this back to water, we do molecular nuclear fusion. And the neutrons will convert the He into Na. This should be easier to separate, but really is not important!
We want to Ti plate the metal helix, and H engine. This will double the power we get off! It is all pressure dependant.
With the plasma tube, we should half silver the inside of the tube, and lay down an electroplate of Ti. Once again this will increase the molecular nuclear fusion we are doing.
Instead of patenting stuff which may be useful, publish molecular nuclear fusion in Nature!
This will get Sheffield so many students. You might even get me to work on this area with you, once I have my car mended!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Nuclear fusion is here!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason M.Eng

The chronology here is everything! In 2001 I was doing a PhD under Prof Zimmerman. This ended fro no explained reason.
In 2003 I emailed Will about molecular nuclear fusion. By steam, IC and jet engine.
In 2005 I pointed out nature did loads of molecular nuclear fusion from high pressure water. I had no response to this.
In 2007 I mooted the idea of doing molecular nuclear fusion via a plasma of molecular hydrogen: I said a steam plasma was a good choice! Volcanoes do this today! Before a big eruption.
In 2008, Sheffield University patented the idea of a steam plasma making hydrogen. So in other words, they have my steam plasma tubes, in a department lousy with Geiger counters.
So in other words, Sheffield University has patented molecular nuclear fusion. It is a big idea, and some big cooperation was always going to take the idea from me.
Molecular nuclear fusion is 4 times as exothermic as nuclear fission, and produces no CO2 or toxic death.
I did not even get my PhD, who title was ‘Fixing Global Warming’
. I didn’t know I would devise nuclear fusion, though Dr MatZinger said I would!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Gravity is essential to nuclear fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

On suns we have H gas in a fusion boil! This catalyses loads of nuclear fusion. On Earth, we see molecular nuclear fusion with turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water.
Gravity give one action of force, which his at angles to the bulk fluid flow. This gives turbulence! With no gravity, we get no turbulence.
So we only do nuclear fusion, in a gravity field! If you want to study molecular nuclear fusion on Earth, get steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow.
Though biological systems have their own molecular nuclear fusion catalysts, which do not do turbulence!
Though blood flows demonstrates turbulence, as does liquid flow around a photo blast. So I am wrong! Biological systems DO use fluid turbulence too!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Air warmer

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

This was from science worked out by Rev Sterling in the 18th century. It is known to every engineer on this planet!
We draw in air into a vacuum system, and circulate it through a stainless steel helix in a body of water: The Sea works best, but fresh water will do.
Low pressure air is very cold, so it will draw in heat from the water. So we will have a falling body of water.
We arrange it, so this drives a water turbine. This supplies all the power we need for the pump. The heat from the water is supplied by nature for free!
We then lead the water up to the pump, where we liberate the air at 250 C, into the outside air! The pump is the only powered bit of the system! The air is drawn in through a Ventrui nozzle, so ends up at low pressure.
This low pressure air gets down to -20 C fro the sea, -0 C for fresh water.
What we have done is make a self powering Carnot system, which drives itself, as it moves heat between the air and a body of water.
For an air cooler, we pump the air in at high pressure, and vent it into low pressure! So creating a low pressure air draft.
This is the cycle that is used for air conditioning, but here we use a body of water to make it self powering! It takes 2% of the transferred heat out as energy to drive the cycle.
So we can create heat in the cold, or cold for warm climates. All using no mains power, once started! This was all from stuff taught to me in 1982.
Global Warming was only every PR from nuclear power. Anybody talking about this or climate change is their stooge! Or not very clever.
Nuclear Power thought up climate change when the world stared cooling in 2005. Basically it says we will have weather. All due to CO2.
This is so wrong! We have weather, because nature gives it to us! We live with it!

Cooling Kenya

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

We draw hot air into the outside of a cylinder. And pass it over a turbine. We gather it together, and pressurize it.
We then pass this hot air through a stainless steel helix in a body of water, like the sea. This passes all the extra heat to the sea.
We then vent the gas into a cylinder in the air. So as the air falls, it drives another turbine, and exit at the outside of another cylinder.
The two turbines provide all the power we need to run the system. What we have done is take a lot of air at 40 C, and use it to cool itself down t0 0 C!
When we vent the air to the atmosphere, we should collect all the water that we condense out! It will still leave as a cold mist!
In the heat this is heaven! We get pure water, and cold air! So we can irrigate the dry lands, and make Kenya cool and lush, not hot and arid!

My thanks go to Brian Thomason for his help with this idea! We can also use this idea to cool Australia, and make it more lush!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Street fusion

By ‘JonThm’ on

When you strike an arc in air, you get a bright white light! Fine until it rains, as then the light emits brighter light, and then blows the arc out.

What happens is that we then get Molecular Nuclear Fusion from steam, as water drops enter the arc.

The way to stop this is to have a tube of dry gas. But then we are throwing away the nuclear fusion.

The other way, is to strike up an arc in the water vapour, and then as we get more water in the vapour, we get a whiter light.

We then top up the steam with a slow water feed: A street light will get through a thimble full of water a year.

You have probably seen the problem here: You can’t turn off the light. You can turn it down in the day, and increase the pressure at night.

The amount of light you get is pressure linked! And generating light takes 40% of the power we generate. But this idea uses no power, and uses photo voltaic panels to generate all the power the tubes use.

