Sunday, 31 August 2008

No value

Nuclear power uses nuclear fission and causes toxic death. Now we can do nuclear fusion from water, which is safve amd clean, it has no value!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

3.8 billion

The deep has done nuclear fusion from water, whe ntehre were occeans over 10 feet deep. Man's done it since the industrial revolution. With out realising. Petrol, diesel, steam and jet engines all do it.

Fossil fraud

We can do nuclear fusion from water: So fossil fuel people are getting all the money they can, off YOU

Prof. Z-man to JT

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

May 2001
Will “Turbulent steam gives better heat flow than linear gas flow: But if you use a Giga counter, turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water gives off gamma rays and forms He and O – it does molecular nuclear fusion.
Trying to get nuclear fusion from the linear flow of H gas around a torrous was never going to work – they need turbulent flow.
June 2001
Will “ JT, I am going to stop your PhD”. No reason ever given, in contravention of the university constitution.
Sept 08 JT is a video reporter in Salford. Will never did tell the world he had stumbled on how to do nuclear fusion from water; on Earth.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Prof Z-man

Devised nuclear fusion by mistake!

Reverse the Menopause

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
As I have said before, with age we pile up cessated cells: These are not active! So one area this is very important is in the brain, who’s active size shrinks.
The rest of the body tends to put on weight, as more cells are made to take over the function of the cells husks!
This is quite nice, as if we give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4 (It’s in the immunology books) to somebody over 50; their immune system makes the antibody to cessated cells.
So we then action this antibody, and remove cessated cells. Which will undo the menopause, and means you can win the local scrabble league again! (Scrabble is a copyrighted name, just can’t remember who to!)
So these pills will sell to every woman over 50. If it does help clear cessated cells from the body, the market is for men to.
What dosages? Come on, I have told you WHAT to do – go find out for yourself.


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Tubuculosis infects the lungs, which are very tolerant of damage! So it does not fire off an immune action!
So the body learns to live with it! In this way it is like cancer, heart, MS, IBS, diabetes.
But the answer is in the medical text books! If we give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4 (IL-2+) they body makes an actions the active human antibody (HAX). To TB, this is the human antibiotic (HAB).
`So there is a HAB to TB, MS and maybe IBS.
There is a HAV to cancer, diabetes …

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Letter to sheffeild university

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Re: Molecular nuclear fusion
I went to bed last night, and I had just got 47,000 hits on my videos on youtube. I checked this morning, and I had over 48,000.
My latest video ‘Nuclear Stooges’ has got over a hundred this in ten hours! A record for my videos.
I have been messaged by an American industrialist, who is interested in building molecular nuclear fusion devices.
Which I told you about in 2003. When it comes out you sat on the ideas for five years, I do not think the world will be impressed.

No fossil fuels!

JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

The deep sea turns high pressure water in to He, O gamma rays and heat. When I thought of this I was on a PhD into Global Warming, so I called it molecular nuclear fusion.
Expansive steam engines and all water boilers do it. So the industrial revolution was fusion driven.
Green crops in the light and animal blood systems do it. Plant use strong catalysts, animals use pressure waves in the blood.
Growing bacteria, water falls and breaking waves all get in on the act. And obviously you do it all day – as you are an animal.
So nature does it using CO2. It produces He and CH4. And guess what you breathe out? And green plants in the sun make: He, O and CH4!
CO2 is how nature does molecular nuclear fusion: Except where there are pressure waves, when it does not need CO2.
At the end of the Cretaceous, life hit a brick wall! There was not enough CO2 fro plants! They could only take in during the day, the CO2 they excreted at night.
Animals evolved, that breathed in the waste gas of plants – O2. And breathed out CO2, their food. The great polluter is not CO2.
It is O2. CO2 is life; O2 is the waste gas of plants.
So what is Global Warming about? Nuclear power. After Chernobyl they set about trying to get the green movement on their side.
Without ecological support, there would be no more plants of death: You see nuclear power is toxic, polluting and fatal. And then we get a plant exploding and spraying toxic waste across half a continent.
So they made up stories about CO2, and got tame academics to write articles about the dangers of the gas of life.
But nuclear fission is toxic and kills, so a hard sell. In contrast, the deep seas etc. do nuclear fusion from water.
Safe, cheap and clean. But nuclear power got my PhD at Sheffield University ended, as I was about to change life on Earth.
No fossil fuels burn, or toxic death. Now that was a useful PhD.
So I went singing on stage, and am training as a BBC journalist. After all, at university I wrote the best essay my old professor had read, about nuclear power of course!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Nuclear stooges

