Sunday, 30 November 2008


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Bacteria take in CO2 by osmosis, bonds it with water, and forms CH4, He and O, plus heat and gamma radiation. They do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
The methyl hydrate bonds with water, to form the white solid methyl hydrate. I term it CH5OH, but it seems to be a polymer.
This is a white solid. When tectonic plates take it down to the magma, it breaks down to CH4 and water again! CH4 is basically natural gas.
So there is 90 times more methyl hydrate at the South Pole, than there is fossil fuel in the world. Oil is basically polymerised CH4. This occurs when we have Platinum around the magma chamber.
So all the fossil fuels come from biological units taking in water and CO2. They still are, but there is only 0.00037% CO2 in the air. There is only more in towns or cities.
Basically deep water bacteria or green plants in the light take in all the cO2 they can get. In an ice age there is more CO2, but there is less CH4 released by swamps.
Deep water bacteria are still tying up CO2 as methyl hydrate, but there is another bacterium breaking it down, luckily!
As CO2 supports all life on Earth, so methyl hydrate is a sink for life.
We can robot mine the white solid from sea beds, and as we reduce the pressure we get back our CH4 and water.
So basically there is a regenerating pool of CH4, lying on the sea beds for us to robot mine! It is a by product of biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So natural gas has residual fusion energy in, and all the radioactive processes are kept away from man.
So safe power, which takes in CO2, but releases it when we burn the gas. But then bacteria will take in the CO2.
Now we are headed into an ice age, so we will want to mine the methyl hydrate to supply safe heat.
Nuclear power kills life on Earth, natural gas IS life on Earth.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

The climate is nature's

From 1976, nuclear power tried to persaud us CO2 warmed the weather. But the wordl cliamte cooeld from 2005 - data Oct 2nd, New sceintist.

The weatehr changes, so nuclear power is saying that is because of CO2, for soem unexplained reason. Nuclear power is trying to kill you.

The climate is made by the sun, and its solar cycles. It is nto deu to the 0.00037%^ CO2 in the air.

Climate followers

In 1976, we had a hot year. Hotter than even 2005. The world has been cooling since. So the ice age is next.

In an ice age CO2 goes up, and methane goes down! As there is less plant growth on Earth.

So CH4 and CO2 do not make the weather, they follow it, with a four year lag. Nuclear power lied about ‘Global Warming’.

The world is cooling, so they now talk about ‘climate change’. This happens naturally! But CO2 has nothing to do with it!

80% of the CO2 is breathed out by animals! And more CO2 means that the climate will cool, and the seas will fall.

Man made ‘climate change’ is an invention of nuclear power and their stooges!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Natural fusion

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Where ever nature has water in high pressure turbulent flow, it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: Turning water into He, O and heat. The free O bonds with O2, to form O3 – ozone. So where we smell ozone, we are doing nuclear fusion.
The easiest sites to look at, and the most beautiful, are water falls! The water falls as drops, and smashes together, creating heat and ozone! Hence the water at the base of a falls is 20 C hotter that at the top!
Rain storms also do Molecular Nuclear Fusion: Which is why they from gamma rays, He and ozone again! Did you not wonder? I was taught this at Sheffield University, UK 20 years ago. But I was busy, so get off my case.
The also told me, growing bacteria give off radiation. And life in the deep gives off He, O, heat and radiation.
So do growing green crops in the light, or animal blood systems – including your own!
I was doing an M.Eng., so the one I should have picked up on is that steam turbine, jet, IC and steam engines all give off radiation. As they form He by the way.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion goes off in our blood systems. Biological systems do so much of it.
Deep Molecular Nuclear Fusion is so important for life on Earth. Europe gets 25% of its heat from the seas, which make heat by the turbulent flow of sea water, under pressure.
Nearly as important is photosynthesis: Which is really a variety of biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The photoblast does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, using CO2 and water,
To form O, He, and CH4 – which mostly ends up as carbohydrates.
When we burn hydrocarbons or carbohydrates, the flame does Molecular Nuclear Fusion which is why such flames glow at least red, though flames glow white.
So nature shows us how to do nuclear fusion on Earth- as Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This forms inert He3. The deep seas from so much of it, that if man gets all his power from Molecular Nuclear Fusion, his production of inert He3 will not be noticed.
It decays in 0.04 seconds, so by the time it has left the plant it is as totally inert He2 anyway.
CO2 is the gas of life, and is how nature does nuclear fusion. 80% of the CO2 to there is breathed out by animals. 100% is taken in by plants.
They want all the CO2 we can give hem! Which is why there is only 0.00037% in the air outside an ice age – when the air level rises.
To get higher readings, you must take reading in towns or cities. Above the Pacific Ocean the level has not changed since the little ice age.
Deep water bacteria are better at taking CO2 in, so a higher sea level would mean lower CO2 levels.
Global Warming was just fiction from the stooges to nuclear power. Are you one of them? If so, why do you want everybody, included yourself, dead?

