Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Personal power

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The industrial revolution took off with steam power! Correctly, as this does Molecular Nuclear Fusion! Green plants do Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the light, in their photoblasts.

Growing bacteria and animal blood systems also do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. It is all around, and in us.

So we can get smart, and condense the used steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. This will return 85% of the system heat, at higher temperature to the boiler room.

So we boil off the water with the bulk of the system heat. Boiling water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So making up for our system losses!

If we drive a Ti turbine, this gives us 20 C from the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we are doing in the turbine hall.

Luckily the boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do exactly balances fro our efficiency losses; otherwise we would do too much nuclear fusion!

I call this system a recycling steam cycle. This is ideal for personal use. To generate grid power, we require hotter steam.

From my degree in 1986, I know we can get this extra heat with a H flame! We take out 1% of the generated power to do electrolysis. The Carnot system does take out 2% of the process power.

So we take off 98%, by burning no fuel! So we get power with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear fission.

This kills, and only gives ¼ of the power of Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

The beautiful life

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Nuclear fission kills. It produces toxic death, before a plant blows up! Remember Chernobyl and 3 mile island? The latter was in Washington DC.
Plants do molecular nuclear fusion. In the light, green plants turn water into He, CH4, Oxygen and gamma rays. Photosynthesis is molecular nuclear fusion!
We can do it via steam, IC or jet engines. Or just via boiling water. So we can easily build a fusion plant, which takes in water, and releases He and O.
Safe, cheap and clean power. The beautiful life!

Prof Z-man

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
After doing my M.Eng. in 1986, I was working in IT in London, in 1988. But as luck would have it, I had a serious car accident.
After 30% brain damage, you should not live! In 2000, I was back at Sheffield University. And on the recommendation of Dr MatZinger, I got on a PhD into chemical and process engineering, under DR Zimmerman.
He told me about helical turbulence! This was an idea from his chem. eng. Discussion group, on improving heat flow. If you pass steam down a helix, the turbulence of the flow increases the heat flow.
Brilliant, but wrong! On my first degree I knew than IC, steam and jet engines all give off radiation as they work! And produce He nuclei. This is steam molecular nuclear fusion.
In biological systems, we use biological catalysts to do molecular nuclear fusion. We see this with growing green crops in the light. So photosynthesis is really nuclear fusion! Induce by light.
Growing bacteria and animal blood systems also do it! But the most important way for man, is via steam molecular nuclear fusion.
We do see boiling molecular nuclear fusion – which is a form of turbulence molecular nuclear fusion. As even on suns, turbulence is the most important catalyst to nuclear fusion.
As well as boiling molecular nuclear fusion, we also see plasma molecular nuclear fusion. This gives a mixed plasma of hydrogen, and most commonly O, if we go from water. We could go from ammonia, and have a plasma with N in, but this is less easy to handle, than plain water.
So Will told me how to do nuclear fusion on earth. But he has left so many PhDs need doing! Which happens to be his job!

Withered limbs

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Thalidomide produced abnormal cell line stops signals! So we want those cells clearing, and replacing from the stem cells.
Scar tissue does the same job, so we would wish the scar to be cleared, so the limb can be fully repaired.
I thin ka drip of IL-2 and IL-4, after the injury is cleared, should do this job! This is why injuries in old flesh heal young!
But this system stops after 1 month! We want it to continue until the scar is totally removed.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Professor Thomason

By ‘JonThm’ on Jonathan Thomason
I got my M.Eng. in 1986. While in Sheffield I wrote a seminal essay on nuclear power, that is the basis of ‘Nuclear Failure’ on my video blog. It is a top video, as the basic idea still applies!
That nuclear power is only economically viable, if you pay to decommission the plants. Or you triple the cost of oil and gas, which has happened in the UK this year! France used to import power, generated by gas, from the UK.
Fast breeders do nuclear fission from plutonium – very, very dangerous. With loads of toxic death. Only the French do it, ensuring that Germany would never risk invading them again!
2001, following a bad car accident, Prof Argent, my old metallurgy Prof., got me to return to Sheffield. He told me that I was to be made ‘Prof.’ Thomason, and I would join their think tank, mostly for my work on nuclear power. My PhD was in Chemical engineering.
My PhD got ended fro no explained reason! After I heard somebody from a funding organization applying pressure on then Dr Zimmerman.
Now Prof. Zimmerman is a very cleaver bloke! But like all academics, he has to get money in. And nuclear power supplies most of it.
And my work on nuclear power was enough for them to apply pressure on the funding agency, who applied pressure on Prof. Zimmerman – you get the idea.
I was also getting interest from Dr MatZinger, but she said my destiny was to devise nuclear fusion on Earth.
Not hard! Water falls do it. As do breaking waves. Growing bacteria, green plants in the light, animal blood systems, IC, steam and jet engines – basically it is going on all around us.
But on Earth, it happens from water, not H gas. We need turbulence to act as the catalyst, though FCC metals or biological catalyst can also give it. Photosynthesis is really biological molecular nuclear fusion. This is why plants in the light give off gamma rays, and release O and He gases.
This so needs studying! So should I be Prof. Thomason? Yes.
Should I get the Nobel? Probably, but nuclear power will put breaks on this. The irony is, I have put out how to use a steam plasma to do nuclear fusion from water.
So we burn water into heat, with no CO2 or toxic death. They no longer need use metal oxide tubes. No more toxic death.
Thus I will have made them so much money, and saved so many lives. But still they will hate me!