Global Warming was nuclear PR

Clean power

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

We use some generated power to do electrolysis on water. We burn this H and O. Some converts to He and O!
We do nuclear fusion. So this cycle liberate a massive amount of energy, by converting water into He and O – it the same way the deep seas do.
So this is power with no CO2, or the toxic death of present nuclear power. With no fossil fuels burn.
So we save life on Earth. This will go on my blog and to Sheffield University, UK. If they are interested in saving life on Earth, I should have heard back from them in 2003, when I devised molecular nuclear fusion.

Desalination & nuclear fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Prof Zimmerman gave me the idea: Passing steam up a helix improves the heat flow we get. He was wrong, slightly!
Passing steam or high pressure water up a helix does molecular nuclear fusion. I have an M.Eng. in this stuff, and I think a Ti helix would double the nuclear fusion we do.
This converts water into He and O: Power with no CO2 or toxic death. Nature does loads of molecular nuclear fusion, it does no nuclear fission: This is far too toxic to touch.
The deep sea, breaking waves, green crops in the light, animal blood system, all man’s chemical and even moist air in the sun all do molecular nuclear fusion.
My favorite way is with a flame of natural gas of hydrogen. We can generate the hydrogen by doing electrolysis of water, drive a Ti turbine, and then loop back a small faction of the power, to generate power from water.
With no CO2, fossil fuels or toxic death. Hydrogen works better than natural gas, and we can generate it in house.
We can use the Ti helix idea to desalinate water: Generating power is secondary. Our object is to take salt water through a steam cycle.
There it leaves it salt behind! We condense the steam using a Carnot system, so we produce pure water and power, by converting water into He and O.
We liberate the He, where it is lost in the natural production of He by the deep! And is lost to space.
We gain H, and at lightening strikes, get back our water. We can desalinate the Atlantic if we wish, by using no fossil fuels or nuclear fission. And making no CO2.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Cheap power

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
We know that a Na fluorescent tube gives off heat, as it converts Na gas into light.
Now H and He plasmas are too exothermic. They give out too much heat, and besides, who has a cylinder of H in the home?
So my idea is to fire up a steam plasma tube. We use the tube to heat water, and drive a small turbine.
We use some of the generated power to drive a Carnot system, to turn the heat of the spent steam to the boiler room.
This system uses the pressurizing and venting of a gas, to pump heat. So a Carnot system creates cold from the heat of your kitchen.
It can return 85% of the heat of the spent steam, back to the boiler! So in condenses the steam, and returns the bulk of the heat to the boiler room, at higher temperature.
Google ‘Carnot system’ to get it explained to you!
The steam plasma will either need a small part of the generated power, or run with no external power, at around 4 bars.
It converts water into heat, with no CO2 or toxic fission rods.

Monday, 25 August 2008

More CO2

THe World is cooling. To hold off the next ice age, more CO2: If it really did affect the climate ...