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fusion helix

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This idea was from Prof. Zimmerman in 2001, before we realised that Global Warming was PR by nuclear power, and so not true!

You pass steam up a helix, and it does nuclear fusion! OK, you need high pressure water or steam, but you get the idea.

You use a Windscale kettle to generate the steam, using 10% of the post helix steam. The rest drives a turbine, before we condense the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.

We then return 85% of the system heat to the boiler, where we are also bubbling steam through the water.

Once started, this creates a standing volume of steam, by burning nothing, and stop doing nuclear fission. This creates toxic death, and we should not do!

Nature does molecular nuclear fusion at a water fall, breaking waves, a beating heat, growing green crops in the light, steam bubble through hot vents in the sea …

Infact the vent thing is actually nature’s Windscale kettle!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Fusion metallurgy

By ‘JonThm’ on YOUTUBE.COM

Embarrassingly enough, I was taught this in 1986. I went off to do IT, and some chemists devised electrolysis Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and it was called ‘cold fusion’ by copy writers.

If you do electrolysis with hot water, you give off gamma waves – I was taught this in 185, but I was busy with other stuff, and we did not understand it.

What happens is that hot water molecules collide in an electric field, and two of the atoms of hydrogen, from adjacent water molecules overcome the strong atomic force, to form O2 and He and 2 Hs.

But it is too week! Not really worth doing.

In 2000 I was busy doing a PhD under Dr Zimmerman. He told me that heat exchange up a helix was enhanced: He was wrong! If he had done a simple heat balance, a helix generated heat, from steam in turbulent flow! Fluid travelling around a helix has to do turbulent flow.

But he missed it, as it was not obvious! It took me 3 years to think it through. He had found a way to do nuclear fusion on Earth!

There are two choices: High pressure water, or steam. But the steam route gives 1,000 as much nuclear fusion.

Burning fossil fuels does Molecular Nuclear Fusion via the turbulence in the flame. So burning fossil fuels does nuclear fusion! But the gamma waves are very low powered, so not toxic.

Interestingly enough, nuclear fission boils off water – so it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But nuclear fission is too toxic, and we should not do it!

Molecular Nuclear Fusion goes off from regular water, where we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.

So the deep sea does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. From sea water in turbulent flow. Plants and bacteria get in on the act, using biological catalysts.

All man’s chemical engines produce steam in turbulent flow, so all do Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

We can produce a self powering steam engine, that produces power and a whiff of He and O: Safe, clean and cheap power. Nuclear fission from uranium produces toxic death, and we should not do!

Nature does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and so should we. Or rather we do it already, but we can stop burning anything to get at heat.

MY video below is about doubling the power from a car engine. All we need to do is Ti plate the inside of the engine.

Because as I was taught in 1985, Ti metal doubled the reaction we get from molecular hydrogen. So we double the amount of Molecular Nuclear Fusion a car engine does!

So a car engine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion today. And as you drive along you are being irradiated!

Biology does fusion


Biology does loads of nuclear fusion from water – Molecular Nuclear Fusion. 25% of the heat the earth uses comes from this source.

It goes on in the deep, as turbulence turns sea water into He, O – plus salt. And a lot of heat. This is why the deep gives out He, O and gamma waves. Luckily the He is lost to space, and probably ends up being drawn into the sun.