Monday, 29 December 2008

Science for sale

In the 1980s, after Chernobyl, nuclear power had to get new plants built! So they got out the money.
They bought off the Green movement – Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, academic institutions and the science press. Total bill about $600 million. Not a lot to the nuclear boys really!
Mind you, they have to keep on buying them off. They seized on some dubious work on warming the planet, when academics were predicting the big freeze.
After the summer of 76, with the help of News Week magazine, Global Warming was born! All the science journeys were bought, and saw their circulations grow if they talked about Global Warming.
Somewhere there is a big warehouse full of the magazines nuclear power bought, and never read.
They even paid to get my PhD ended: AS I concluded Global Warming was nuclear PR, and phantom science. There is no causal link between cO2 and the weather.
CO2 follows the wax and wane of plant = as known by every biologists on this planet!
Then in 2005, the world started cooling, as CO2 emissions went up. So now nuclear power will go into overdrive, to sell this rubbish on a disbelieving world.
Their big idea was to buy academics, who areas susceptible to money as the rest of us!

cure to infection

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If we give an ill person a drip of IL-2 and IL-4, their own immune system will make and action the active antibody to the infection.

We go for 60% of the enzyme levels we see with a person getting g netter from an infection, after treatment with a fungal antibody.

There si no tolerance possible to the human antibody (HAX). Pills of these drugs alone will cure all infective illnesses – or rather the 6 common HAXs t oal infective disease.

Personal Fusion

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Setting up a nuclear fusion plant for general power generation using Molecular Nuclear Fusion is hard! You need hot steam: And you get involved with serious Carnot heat pumps, steam plasmas, or hydrogen flames.
For personal use, steam at 160 C and 4 bars is just fine! Water boils at 4 bars, at 120 C. This is why steam engines reduce the pressure on hot water, which then boils off!
For steam engines, using a Carnot steam condenser returns 85% of the system heat to the boiler, and the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we are doing means that once started, we burn no fuel! Only turning some of the water into He and O.
Most of the steam we recover as warm water, so we burn no fuel, and use virtually no water! A new steam age beckons!
To generate all the heat and power for a house, we can use a little recycling steam cycle – gob done! No mains gas or power, no oil burn, and no CO2 or toxic death.
Happy new 2009!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Snow in Vegas

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

If there is any bad weather, I usually get it! When I was in Florida, we got hurricane Andrew.
Which was why I was staggered I missed the snow in Vegas! Remember, this is 25 years into Global Warming!
But that was never real! I was just fatal, PR, fiction from nuclear power. The ice age is with us!

Friday, 26 December 2008


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear Power spends a lot on research! So when they say jump, academies say ‘How high?’.
In the 70s they were spending about £5 million a year on research. Today they are spending about £36 million a year – at a guess. You get the idea.
In the 80s, after Chernobyl, nuclear had a problem: There is really no division between weapons and power, they are mutually linked.
To get new power plants, they had to be .green’. But they cause toxic death, and kill! So that was a big ask.
Over to academics. Who came up with the idea that CO2, which is not produced by nuclear power, had suddenly reversed the ice age they were busy predicting, until the hot summer of 76.
There was too little CO2 in the air: Only 0.00037% in conurbations. So they left this detail out, and said this was more important than the aerosol effect, which they said would cool the world down – all due to man.
The weather cools and warns. And we were in a warming phase, right until 2005. Then the world started cooling. So they just didn’t tell you.
Global Warming was phantom science – or in other words, fiction designed to kill you. Nuclear power is still pushing it, and hoping nobody goes outside and sees things are cooling!
And what of the ‘green’ charities? They were cheap to buy off. Plants take in CO2; so more CO2, more life on Earth. But all the ecologists have been transfixed by the money, and have bought into the nuclear fiction.