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Should be dead! The USA, China and India have pulled out – that is 70% of CO2 emissions.
Here is an interesting thing: Since 2005, CO2 emissions, mostly from China have gone up. Average global temperatures have gone down!
Global Warming was phantom fiction thought up by nuclear power, designed to kill! Governments think it is science, and are matching towards a cliff! People with an O level in physics should get off the path! And consign Kyoto to the same trash bin we use for nuclear fission!
The deep seas do molecular nuclear fusion: They convert water into He and O: Producing gamma rays and a lot of heat.
Your kettle, a water fall, a field of green crops and your own beating heart do the same.
The He3 produced is very safe, as it reacts with nothing, and is lost to space because of Earth’s weak gravity.
Jupiter’s red spot does molecular nuclear fusion: Because of the turbulence of a storm on the planet’s surface.
You breathe out He, and you can take your heart with a Giga counter. It is that safe. Nature does loads of it – included your own blood system.
Nature does not do nuclear fission, as it is too toxic and dangerous. The aim of Kyoto is to get more nuclear power plants built that do nuclear fission.
Don’t! They create toxic death. They are dear and lethal to run. In contrast molecular nuclear fusion is safe, clean and cheap. And nature does it now.
It had done it fro 3 billion years! We can look how, and get safe personal power plants built this year. That produces no CO2 or toxic death.
Ask – Prof Zimmerman who told me how to do turbulence molecular nuclear fusion.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Cheap gas!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
When the world was new, 40% of the air was CO2. Then green plants and bacteria got busy. They took in the CO2, and excreted their waste gas O2.
At the end of the cretaceous, life hit a brick wall, as there was not enough CO2: Plants could only take in during the day, the CO2 they respired at night.
So then animals evolved. They eat plant bulk, which gave them carbohydrates. They combined this with the O2, to get at energy!
So animals breathe in the waste gas of plants, and excrete CO2, their food.
Algae in the seas are better at this than grass, so if sea levels rose, CO2 in the air would go down!
We are seeing the ice receded at the North Pole, so there are more plants taking in CO2. At the same time the ice in Antarctic is advancing, but here it is over the seas.
But the Antarctic sea is very poor at taking in CO2, so it is just a natural cycle! Come back in two years, and it will all have reversed.
The world has been cooling since 2005, so the ice age in the Northern hemisphere is next. This will make seas go down, as we pile up ice on the land.
Strangely enough, nuclear power, who invented Global Warming to get more plants of death built, have no started going on about global cooling, as they have not thought yet how it can advanced their corner.
The cooling we saw before 2005 was part of the natural cycle, and not as warm as 1948: And it has nothing to do with CO2. There is only 0.00037% in the air.
The only way to make it go up, is have an ice age, which makes the seas go down. Elsewhere on this blog I tell you how to do molecular nuclear fusion. This turns water into heat, with no CO2, or toxic death.
Toxic death is what nuclear power is good at creating. Oh, and killing life, included you!
So the deep water bacteria and algae are still there, taking in CO2 and water, and making bulk and releasing CH4.
As this is released in the deep, it combines with more water to form CH5OH –methyl hydrate.
This is a white solid which lies on the sea floor. When it abducts to magma chambers, it breaks down to give H2O and CH4: The latter is basically natural gas.
We do not need to wait! We robot mine the dust on the sea floor. We take this to the surface, and reduce the pressure. We get back our CH4 and H2O.
We then use some of the pumping power from the decomposition of the solid, to pressurize the CH4 to liquid natural gas.
This we sell. It has cost us the expense of hovering it up from the sea floor, and supplying it as liquid natural gas.
This is very cheap. And there are tem times the amount of methyl hydrate around the South Pole, as there are fossil fuels in the world.
We burn the stuff, and it gets metabolized by deep water bacteria, to give us more CH5OH.
There is no build up of CO2 possible, outside an ice age. Even then, the deep seas still work, and take in the CO2. So all the data on raised CO2 levels is basically wrong.
Green plants and deep water bacteria sink all the CO2 we can give them. O2 is the polluter, not CO2.
How do you find out about methyl hydrate? What do you think Google is for? Basically deep water bacteria give us a regenerating source of natural gas.
There is loads on the surface at Morcome bay, where the UK has all the gas infrastructure. They can set up the robot mining ships, and there is an endless source of natural gas there.
So all the elevated oil land gas prices are opportunistic. There is no shortage of fossil fuels on Earth.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Water fall

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

When water goes over a water fall more then ten feet high, we get water drops hitting the water at the base of the waterfall hard enough to overcome the strong atomic force for hydrogen atoms in the water molecules.
We do molecular nuclear fusion, converting water into He, O, gamma waves and a lot of heat! So we get O3, ozone, and a warm body of water spray.
If you had a Giga counter at hand, you would see the creation of radiation, from water. With no fissile material about.
But man does molecular nuclear fusion, through all his chemical engines: Or rather, steam and IC engines.
So we do not need to burn fossil fuels! In fact, burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion. Adding oxygen to hydrocarbons should take in heat.
It only gives it out, as some of the steam ends up as He and O.
So we can design an engine using no fossil fuels. Basically, we take off 10% of the steam from, a boiler, and bubble it through the liquid water.
So once at the boiling point of water, we add no heat. We just convert some of the water to He and O.
So no Global Warming. And no production of toxic death, by doing nuclear fission.
Let us do molecular nuclear fusion – after all nature does it at water falls.