Nuclear fusion converts this into heavier elements, and nuclear fission converts this into light. And in the depths of space, this bonds to form new Hydrogen. So 2 Hs, form light, and two light rays from H again! So energy cycles to and from light and energy.

So the seas of the Earth from heat and He and O. \and at lightening strikes, the O bonds with H we pain from space, and we get our water back. So if man does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, his O is lost in the flux of Molecular Nuclear Fusion done by the deep.

Deep water bacteria use a biological catalyst to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This is why anaerobic respiration does not need O! The deep produces so much He and O.

Plants get in on the act, and in the light the photo blasts convert CO2 and water into CH4 and O, plus He and gamma rays.

Most of the CH4 is bonded with more water, to form carbohydrates.

You breath out He and CH4, as pressure waves hit your blood! So you can take you pulse with a Geiger counter.

So photosynthesis is really Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So now we know this, here is how to do nuclear fusion!

Steam, jet and IC engines produce steam in turbulent flow, which does Molecular Nuclear Fusion again!

So CO2 is the gas of life, s life uses it to do nuclear fusion. In contrast nature does not do nuclear fission, which produces toxic death.

We should be doing nuclear fusion from water. Ordinary water from the tap! As He3 decays in 0.04 of a second, and bonds with nothing. So safe, clean and cheap.

Global Warming was pounced on by nuclear power to get more plants of death built. But now we can do nuclear fusion, so much better, cheaper and safer.

Clean power

By ‘JonThm’ on – J.Thomason M.Eng.

I was back at Sheffield University in 200, following my M.Eng: I had worked in IT, but then nearly died in a car accident. My voice is still impaired as a result, though I can think well!

Prof. Argent encouraged me to return to collage, and much to everybody’s surprised, Dr Mat Zinger got me on a PhD with then Dr Zimmerman. He told me in 2001, that I was officially on my PhD, but because the people who control my money would not give him any, the PhD ended fro no reason in 2001.

I did the obvious. I went singing on stage at the Lowry, and continued to use my internet link from home. I was interested in immunology.

I found a way to trick the immune system into making human antibiotics, 100 times better than giving fungal antibiotics. So we can get the active antibody to cancer, heart disease, and the common cold. So Dr Mat Zinger did offer me the chance to do medical work in 2001 and 20023, once I had my science PhD, Dr Zimmerman had ended.

Go forwards 7 years, and my ideas have developed. I am now a video reporter in Swill is now Prof. Zimmerman. His special interest is the climate.

Much to his shame he has been published about Global Warming – but never said what he had said. He defended himself ‘We were all doing it!’. But as of 2003, he stopped believing in it.

From 2005 the world climate went into a cooling cycle, just as China pumped out more CO2. Nuclear power had seized on Global Warming to get them new plants of death. So they haven’t publicized the cooling.

Plants take in CO2 to support all life on Earth. Life which nuclear fission kills. I say ‘fission’, as the world does loads of nuclear FUSION from water.

It produces He3, which decays in 0.004 seconds! And does not interact with anything, other than high pressure fluorine in the lab, Well I am a chemist, so I know this stuff!

Dr Zimmerman (Will – it is shorter!) was talking about better heat flow if we pass steam up a helix. The guy has just told me how to do nuclear fusion in the lab, but thought he had found how to improve heat flow.

A simple heat balance would have shown passing steam down a helix created heat. And use of a department Geiger counter would have shown we were getting gamma waves, as we converted water into He and O.

The guy is a card carrying genius! I thought and read on.

Green plants in the light do molecular nuclear fusion in the photo blasts – it is what we call photosynthesis.

Steam, jet and IC engines all do molecular nuclear fusion! As do animal blood systems.

So we breathe out He and CH4: Green plants excrete very, very little CH4, as they use it to build carbohydrates.