Natural gas

By ‘JonThm’ on Jonathan Thomason

Deep water bacteria take in CO2, which comes by osmosis from the air. Plants also sink CO2, so the level is pegged at 0.00037%! In an ice age, there are fewer plants, but the deep water bacteria still do the same job.
The CO2 levels are 500 times too low to have any effect on the climate. More CO2 just means more life on Earth! So we do not get any more CO2 in the air, we just get more life on Earth!
The deep-water bacteria combine the CO2 with water, and release CH4, He and O: We get biological molecular nuclear fusion! Away from man.
The CH4 combines with more water, to form the polymer methyl hydrate. This has the formula CH5OHn
This white solid lies on the sea floor. If we get land abduction, the CH5OH ends up in a magma chamber. Here the heat and pressure break it down to CH4 and water.
And the CH4 is basically natural gas! But we have massive reserves of CH4 on the sea floors! There is more around the South Pole, than ten times the total reserves of fossil fuels in the world!
So we can robot mine the CH4, burn it; and deep water bacteria will do biological molecular nuclear fusion, and convert the CO2 back into natural gas!
The He is lost to space, and we breathe in the O2! The O bonds with O2, to form O3, ozone, but this is reduced by the environment to give O2 and oxides.
So here is your endless supply of free natural gas – we free, except for the low mining and prospecting costs.
Here is the sink for Co2, the nuclear power boys ignore, while making up Global Warming, to scare the world into allowing new plants of death to be built.
Btu we do not need fission! We can do molecular nuclear fusion, via a steam plasma, or just boiling water.
Which is ironic, as nuclear power already boils water to generate power, which is why its E=MC2 equations do not balance! They convert some of their water into heat and power!

Monday, 22 December 2008

China is a problem

China had low wages, and could produce cheap stuff to sell to America. But when I was in Hong Kong, all locals were talking about was inflation!
My friends parent’s in France went there when coffee was 85p a cup. Now it is £2.05 they are coming home! Part of this is due top inflation in the Euro zone.
Some of it is due to Gordon Brown’s habit of borrowing money from Chine! The PSB requirement has gone from £700 billion – as a guess, up to £1,400 billion or more!
He has spent your grandchildren’s money today. No matter you do not yet have children!
But now the US is in recession, as Global Warming has borrowed $20 trillion from China! To try and stop Chinese goods being so cheap. All the East Asia economies have had a good time!
But now China is dear. Vietnam and the other tiger economies are cheaper. China was cheaper, but it did not embrace democracy as it should have done!
It cleaned up its street appearance for the Olympics, but it is still a despotic tyranny. And due to inflation, it is now dear!
Chinese goods used to be cheap and low quality. Its good are still not produced to the standards enjoyed by the West, and they are no longer cheap.
When I was in India, they gleefully pointed out that by 2020 GDP of India would exceed China.
Me, I think companies will also move to the Horn of Africa: Guess who just holidayed there!
But my last trip was to California. I thought San Francisco was great! See you soon. If Barak Obama, was not just to allow inflation to take off in the US. Enjoy. And move.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Self power

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The steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion! Particularly if we Ti plate the working surfaces.
Today this means the steam is 20 C hotter, after traveling through a Ti turbine!
So we have a boiler, we run as a Windscale kettle, though we do use external power to raise it to temperature.
We exit the steam through a short Ti plated helix, and get dry, super heated steam, at around 150 C!
We then pass this through a small turbine. And then feed the spent steam through fire tubes in the boiler 3 times.
So we end up with spent steam at 125 C. We cool this down to 110 C, using the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. This developed from the seminal work of the Rev Sterling.
So we return hot water at 110 C to the boiler, where it meats up with the hot end of the Carnot heat pump.
That returns 85% the working heat, plus 20 C to the boiler, at 150 C! At 4 bars, water boils at 120 C. So with all the molecular nuclear fusion going off here, we return over 100% of the system heat.
This is because the steam cycle is man’s way to do nuclear fusion on Earth.
We take off 10% of the steam from the produced steam, to bubble back through the boiler water.
What we have here, is a personal nuclear fusion plant! That converts water to heat and power. And this is today’s email to Sheffield University.
If they are interested in helping life, we are going to build the plant!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Steam fusion

We have been a bit slow here! Through out all time, nature has done nuclear fusion from water – a type of molecular nuclear fusion.
Since the C18th man has used the steam cycle, which does molecular nuclear fusion! This is why steam plants give out gamma rays. And form He and O.
So there is the thing! Power with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear fission. This kills by using uranium to create other toxic compounds. Watch the video of Hiroshima to get the idea.
Chernobyl was done by present nuclear power, which is such a bad idea!