Safe nuclear

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
NATURE DOES NOT DO FISSION – AS IT PRODUCES TOXIC DEATH. It does do nuclear fusion from water though.
In the deep, at water falls, with green crops in the sun, with animals all day. The most important is in the deep, which produces He, O and gamma rays – plus a lot of heat.
The He is lost to space, and at lightening strikes we get back our water. Your own blood system does it, which is why you breathe out He, and your heart and arteries give out gamma rays.
It is very clean and safe! The gamma rays are low power, and don’t penetrate skin. This is a good job, as your kettle does molecular nuclear fusion, every time it boils water.
You cooker and beating boiler do so much of it! Boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion, as confirmed by NASA.
My favorite way is via a steam plasma tube. Here the turbulence of the plasma sets off molecular nuclear fusion, at high temperatures! So we can get a tube at 4 atmospheres, running at 700 C, with no external power.
I would like to do more work on this, but my PhD got ended, so I went off singing on stage: I think the nuclear fission boys were after me, as I trashed their fiction of Global Warming!
We know a Na plasma must be bunt it, which does nuclear fission on low atomic mass elements, producing He from the Na gas. There is no toxic death produced here!
In use the He goes to He, and then light. So the tube gives off gamma rays as it works, and reaches a temperature of 250 C.
It loses mass, and then stops working! Midlife it will produce light when turned off!
The idea of a steam plasma is that it does so much molecular nuclear fusion, from the H atoms. As the O fissions to He and H, it takes in heat, diluting the nuclear fission we do from the H.
It thus produces heat and IR light, with no external power, once started: We to pup with water, and the O fissions away to light.
So the tube suits there, converting water into high temperature heat. We need burn no fossil fuels to produce heat and power.
The trouble with Uranium is that it produces toxic death! Even before a plant explodes, it is very toxic to workers and the environment.
And in the end, produces ¼ of the power of a steam plasma tube. So we should stop using metal oxide fission tubes with enriched uranium, and go over to steam plasma tubes.
It is safe, non toxic, and is how nature works! The deep seas do so much molecular nuclear fusion, we just never noticed!

Hydrogen fusion

By ‘JonThm’ on YOUTUBE.COM

Between 1982 and ’86 I did an M.Eng. Other students were for ever telling me about the unexpected release of radiation. From growing bacteria, green plants in the light, animal blood system, and man’s chemical engines. Even steam pipes as it turned a corner.
In 2001 I was back doing a PhD into ‘global warming’. I found it very intellectually dead. I concluded it was PR for the nuclear power industry ,which in the 80s, was losing money.As a consequence they hired a PR company, and pushed GW for all it was worth. Gas prices have gone through the roof, so nuclear power make money now: But we all still hate the toxic death of nuclear power. A nuclear power plant is a slow atomic bomb: and is very toxic! Then occasionally a plant explodes, and kills half a continent.
I decided that ‘Global Warming did not fit the facts In 2005 the world started warming – but this is a fact the nuclear power boys did not tell you.I got a message from a guy who has spent 6 months in Antarctica, and had watched all my videos! He is now firmly of the belief that GW is not true: Which fits with the 30% increase in ice the Antarctic is seeing!The North Pole may be warming – it is nature for you. That means there are more plants to take in CO2, so if CO2 was involved in it, the world would have corrected for extra CO2.
Extra CO2 just means more life on Earth. It does not mean more CO2 in the air.Another of my messages yesterday was from a biologist, who pointed out that sea algae are better at taking in CO2 than grass. So higher seas would mean less CO2 in the air.But as ice melts, it contracts, so sea levels would fall. But in the 20 years since nuclear power devised GW, Scotland has had a record low tide in 2003. So the GW camp should not talk about sea level rises, as they are not happening.
I hate nuclear power: It is so fatal, a far better idea would be nuclear fusion – like the sun does.
If you go back to the top of this blog, you will see nature does loads of nuclear fusion, from water!
We take high pressure water, or steam, add a dash of turbulence, and get a bit of nuclear fusion. Not a lot, but enough for our needs! Any more would be fatal to life on Earth. One really cool way is from a hydrogen flame! As H burn in air, we get steam in turbulent flow, so of course we get radiation from the process
H burns with a blue flame, as fossil fuel does less nuclear fusion, and burns with a red flame. So there is the idea! We use a tiny bit of the output of power from a steam turbine, to electrolyse water we then recombine the H and O at a flame! And get loads of hot steam.
We then use this steam to drive a turbine, and get 98% free energy, with no CO2. We do convert some of the water into He and O. The deep sea does this, and their entire He is lost to space. We gain H, and when ightening strikes get back our water. So clean, safe, free power. With no fossil fuel burn, and no use of fatal nuclear fission.