So man should not be doing nuclear fission! It creates toxic death. We should be doing molecular nuclear fusion, like nature does!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Burning water

By ‘JonThm’ on YOUTUBE.COM
Ice takes up more room as solid ice, than its liquid does as water. So if we melt the ice from below, the seas go down. As ice melts from above the ice rises, and the seas go down.
Put simply, as we melt ice, the seas go down. If we heat the water up, we get more evaporation, so more global rain, and lower seas. Put simply, the seas were 65 meters lower in the late Jurassic, when global temperatures were 10 C higher on average.
So ‘global warming’ was scare fiction from nuclear power, that we wrong, start to finish!
So we are free to do nuclear fusion from water, and get at power with no CO2 or toxic death. In the Jurassic we did more deep, molecular, nuclear fusion, and the seas were 65 meters lower, and there was no toxic death around.
How? Prof. Zimmerman told me: Have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow, and we get better heat flow. Did he not think to use a Geiger counter, which were all around in the department of engineering materials.
We do not get better heat flow, we do nuclear fusion. This is why we get He, O, light flashes from the deep. The guy told me how to do nuclear fusion from water.
Cleaver guy: But he ended my PhD for no reason, against the university constitution – so not that smart! Look up ‘Fusion Helix JonThm’ on and I will give you his email/
So I spent a lot of time thinking about this: When I was no singing or being trained as a video reporter in Salford.
So I went back to my M.Eng., and remembered that fluorescent tubes give out radiation as they convert Na gas into light: They do nuclear fission from low atomic weights.
So no toxic death! And we have to apply external current. H plasmas would need no external current, but it is so exothermic, that we can only use very low pressures.
We can do better. If we fire up a plasma from water vapour we get a mixed He and O plasma. I saw another video on water burning as it formed a plasma. Good work, this is molecular nuclear fusion.
If we do it in a glass tube, the O plasma damps down the H plasma, and we get useful heat and pressures! All nuclear fusion up to Fe releases heat.
But we have a load of neutrons around, so we do a matter burn, and fission the heavier elements back to H!
So we fire up a tube, and turn water into infra red light. With no toxic death: No U or higher elements.
Plants in the light, water falls, breaking waves, animal blood system and boiling water all do molecular nuclear fusion.
Turbulence turns water into heat. Safely! The H bomb explodes a fission device in a tank of water. The fission is so toxic!
Water boiling, or as plasma is so safe! And cheap. We do not need deuterium or tritium. Plain water will do just fine.
Burning fossil fuels produces steam in turbulent flow: So it does molecular nuclear fusion, but only at the cost of producing CO2.
Steam in turbulent flow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Clean safe power. AS done by green plants in the light. Hence the production of He, O3 and CH4 by the countryside.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

CO2 is limited

By plants, which take in CO2, to support all life on Earth: They release the O2 we breath, and make the plant bulk animals eat.
Nuclear power MADE UP Global warming, to get new plants of death built. So they could kill us. All the Greens first I hope!

Power for life

Nature does loads of nuclear fusion from water! Add a bit of turbuelnce, and we get He, O and heat.
Man deos it from steam - a 1,000 times more heat!

Organ Repair

Give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4: Thsi will clear defective or altered cells from the body. We are using the system that clears damage while ill!
This will work even for the heart. Surgeons will be out of work, but the drug companmies will ahve spo much work fixing our bodies.
This idea will also clear disdabetes, HIV, arthritis, cancer, heart disease ... Where we have pathogen altered cells in the body.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Nature does fusion

from H2O - fusion fluid! Add a dash of turbuelnce, or use a good catalyst; and we get He, O and a lot of heat.

By Nature

Nature does loads of nuclear fusion from water – molecular nuclear fusion. It does not do fission, which causes toxic death. All the fission goes on in the Earth’s core, where the death is kept away from life.

Even here, the radioactivity is kept going by deep molecular nuclear fusion going on in geothermal steam and water. This drives volcanoes and Earth quakes. Fission would have run down 3 billion years ago otherwise!

This is interesting as such Earth movements cause so much death: And they are preventable. We drill down to pockets in the Magma, which hare building up stores of geothermal water, which boil once there is a crack to the surface to release the pressure.

Once we have a pipe down to the magma pocket, we vent the water slowly! Over a decade, rather than two minutes. So we avoid the Champagne effect which drives volcanoes.