Fusion tube

On the sun we have hydrogen plasma which is in turbulent flow. And does nuclear fusion.

On Earth a Na plasma displays run on at moderate pressure, when the tube has been burnt it! This means there is H and He about, as the matter is burnt to light.

On Earth when we have steam in turbulent flow, we see Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

So if we have a mixed gas plasma, containing H, we will get fluorescent run on, at moderate pressures! So once the plasma is started, it will go on turning water into heat. With no external current.

So we have a glass tube, in which we have a steam plasma – which is a mixed H and O plasmas.

So this is how to get at heat and power, with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear fission.

This kills, before a plant blows up!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Salford is the best

I nearly died in a car accident, get over it: I mostly have!

I still need a little help: But I can walk, drive, water sky ...

We should be there to provide help when it is needed, but step back when it is not! Salford can show the way, with the help of Councilor Gerrido.

Death to life!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In the 1970s all scientists knew the next ice age was on us! Things were going to get colder! Which from the fossil records they knew was very bad!
Then we got the summer of 1976. Which was nearly as hot as 1948. So Newsweek gave us ‘Global Warming’. And the same scientists ate well fro 25 years on this bad science.
Nuclear power had Chernobyl, and then 3 Mile Island, so were desperate to get new plants, before all their plants were taken out of use. So they seized on Global Warming.
The scientist had linked the global warming to CO2 output. He missed out that 80% of the CO2 is breathed out by animals. It is then taken in by plants: O2 is their waste gas, CO2 their food, which supports all life on Earth.
Man’s production of CO2 makes him a super animal! Animals only evolved to take in O2, combine it with the carbohydrates built by plants, to make new CO2.
Plants take in H2O and CO2, and release He, O, gamma waves and built carbohydrate bulk. They do biological molecular nuclear fusion! That is what photosynthesis is, light induced molecular nuclear fusion!
So CO2 is the gas of life! But nuclear power got their stooges to write articles to say CO2 would kill all life on Earth: No, that is the job of nuclear power; CO2 supports all life on Earth!
Things were going well, as 2005 was almost as warm as 1976: As in, it was not even close! 2005 was a reasonable summer, nothing more.
But since then, things have cooled, as China has released more CO2. CO2 goes up in an ice age, so to say more CO2 would cause a hot summer was stupid!
CO2 levels track the wax and wane of plants. It is a climate follower. In the opposite direction to what nuclear power say!
But they got a good stooge in Al Gore, and bought him an Oscar, and even a Nobel. This is serious perversion of science!
But now the head of the Weather Channel is suing Al Gore, with the backing of 30,000 scientists around the world. And al Gore has none.
Academics were prepared to take the money for climate research, but they are not going to try
to defend rubbish!
The world is cooling.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Big lie

Al Gore is being sued by 30,000 top scientists, for presenting the PR of nuclear power, as if it was true.

They bought him a Nobel prize – doesn’t make it true though: As the world has been cooling from 2005.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Al of Death!

Al Gore was a total stooge to nuclear power, and scared us all to death. He gto the Nobel prize, for being a stooge to death.

Nuclear Gordon

Gordon Brown seized on the phantom science of Global Warming, to sell off nuclear power UK. The French have bought it for £12.4 billion.
But now the world has been cooling for 3 years, and even Green Peace say

Global Warming can’t be used to justify new plants of death! As it isn’t true.
Let’s hope EDF notice, before they try and get new plants of death built, and kill all of the UK!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

To study

On Earth, Nuclear fusion goes off from water. Molecular Nuclear Fusion is easily powerful enough to supply man with all his heat and power.

Making a bit of O and He, and no CO2, and none of the toxic death of present nuclear power.

Growing crops on the light do it, as do growing bacteria, water falls, breaking waves, animal blood systems all day. Plus man’s steam, IC and jet engines.