Academic fraud

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In 1976 we had a hot summer, just as the academics were predicting the next ice age.
Nuclear power paid a stooge to fly around the world, saying that the climate was to do with CO – which they did not think they released.
There is only 0.00037% CO2 in the air. The big Global Warming gas is water vapor, which does air, Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the light. CO2 follows the natural climate.
But in 2005, the world climate started cooling, so nuclear power morphed the idea into ‘climate change’ with no science base to the idea. But they paid academic stooges to write papers backing the idea up.
You see academics are tarts for money! If you have enough money, they will say anything.
They are trying to get 14 billion Euros to study nuclear fusion, so Global Warming and Climate Change we good ideas to put out the re. Just happens they are totally wrong, but academics retire, and so saying rubbish is not important!
Trouble is, nature does loads of nuclear fusion. In water falls, breaking waves, with green plants in the light and animal blood systems all day.
Steam, IC and jet engines do Molecular Nuclear Fusion today. With no 14 billion Euros spend on a plant which will not work!
If you want to study it, go boil water! This produces He, O and gamma waves, as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, as the water comes to the boil.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fusion device

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
This was confirmed by NASA two years ago. As water comes to the boil, it gives off a burst of radiation, as it does molecular nuclear fusion.
Today, here on Earth. It is what nature does, it is safe. Non toxic, and non fatal. It doesn’t produce CO2, but no idea is perfect!

Flame fusion

So you want to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Simple, strike up a flame. If the flame is gas or oil in oxygen, we get steam in turbulent flow. And this gives us Molecular Nuclear Fusion – where some of the steam ends up as He, O and a lot of heat. This was taught to me on my MEng in 1985. NASA last year showed that boiling water also does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So this is power, though with gas or oil, we do get CO2, Which plants take in to grow! The world is cooling as CO2 emissions climb, so Global Warming was only ever lies from nuclear power. Everybody talking about Global Warming as if it was science are either not bright or paid stooges: Or just did not understand syllable one of what they were mindlessly repeating. To get power with no CO2, burn H gas! Particularly in a Ti twist. This flame burns white rather than red, as it does more Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So here is power with no CO2, and no toxic death.
Nuclear power want you dead, and are so not green! They are fatal to life.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Global Warming

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
‘Global’ meant all over the world: It was seized on by nuclear power after the hot summer of 1976.
Now the UK is having the coldest winter for 43 years: Explain! Through history CO2 has trained the climate. It goes up in an ice age, when there are fewer plants.

Global Warming

my PhD

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
You started work on steam flow through helices. You actually must have bulk on around 1993. So you must have one around Sheffield.
So fire it up, and use a Geiger counter from the department of engineering materials. He presto, low power gamma waves! You have devised how to do molecular nuclear fusion.
There are other forms, but high pressure water, or steam is how nature does it! This is why deep water gives off radiation!
The way to maximize it, is to Ti plate the inside of the helix.
Other ways to do molecular nuclear fusion are boil water.
With biological green plants in the light!
With water falls and breaking waves.
With animal blood systems all day – included your own heart!
So we can bubble steam through water, and produce 10 times as much steam! So we loop back 10% of the steam, and keep steam up, with no external fuel source.
And my favorite way, an H flame. The emission of radiation from a gas flame is already on record.
So really, I deserve my PhD from 2001: Why did I not receive it?

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Scottish Power

Scottish power got 5 nuclear plants from English nuclear – they generate most of their power from doing nuclear fission.

One of their plants burns coal, and they were one of the big pushers behind the phantom science of Global Warming- saying CO2 was going to end life on Earth.

Really plants take in CO2, and release O2: So moreCO2 means more life, or we are in the middle of an ice age, and there are fewer plants around!

So CO2 reacts to the weather, it does not make the climate!

EDF, French nuclear, bought Scottish Power, and renamed it EDF. So customers started leaving it. So they went back to the old name.

And now Scottish Power have dropped there electricity prices! So if you do not mind Toxic Death, go French Nuclear!

Monday, 5 January 2009

The bad Nobel

By ‘JonThm’ on

Since about 1992 (I was away for most of the decade around here.) Al Gore told the world that CO2 would mean higher temperatures and sees. He was wrong.

The world has been cooling since 2005, and there was a record low tide in Scotland in 2003. Now people are trying to say Global Warming is taking a break. No, Global Warming was PR fiction from nuclear power.

Who are now saying CO2 will perturb the world climate in some way, for reasons unknown. This is an untheory.

In other words; the weather will continue as it always has! CO2 has never affected the climate, and does not affect it now!

Its levels track the wax and wane of plants: More CO2, more life on Earth. More nuclear power, less life on Earth. And you may well end up dead – and there is historical proof of this!

So Al got the Oscar. Means nothing. Then the Nobel for his environmental work.

Excuse me, scaring the world with phantom science is not worthy of a cub Scouts badge! If he had any morals, he would return the money, and apologise to the world.

‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ are nuclear PR deigned to kill.

Fatal fiction

Nuclear power made up global warming to kill. Then the world started cooling, so they renamed their ficiton 'climate change'.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Let’s go off grid

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

If we use a Carnot heat pump, we can run a little steam cycle, and return85% of the heat to the boiler room.

But during the steam cycle, we do molecular nuclear fusion. So in the boiler and turbine chambers, we generate more than 15% of the system heat!

Luckily it self limits, to be exactly 15%. So we make all the heat and power from a house. We add heat to start the cycle, and then it runs off its own exhaust steam.

So it is a nuclear fusion device! It turns water into He, O and heat. The deep seas make O and He, so they are totally harmless! The He is lost to space, and does nothing.

So if man did all his power generation from molecular nuclear fusion, his production of He would be lost in the statistical noise of the deep seas molecular nuclear fusion!

So no CO2 or toxic death. And no grid bills or power and heat. The device is the size of a back boiler.

And the radiation it produces, is less than that made today by your central heating boiler! This does molecular nuclear fusion now!