So we stop volcanoes. Most of molecular nuclear fusion goes off aroid boiling water. If we pressurise the water, we can get a source of hot water at 200 C: Ideal to heat and power a house. Don’t study cold fusion, which yields under 8 C. Study boiling water, which can give us heat at 200 C, with no CO2 or toxic death.

All this is on my video blog: Search for ‘JonThm’ on

One of my recent videos is on science I was taught in 1982! If we spin a Ti disc over a static disc of it in water, we heat he water up by 20 C. So if we have a stack of 5 discs, we can boil off water.

We use the steam to generate power, and take out 8% of the power to drive the discs, and get at power with no CO2 or toxic death. This was taught to me, as I was being told that electrolysis give off radiation – enter ‘cold fusion’. Old knowledge, and not very useful – too weak.

We want a way to do molecular nuclear fusion that gives us 800 C! So we can run power plants off water. We can totally replace fission tubes, and save lives. And there is a way I was taught t on my M.Eng.

A fluorescent tube runs at 250 C, as we convert Na gas into light, via H and He: Which is why these tubes to be run in! To form He and H gas – which liberate more heat.

With an H plasma, we get too much heat. Any element with an atomic mass less than that of Fe will liberate power as it fuses. But if we are in a high neutron environment, light elements with fission to lower masses, and liberate power as we burn off some of the matter to light.

So if we feed water into plasma, we get a steam plasma - mixed H and O. A H plasma liberates too much heat. But a mixed O and H plasma will display fluorescent run on at around 4 atmosphere: I would give you the exact data, but my university are sulking at the moment, as I pointed out global warming was nuclear PR and so not true.

So they are off regrouping, while the Green movement talk about ‘organic carbon’ and so are doing the PR for nuclear power – I hope for free! All life, including the environmentalists are built from organic carbon! CO2 id life, nuclear fission is death. Go choose.

Plants take in all the CO2 we can throw at them – which is why there is only 0.00037% CO2 in the air. We emit more CO2; we get more life on Earth. We build more nuclear power plants; we get more death on Earth. Hopefully the stupid ‘Greens’ first. But no, we will all get killed.

So once started, a steam plasma will turn water into heat. It will fuse all atoms to Fe, but the neutrons will do a matter burn, to convert this back into H and then light. So no CO2, and no toxic death.

Safe, cheap and clean. It is what water falls and breaking waves do.

Green plants in the light and deep water bacteria and plants. So anaerobic respiration is really molecular nuclear fusion.

Animal blood system, which his why you breathe out He and cH4 – as plants in the light do.

Where ever we get ozone, water in being turned into He and O: So electrical switch gear, water falls and breaking waves – you get the idea.

Nature is lousy with molecular nuclear fusion. Man’s steam cycle does it! As does steam travelling up a metal helix plated with Ti. You go find the systems; I am off to have tea: I am English after all.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The GREEN Room

Green Room Theatre Manchester
The home of alternative, low art theatre in Manchester: I have acted there, so a different night out, low on art, high on fun!
It has a licensed bar, and gives a voice to teh people of Mancheser and Salford, and other drama people.
It is fun! If yuo enjoy live theatre, no doubt I have seen you there! Hopefully now I will include the map.
It is on Whitworth St West. See you there! As they do more shows, I will film the rehearsals, and put it all out on blogger!
The Internet rocks, in an alternative way.