The annoying thing to me, is that I was taught this in 1984, at Sheffield University, UK.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Climate wrong

What doe s'climate change' say: That CO2 affects the world climate. There is only 0.00037% CO2 in the air - a level capped by plants.
Plants take in CO2 to support life on Earth. THe GW fiction was made up by nuclear power! In the UK nuclear power also run coal burnngi plants, so tehy do not believe their own PR.
Neither should you, it is fatal fiction! We should do nuclear fusion from water. SAfe, clean and cheap. Power with no CO2 or the toxic deth od today'd nuclear power.
I say today's, as when they gget steam plasma tubes working, they will cease to do fatal nuclear fission! Organic carbon is life.
Only the stupid, like Gordon Brwon pretend it affects the weather.
But there again, he is the worst PM in UK history!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Flame fusion

In 1984, on my M.Eng. I was told that a gas flame gave off radiation. “006 NASA explained that boiling water gave off radiation, as the bubbles collapsed as they rose.

This turbulence over comes the strong atomic force which keeps atomic nuclei apart. So a steam plasma will also do Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

Today a flame of natural gas does a bit of Molecular Nuclear Fusion. A H flame glows yellow s it does more.

A lame of H and O gases glows white, but I was told in 1984 that they also give off UV light, as they give off gamma rays.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Global Warming is death

Nuclear power seized on some phantom science, to get new plants. CO23 has never had any effect on the weather! How could it?
There is only 0.00037% of it in the air, because plants take it in to support life on Earth! O2 is their waste gas.
No CO2, no O2. More nuclear power on Earth, less life on Earth. You choose!
And all the Green folk should stop doing the PR for nuclear power – who want them, and us dead!

Climate Fraud

I was onto a guy who was hosting a video for Greenpeace on Global Warming. I pointed out that the world has been cooling since 2005, and all the stuff about CO2 was PR by nuclear power.
He took the video off youtube, but somebody took it over and it came back! There is no link between climate and CO2. Indeed the climate follows solar cycles, so has 28 year cycles.
CO2 is taken in by plants to support life on Earth: They excrete the O2 we need to breathe! O2 is the waste gas of plants.
Plants take in CO2, combine it with H2O, and produce He, O and CH4 -so does the deep: It uses CO2 to do safe nuclear fusion.
Nuclear fission does not want you to know this. Because fusion is clean, safe and cheap. And nuclear fission is toxic death.
So every year, there are climate camps, funded by friendly trust funds: Just like the GW video! They are the stooges of nuclear power.
So all the Greens are being funded by the agents of death. So they are either thick, or paid stooges to nuclear power.
Man made 'climate change' does not exist! It is the ice age next – the ice at the South Pole has grown by 30% this year. And there has been no summer in the UK for three years.
It is cooler in Tenerife, India, Hong Kong, California! Fast breeders boil off water. But this does molecular nuclear fusion.
If we bubble steam through liquid water, we do nuclear fusion, with no toxic death. This is why the heat balance for fast breeders does not work!
They are converting some of the water into He and O.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Climate Change

The climate changes naturally. When the world started cooling in 2005, nuclear power changed from saying CO2 would warm the Earth, to saying it would change the weather.

No reason! It is just fiction from the agents of death. Which all the Green movement are giving publicity to!

CO2 is taken in by plants, which build plant bulk, and excrete O2 – the greatest polluter in Earth’s history.

So everybody talking about man made ‘climate change’ are either paid stooges to nuclear power, or thick.

No black holes

How can you orbit something which is infinitely dense? How could a thing with no dimensions rotate?

Answer, there are no black holes! There are only non radiant stars, which emit X-rays, and are hidden by gravitational lensing, until they go nova!

They seem to have no dimensions, until you are within half a light year of them!

So there was no big bang! There as no start to creation.

Stars burn H gas to light in the turbulence of a star, and in the depths of space, our free wave electromagnetic radiation, forms close loop EMR – hydrogen!

And a star forms all the heavier elements we see out there. Where did it all come from? I do not know! Ask God when you see him/her/it.

Safe Nuclear

I hate nuclear power! It causes toxic death, before a plant blows up! Then it sprays poison across half a continent.

This is nuclear fission! It takes Uranium ore, and concentrates the unstable isotope – U236, It bombards this with neutrons, and it breaks into parts, releasing energy. But these parts also combine, to form higher unstable elements! Like Plutonium.

This is never stable, having a half life on 5,000 years. This is why it is not found in nature! And when it breaks apart, we get more energy out.

But nuclear fission makes toxic death! We can have a China syndrome, when the fuel rods will melt down into the Earth’s core!

Actually it causes the plant to explodes, and sprays toxic death around the continent! It all came from the N bomb that ended the Second World War, and can’t help causing death.

Nature does not do it, and neither should we! It is so deadly and dangerous – when we do it ‘right’. There is no such thing as ‘right’ nuclear fission, it is just so wrong!