H does fusion!

A flame of H gas does nuclear fusion, on Earth, today. Power with no CO2 or toxic death.

Safe power

Do nuclear fusion from steam plasma tubes.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Personal power

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Nuclear fusion is easy, you pass steam up a Ti helix, and it does molecular nuclear fusion! So we get off gamma rays, heat and from a bit of He and O.
For person al use, we use a heat pump to condense the steam, and return the heat to the boiler room.
A heat pump is 15% inefficient, so we only need a bit of nuclear fusion to generate all the heat and power a house wants!
With no oil, gas or nuclear fission rods. So safe, clean, and cheap. And no Global Warming possible!
Though the world has been cooling from 2005, so Global Warming was opportunistic PR from nuclear power, put about by their paid stooges.
You know who you are!

Molecular nuclear fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

We are used to the idea that on suns a boiling body of mostly hydrogen gas does nuclear fusion: As two atoms of hydrogen collide in a chaotic way. I got to thinking about this on my PhD into Global Warming. And realized that on Earth, a boiling mass of water gives out radiation and heat, it did nuclear fusion!

In this case the hydrogen is in the form of water – molecular hydrogen. So I called this molecular nuclear fusion. This is nuclear fusion! We get heat, with a whiff of He: Though from water we also get off O! The deep does this, which his why we get O3 around the deep seas!

So no Global Warming: Though this was never science! It was PR by nuclear power. To make their murderous trade look Green. Were they kidding, they are so lethal. And since 2005 the globe as a whole has been cooling. You didn’t hear? They didn’t bother telling you.

So the steam cycle does nuclear fusion. And knowing this we can get it to power itself, and produce no CO2, only a whiff of He and O. So we save life. It is what the deep, green crops in the light, animal blood systems all day, waterfalls and boiling water do.

Molecular nuclear fusion is all through nature. And man does it via IC, jet or steam engines. Once we know this, we can stop burning fossil fuels, or using toxic fuel rods. Safe, clean and cheap power. And we all get to live!

More life

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Since 2005, the globe has been cooling – it is a natural cycle. Climate change built on the Global Warming work, so when the world started cooling, nuclear power scratched around for more PR!
They devised the idea that CO2 affected the climate! After all, they had as much reason to say the 0.00037% CO2 affected the climate as warmed things: 0.00000%. None.
The Poles were warming, and there was more global rain. Which means there were more plants! But plants take in CO2, down to 0.00037%.
Only local variations are possible. More CO2 emissions from man, more life on Earth! Our emissions of CO2 make us a super animal.
More CO2 mans more plants and so animal life on Earth. More global rain helps!
In truth since I was in Florida for Hurricane Andrew, things have quieted down: As Hurricanes tend to! It is a natural cycle. So we have no ‘climate change’.
We have weather. Live with it.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Nuclear fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that turbulent flow gave better heat flow. He was wrong. It created heat by turning some of the Hs into He. He had stumbled on how to do molecular nuclear fusion. Steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow does nuclear fusion! I coined the term molecular nuclear fusion, to denote molecular hydrogen doing nuclear fusion. The deep seas do so much of it, as do all man’s chemical engines! This is why the industrial revolution happened, steam power is nuclear fusion! Burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion. But there are other ways that produce only He, O and so much heat. You would think that Sheffield University would fall over themselves to research this effect. No. This is 22.8.08 – my birthday. And I have yet to receive one answering email about molecular nuclear fusion. The academic world is addicted to Global Warming. This phantom science was created by nuclear power giving money to academics – including Prof. Zimmerman. There is no mechanism to retract what they have said. Their only choice now is to move into other areas. Because since 2005, the world ahs been cooling. The 0.00037% CO2 in the air has no affect on the weather. As the world emission of CO2 has climbed, all that has happened is that there are more plants and animals alive on the Earth. They tie up rain in their bulk, so the seas should have fallen: More life, lower seas, and cooler climates. This is so not Global Warming!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Global lies x9