Personal Fusion

By ‘JonThm’ on

When man started boiling water to get at power, we got the industrial revolution. With good reason: Boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion.
This turn water into He and O, plus a lot of heat! Catalytic, water, molecular nuclear fusion gives us the very weak ‘cold fusion’.
Better is steam MNF, which we do by boiling liquid water! We get at steam with initially a 20 C superheat. It tends to settle down to a 100 C boil though! At atmospheric pressure.
But we can get a steam cycle to power itself! We loop back 10% of the steam, to bubble through the water. A YOUTUBE guy tried this, and it gives access to nuclear fusion.
But then after we have generated power with the steam, we cool it with a Carnot heat pump: This is how you fridge makes cold from the heat of the kitchen! We invert the cycle, so we can condense the steam, but get back the bulk of the heat we have taken from the steam.
Look, it is complex – that is why I did an M.Eng. From my voice you will see my voice shows the result of a car accident, but the frontal part of my brain was not damaged – and this is where we think.
Bubbling steam through water to boil it works very well, and is called the Windscale kettle, after it was developed in the Lakes on steam boats, in the 1950s. So we knew how to do nuclear fusion nearly 60 years ago!
This system does not produce a lot of power: Enough fro 4 houses – which is exactly the power range we need. It makes power, but turns some water into He and O.
Which is what the deep sea, or plants in the light do. You see, nature does loads of molecular nuclear fusion. At water falls, breaking waves, or animal blood systems are other ways you will have seen!
Basically where ever we see ozone! So a lot of the heat the Earth gets is from molecular nuclear fusion in the seas.
There is no reason we can not get our power from small, street power plants: About the size of a back boiler!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Superanimal take in CO2, and build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen. Animals take in the O2, combine it with carbohydrates and get at residual solar energy.
So all life is based at solar energy, got at via CO2: Thus CO2 is the gas of life! O2 is the great polluter. It is the waste gas of plants.
There is 0.00037% CO2 in the air: A figure which is fixed by plants! More CO2, more life on Earth. Only in an ice age do we get more CO2 in the air.
CO2 does not make the weather, it tracks solar cycles which have a 28 year cycle – and a long term drift. It follows the wax and wane of plants.
Nuclear power has invested $125 million to try and make them selves ‘green’. But they are toxic death. And all their stooges have done so much damage.
I got a message from Price Charles today (As you do) that he was only trying to help life, not be a nuclear stooge.
Join the club! All ecologists in the world have been made unwitting stooges to the agents of death.
CO2 is life. Nuclear power is toxic death.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mental illness

When you are ill, you are subject to the pathogen, and its pathogen leaders: These make life easier for other infections, and are passed around as strips of RNA.
These form both bacterial and viral rumps – basically fragments of the infection that are doing no cell damage. So they are ignored by the immune system.
So they cause all the illnesses of age. MS, IBS, cancer, arthritis and heart disease. If we give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4, we produce a full immune action against such rumps.
We produce and action the active antibody against viral and bacterial rumps.
Rumps also cause mental illness and diabetes. So the drip of IL-2+ will cure them! Yes, there is a course of pills for each mental illness, even depression.
Today I was talking to somebody about the high levels of diabetes in psychiatric, female, mental patients.
It is the same for any confined group of female individuals, and all of the diseases of age.
They have a high level of disease contagion, and live child birth also fires up a placenta, which does pathogen leader stuff.
This is why women find childbirth leads on to bad illnesses and cancer. And has a major effect on their ageing rate.
So there is a case for giving a drip of IL-2+ to new mothers, and we will find a common set of antibodies to new mothers.
So there is also a course of antibody pills we should give to new mothers! A new placenta goes with ever child bearing period, so a course of pills will be required each time!
I have also done a lot of work on this idea with HIV: IL-2+ will give us the antibody which cures the disease. Each time you catch it!

Flame fusion

I learned in my M.Eng. in 1982, that a burning flame of natural gas gave off radiation – more so for an H flame.
Then this year NASA confirmed that a flame gave off gamma rays, and I thought up molecular nuclear fusion, on my PhD under Dr Zimmerman in 2001. The PhD got ended for no explained reason!
I think nuclear power did not want me fixing global warming for the world: After all they had invested $125 million in the idea that would give them new power plants. And give us more death on Earth.
Fossil fuel plants do not kill; they just release more CO2 that plants take in to support your life! CO2 goes up in an ice age, when there are fewer plants around. Tell Al Gore, the nuclear stooge, if you see him. Nuclear power even bought him a Nobel Prize and an Oscar!
So a flame does nuclear fusion, as we have steam in turbulent flow. A hydrogen flame does more than a methane flame.
Plants in the deep do molecular nuclear fusion from water and CO2, releasing CH4 and O2. This is swamp gas! They also release He, but take none in. Did you not wonder why? They also give off gamma rays, like boiling water does!
So the idea is simple: We do electrolysis of water to form H and O. We then burn them to give H2O, but Also a bit of He and O. This conversion of 2 Hs into one He, is nuclear fusion.
And releases so much power! It burns matter into power, using Einstein’s equation of E=MC2. So we get so much power, for so little water used.
We are going to power a house of a cup full of water a year. And once started, it draws no power from the grid, and uses no gas or oil. And releases no CO2.
The cost of the plant is low, and it runs for free! We sell the excess power to the grid, so the power company sends us cheques.