The sun does nuclear fusion from H gas. This releases four times as much power, but we thought it did not happen on Earth.

We were wrong, but it goes off from water – molecular hydrogen. It can also go off from NH4, but H2O is the most common sort of molecular nuclear fusion.

The deep sea does it, which is why we get He and O off from the deep sea – which forms O3; ozone. And the He3 decays in 0.004 seconds, so by the time it breaks the surface it is stable He2.

This is lost to space, and drifts into suns, and does more atomic nuclear fusion: to form the heavier atomic elements.

Stars burn H to form light, but in the depths of space the light bonds together to form more H. This means the depths of space gives light a slight red shift, so space is not expanding, and there was no big bang.

Energy shuttles to and from mass and light.

In the deep, CO2 is taken in, and bonded with water to give CH4, He and O. The CH4 bonds with the O2 in the air, to give up the residual fusion energy, that power’s man’s engines.

The CH4 polymerises with other methane molecules to give the long chain hydrocarbons, which we know as oil! The CH4 bonds with water to form the white solid methyl hydrate, that abducts down to mantel pockets, to break back into CH4 and water.

The CH4 is basically natural gas! There is nine times the methyl hydrate lying around the South Pole as there are fossil fuel reserves in the world.

So we can robot mine the methyl hydrate, and when we reduce the applied pressure, we get CH4 off. So by burning natural gas, we are getting at the residual nuclear fusion power.

The nuclear processes go off in the deep, where bacteria fix the CO2 for us! So when we burn the natural gas, we are safe in the knowledge that deep water bacteria will make more natural gas from it!

But we can do molecular nuclear fusion direct ourselves! We take high pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow, and the water turns into He and O for us. So power with no CO2, and no toxic death.

We do get off low power gamma waves, but these are not a danger! Unlike those from nuclear fusion that can punch through 6 inches of lead. These gamma waves would find it hard to get through a paper bag, as my old Chemistry teacher told me!

So molecular nuclear fusion is safe, cheap and clean. And does not produce the toxic death of present nuclear power.

They should stop doing nuclear fission, which is so deadly! They should all go over to using steam plasma tubes, which do molecular nuclear fusion safely.

They convert regular water into heat. You want to see the process? Boil a kettle – it does molecular nuclear fusion as it boils!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Fusion for the idiot

We have hydrogen burners: I was taught in 1984 that such devices give off radiation – as the do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

We super heat that steam with more hydrogen flames. And we use that hot steam, at 800 C, to generate power.

We then use a Carnot heat pump to condense the steam, and return 85% of the process heat to the boiler.

So we generate 95% excess power, though we do turn a little of the water into He and O: We do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

And all the science was worked out a long time before my degree started in 1982.

CO2 supports life; it does not affect the weather. But here is how to do safe, cheap clean nuclear fusion. Power with no CO2 or toxic death. I repeat SAFE & CLEAN!

And so green, as plants in the light do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

Safe power

Nuclear power uses nuclear fission today, which causes toxic death. And when a plant blows up, sprays death across half a continent. To be ‘green’ they have invested $5 million a year over 25 years, to get their stooges to disparage CO2.

This is the gas of life! Plants take it in to support life, and excrete O2, their waste. Animals only evolved to take in O2, combine it with carbohydrates, to turn it back into CO2.

No CO2, no O2, and no life on Earth. More nuclear power, and that’s what we get anyway!

Building a plant releases so much CO2: The same amount as released by burning fossil fuels over the life of a nuclear plant.

EDF have 5 nuclear plats, but also one coal burning plant! So they release MORE CO2 every year, than conventional power plants of the same size do!

The deep sea does molecular nuclear fusion, turning water into He, O and heat! Here is how to do safe, clean and cheap nuclear FUSION: Power with no CO2, or toxic death.

Steam cycles do this to. So here is how to do safe, clean, cheap nuclear fusion,

We can build a device he size of a back boiler, which turns a cup of water a year into all the heat and power a house needs!

Email – my old PhD supervisor, who has had articles published on Global Warming, but no longer believes in it! He is Prof Zimmerman, with a double first from Columbia.

Global Warming was fiction from nuclear power and their stooges! EDF – the agents of death.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Avalanche fusion

By ‘JonThm’ on

When ice rubs on ice, one time in 100 million, we overcome the strong atomic force; and turn H2O into He, O and a lot of heat! We do Molecular Nuclear Fusion

So when ice sheets slip over ice sheets, we get a lot of heat, and the resulting layer of water lubricates the slip, so we get a full avalanche.