Helical flame

Flames of hydrocarbons or hydrogen gass do nuclear fusion, in the turbuelnce of the flame. Pressure and temperature are minor factors! Turbulence is the major fusion catalyst in the universe.
Deep water does molecular nuclear fusion: As high pressure water at 3 C, is in turbulent flow.
So flames do fusion! Which is why they give out light and gamma waves. Nature does not do fission, but it does loads of nuclear fusion, usually from water. U is just too toxic and damgerous to work with!
Ti (And other face centred cubic metals) catalyses reactions involving molecular hydrogen. The 'cold fusion' boys got very excited about using FCC catalyst electrodes with hot water.
I am a chemist, and I knew that catalysing water gave off radiation in 19882! I had not realised we were doing nuclear fusion - very, very little fusion!
We see teh sameefffect with water falls and breaking waves, where we have more fusion, as we have a lot of turbulence going on.
THe one I like was confiremd by NASA: Boiling water! We get steam molecular nuclear fusion: Which is so much more powerful than water MNF!
We see this is the deep, where 25% of the energy we use comes from MNF in the deep - the seas mostly.
Flourescent tube do fusion from Na gas. I am more interestd in a steam plasma. Somebody fire one up to me, and get back to me on
But when we burn fossil fuels we do MNF. So one nicce idea would be to burn fuel up a short swist of Ti costed metal, mabe as a boiler plate. This should generate three time sas much heat as flames today.
Taken as my idea of replacing the cooling tower should together gnerate 25 times as much heat from fossil fuels.
So we will generate a little CO2, but plants take in CO2, and build life, and release the O2 we need to breath in! So CO2 is the gas of life!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The cure to HIV

HIV came from eating primate meat infected with SIV. This is endemic in primates, and apes live with it for life, experiencing no harm: Though they do age faster.

When it crossed to man, it picked up human pathogen DNA: This is a common viral trick, and in this case was three human chemokines: My thanks to two PhD students from Cambridge for this.

So we have a very poor virus, that provokes no immune action, as it causes no cell damage to other cells! It buds only slowly, so there is no cell damage from rapid cell budding.

But this is the cancer problem, where the rapid cell budding is hidden by dividing like a single cell organism, so the multi celled body around never sees lose DNA.

Dr MatZinger gave me this idea, and four years later, my reading of medical text books suggested that giving a drip of IL-2 and IL-4 would initiate the immune system.

Once actioned, it will cure cancer and heart disease.

Or here, make and action the antiviral to HIV: In English, cure it! Though you can then catch it again.

Making pills of the antiviral will be a nice business, as HIV will never go away! But now we can cure HIV, and we all get to live.

The medicine was from 'Human Immunology' vr 4, by Riott et al.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

1/8 the CO2

use 2% of the generated power to drive a heat pump, and recover 85% of the heat from a power plant! Taslk to - Prof Zimmerman!

Fixing the brain

from trauma and negligence: Give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Friday, 7 November 2008

Global death

Nuclear power pushed the mythical 'global warming' to kill. The world is colder and wetter, so they push 'climate change'.

Fatal Global Warning

Nuclear power made up 'globla wrming' and then cliamte cfhange, to kill. THe wordl is now wetter and colder: Thuogh the weather is still the weather! And nuclear power stil lwant you dead!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Global Wrong

The world is cooling guys! GW was so wrong! But we should have known: Academics thought it up.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

CO2 is life!

Plants take in CO2 to support life on Earth: Nuclear power do their damdist to kill it!


'Climate change' says the weahter will change. Weather means just the same, with no nuclear power.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

When you are ill you are subject to the pathogen, and its pathogen leaders. When the infections are gone, they can stay behind as viral or bacteria rumps.
They cause the diseases of age – including cancer and heart disease.
If we give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4, the white blood cells make an action the specific antibody, and clear the condition.
This is also the case with Progeria. If we give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4, the body will make and action the specific antibody. If we make pills of this enzyme, they alone will clear Progeria for other people.
Each of these diseases will have their own pills! I am very interested in MS, which is the same!
Thanks to Prof Weiner from Harvard, about the inappropriate production of IL-2. This is the pathogen leader for MS, diabetes, arthritis and IBS.

Monday, 3 November 2008

The solution of Global Warming

Global Warming was so far from being true, it is a shame to all academics who gave it the time of day!
It was a headline from NewsWeek, that nuclear power seized on to get new plants of death built!
Prof Zimmerman gave me the answer! Steam in turbulent flow does nuclear fusion: He said it gave improved heat flow, but a Geiger counter and a simple heat balance would have shown he had hit on how to do nuclear fusion on Earth.
How have Sheffield University reacted to my realizing there was the biggest idea ever in chemical engineering? Total silence.
The most important idea of my life (With the exception of the cure to cancer). And they fail to react!

Fusion research

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 2001 I was doing a PhD into Global Warming, under Prof. Zimmerman, who had published stuff on the idea years before.
I fell out with him, as I reckoned that Global Warming was PR from nuclear power. He agreed with me from 2003.
But there is so much academic work on Global Warming; he chose not to go public on it! All funding for Global Warming research ended in 2003 anyway.
Then in 2005, the world stared cooling! In the 50s the world was in the freezer. In 1976 it was in the oven. On preheat.
Nuclear p[power seized on the idea of News Week magazine, that we were really seeing Global Warming, and not the start of the next ice age.
Things carried along, though the world was never as warm as 1976, academics pointed out that the world had warmed from 1980 – when the Global Warming idea took off.
In 2001 I was not only trashing the nuclear idea of Global Warming. I was also reviewing my memories of engineering systems. And Prof. Zimmerman also told me that turbulent flow increased heat flow.
Interesting but wrong! The turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water, gave off gamma rays! It turned water into He and O, plus a lot of heat, and a bit of radiation.
It did molecular nuclear fusion. Steam, IC and get engines do it. As do breaking waves, waterfalls, or your own blood system.
Green crops in the light give off He, CH4 and gamma rays, from CO2 and H2O. Plants sink all the CO2 we can throw at them!
In 2001 New Scientist published the fact there was 3.7 parts per million CO2 in the air. This is 0.00037%. It tracks the wax and wane of plants! It is not linked to emissions.
The m ore CO2, the more plant life on Earth: The more life there is around you. Global Warming was so sick! CO2 is life: Nuclear power is toxic death.
Everybody protesting about Global Warming, was either stupid, or in the pay of nuclear power.
So nature does nuclear fusion from water: Plus ammonia and hydrocarbons – molecular hydrogen in turbulent flow.
That is real science! And it needs studying. And we can stop doing nuclear fission, and change to safe, clean cheap nuclear fusion. Which makes He3, which has decayed by the time it leaves the plant.
Power from water. Fro so little money, it is embarrassing. All the oil producers had better sell their oil within the next ten years, or they are not going to sell it!

Study fusion!

nature does nuclear fusion from water. Power with no CO2, or TOXIC DEATH!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cure the common cold

every year, we use IL-2 and IL-4 to produce this seasons antibody pills for this year! So we cure it, for each year.

Curing Leukemia

turn the body's own immune system against new cell types, which include Leukemia. Both for adults and children!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Global Cooling

and so the world cools, but nuclear power still want you dead! As do all the people who talk about GW as if it was true!

Gordon Brown kills!

us through high fuel costs.

Weight gain bug

the developed world plays host to a weight gain bug, we can cure!

Heat from nature

Don't heat stuff direct, use nature!

Replacing a boiler

Such heat from a body of water, don't supply heat yourself!