When the Titanic rubbed on its icebergs, we got a massive release of heat, and this melted the rivets holding the steel plates together, so the ship fell apart!

So if we take a Geiger counter down to the Titanic wreck, we will find the radioactive signature. We already know that avalanches, like volcanoes, give off gamma wave radiation.

Which is interesting, but not useful! What is, is the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do from high pressure water or steam!

Nature does fusion

By ‘JonThm’ on Jonathan Thomason

Nature does not do nuclear fission! This involves getting a critical mass of uranium or plutonium together, causing a China syndrome of neutrons.
This splits the heavier elements up, releasing heat in an uncontrolled way. We also fuse some of the atoms, producing very unstable and radioactive e elements to be scattered in the air and environment.
It kills life! It is very toxic, and nature does not do it! Only man does, but it causes toxic death.
Nature does nuclear fusion, joining hydrogen atoms together to make He and release 4 times more heat! Most of it goes on in deep water, where the water molecules are in high pressure turbulent flow.
This bangs together the water molecules, hydrogen ends first. So we see the release of He and O, plus a lot of heat and lower power gamma radiation from the deep.
In also goes on in breaking waves and water falls! The Earth is fusion driven! It doe on at the earth’s Mantel. Where we release a load of neutrons from the fusing water.
Which makes the Uranium man mines! It does not make Pt – too dangerous. Even with the U, man has to concentrate the unstable isotope of it, before he can make power or bombs – death on Earth.
Green plants in the light make CH4, He and O, from CO2 and H2O. So photosynthesis is really biological, molecular nuclear fusion. So why have we left physics to study nuclear fusion, when biology does so much molecular nuclear fusion?
It goes on in animal blood system – in your body. This is why you breathe out He and CH4! O2 is the waste gas of plants, CO2 is their food. So we breathe in their waste, combine it will plant bulk, and get at the residual fusion energy, and breathe out the gas of life – CO2.
Nuclear power seized on some minor work by an eccentric, to tell people CO2 warmed the Earth. 3 years ago the world started cooling, so they now say the 0.00037% CO2 in the air will affect the weather.
In other words, turn the weather into the weather. For no explained reason. How gullible are you? CO2 in the gas of life: Life which nuclear power profits from killing.
They needn’t. They should stop doing nuclear fission, and start doing molecular nuclear fusion. On this video blog I tell them to look at plasma tubes topped up with water.
Alternatively they can make H flames, and do molecular nuclear fusion in the turbulence of the flame. So they can make the H with the generated power, and have 95% excess power they can sell!
No CO2 or toxic death. Nuclear fission kills. Man should do molecular nuclear fusion, like nature does. So we should get biologists studying it!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nuclear Greenpeace

The weather changes, and CO2 tracks teh wax and wane of plants. The level in the air reacts to the world climate. More CO2, outside an ice age, means more life on Earth.
More nuclear power means more death on Earth! They are the guys pushing global warming, with the hep of the ecologists!
Help, stop the world! Green Peace and the rest, are stooges of nuclear power!

Global Stooges

Plants take in CO2, which is why there is only 0.00037% in the air. As we emit more CO2, there is more life on Earth. GW was fiction from nuclear power, to get new plants of death built. The only guys pushing it are paid stooges, or the stupid!

Eco Stooges

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The importance of turbulence

Think of water as like a beach ball with two golf balls stuck on each other, like a deformed boomerang.
If we flow these past each other, they jostle a bit, but flow. But if we have a major turbulent flow, we are going to get oxygen on hydrogen events, which are glancing blows. Interesting, but nothing.
But occasionally we get a hydrogen on hydrogen event. Most of these will be glancing blows again. But one time in a hundred, we get a head on hydrogen to hydrogen kinetic interaction.
If we have a lot of turbulence, the mass of the water molecules man that we over come the strong atomic force. Crushing hydrogen atoms together was never going to work! Not until we get to neutron star types pressures, and that is so beyond our machines.
But turbulence allows very strong local forces, from feeble general interactions. So we do very little nuclear fusion, but enough fro our uses! We do not want to kill all life within ten miles, we want to power our machines.
So molecular nuclear fusion is great for our purposes. Water is fusion fluid – it is always trying to turn into He and O.
Green crops in the light, and deep water bacteria do it! So releasing O – the great pollutant of Earth's past. CO2 is the gas of life, we breathe in O2, so we do not think of it killing 90% of the life on Earth when green bacteria started making it.
Burning fossil fuels generate steam (with CO2) In turbulent flow. Which his why such a flame gives off radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.
It makes He3, which decays in 0.04 seconds. And bonds with, and interacts with nothing. The deep sea produces so much, if man got all his power from molecular nuclear fusion, nature would not notice.
Out blood systems do it, as the pressures waves drive the blood along our arteries. Which his why we breathe out He and CH4. Life is driven by molecular nuclear fusion. So should we be.
Like water falls, or pans of boiling water.

The Fusion Mill

In a ball mill, a rotating cylinder filled with metal balls will pulverise everything we throw in it!

In the same way, a turbulent mass of water will impact water molecules against everything in the column of water.

If we just have water in turbulent flow, we will get hydrogen on oxygen events, and more importantly hydrogen on hydrogen events.

If we have enough turbulence, we overcome the strong atomic force, and the atoms fuse, to form Helium, with a massive release of heat, and some gamma and light rays.

On suns the boiling mass of gas in turbulent flow does atomic nuclear fusion. On Earth, in the deep seas we do the much meeker Molecular Nuclear Fusion and we see the release of He, O and gamma waves.

Green crops in the light do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and we see ozone and \he, plus a whiff of CH4. The ozone comes from O bonding with O2. This also happens at water falls and at breaking waves, where we have water in high kinetic interactions.

Steam, IC and jet engines all do vary amounts of Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Where ever we have a flame of fossil fuels we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

So burning fuel oil, or natural gas, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion: So we do nuclear fusion, even though we release CO2.

Steam engines do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, with no production of CO2. Once at temperature, we can take off 10% of the steam from a boiler, and keep it in a state of boiling, by doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion as steam rises through liquid water.

So nature does nuclear fusion from water. With no CO2 or toxic death.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Toxic death!

Plants take in CO2 to support all life on Earth. Nuclear power profits from killing it!

Global Warming - don't make me laugh! We are headed into the next ice age - the world has been cooling since 2005: Data New Scientist, Oct 2008.

CO2 - the gas of life!

Monday, 1 December 2008


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

I have said before that HIV is sneaky! It operates as a very weak virus, which slips underneath immune surveillance.
It came from SIV, via eating bush meat! Eating higher primates was never likely to be a good idea – their genome is too similar to ours!
It learned the trick of making three human immune signals, when the infected person had another infection.
But as HIV does no cell damage, and just acts as a pathogen leader the immune system usually ignores it – just like cancer.
And this is what I was looking into with Dr MatZinger. I had a very engineering idea: Neither initiates an immune action on its own, but if we gave a drip of the immune signals, the body should continue the action it had never started.
After two years I had highlighted IL-1+ as one possibility, but that is so caustic! A better idea is IL-2 and IL-4 (IL-2+) and leave the immune system to lap into its positive feedback system.
It should make and action the specific antibody. But HIV already makes this – but at too low a level!
So HIV gradually perturbs the homeostasis, so the antibody has no effect.
But is we sample for this drug, and give it in pill form, we increase the concentration by a factor of 1,000.
So this will be Actioned! And HIV will be cured. But then we come back to the lack of cell damage.
People can catch HIV again, and we will never totally eradicate it. But we will have the course of pills, every time you go HIV+.
So we can cure AIDs. There will be no pandemic, but neither will we totally get rid of the syndrome!

Curing HIV …

By ‘JonThm’ on

HIV came from SIV, but learned to make some human chemokines! As when your body sees an infection, it makes both the cytokines and chemokines.
But as SIV is seen by the body as harmless, once the infection was cleared, the new HIV got left behind! And was transferred to others through intravenous drug infection, or anal sex.
It does not provoke an immune assault on its own! And other immune system activations will miss it!
So the trick is to give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4, as if the person had a full pathogen illness. The immune system sniffs around, and as the only non body genome around is for HIV, it makes and actions the antibody to HIV.
HIV makes this drug at low doses itself. But below the level to activate it, so it progressively desensitises the immune system to HIV.
A Thomason drip (IL-2 and IL-4) ignores the low level of the antibody around, and makes a full strength dose! At a level which will be effective.
I put this out as a video on YOUTUBE 15 months ago, and have had over 3,000 hits on this video alone: OK, YOUTUBE is not the right arena for such a video, but nobody watches Google videos!
I told a guy at a fund raises from the Leonard Cheshire homes this today, that a course of antibody pills would fix HIV, and the colour drained from his face, and his clothes! He went monochrome.
He needn’t worry! HIV can now be cured, but then caught again. So the Cheshire homes will have a nice little role in fixing HIV.
So now we all get to live. Your problem with this?