GW was lies from nuclear power!

Better desalination

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

I thought this all out in 2001, on my PhD at Sheffield University.
We have a boiler filled with salt water, which we raise to boiling using hydrogen flames! This converts electricity into heat, and we end up with wet steam!
Which we add to the salt water we add to the boiler. Once started, it is heated by the hot end of a Carnot cycle – more on this below.
It generates pure steam at 150 C. As the boiling point of salt water is above that of fresh water.
We also produce salt crystals, which we skim off from the boiler room. Then we feed this steam into a steam room, where we heat it with steam plasma tubes. How much current, if any these will draw, I do not know: Yet.
We then generate power. Some of this power is sued to drive the heat pump: Which now condenses the steam to pure water.
All the pumps take in power, so we are only left with 80% of the generated power, to use to pump the water to high reservoirs, and to sell.
Power with no CO2 or toxic death! That is basically free to us. So we return the heat of the spent steam to the water boiler, and as we add extra heat in the steam room, we get back over 100% of the process heat.
We have efficiency losses, so we end up returning 100% of the heat to the boiler. If the steam plasma tubes do not work as well as I would like, we have to use some of the generated power to fire the tubes.
So we get loads of free power, with desalinated water. For free.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Halve the CO2

Looping back 10% of the steam from a water boiler, will reduce the fuel burn we do by a factor of 2.

Friday, 15 August 2008


1948 was teh hottest year on record. And since 2005, the world is in a natural cooling phase. CO2 tracks the wax and wane of plants, so 4 years after the soplar cycles have changed the heat the Earth gets from the sun, its level changes.
Man's output has no effect - shown by the last 3 years: As CO2 output went up, global temperatures went down.

Monday, 11 August 2008


By ‘JonThm’ on

Diabetes is caused by genome left behind by full infections: Stopping the body’s energy system working properly gives the infection an advantage on the host. And the RNA for this trick is passed around as strips of RNA.

These are picked up by other pathogens, but can get into cessated cells, to form a viral rump.

So the cure to diabetes is easy! We give people with the condition, a drip of IL-2 and IL-4(IL-21+). This produces and actions the human antibody (HAX) to the viral rump.

But rather than cure the diabetes, it is better to stop viral rumps occurring! As rump infestations are behind cancer, heart disease, IBS and MS; as well as diabetes.

When somebody is ill, we give them a drip of IL-2+. This produces and actions the HAX. So you stay well, until the next infection. When you will want another dose of the HAX.

So making this drug is a good business, though it time the pathogens out there will adapt and we will have to make a new HAX.

We can produce the effective HAX to fungal antibiotic tolerant infection, life MRSA, using the IL-2+ trick.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sea fusion

The deep does nuclear fusino from water, making He, O and gamam waves - plus a lot of heat.

The arc!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Old arc lights in the rain would occasionally fire up steam plasma! This does nuclear fusion, so would release so much heat, it would blow the arc out, and so we would have to establish a new one.
If we have a steam plasma tube, the plasma will set up nuclear fusion, but it will not be blown out.
We need to keep the partial pressure of steam low, and top up with water. The O does nuclear processes, until it ends up visioning to He and H.
All these processes take in heat! So it dilutes the molecular nuclear fusion we are doing from the Hs.
So at a given pressure, the plasma will draw no power as it does molecular nuclear fusion. What pressure? Go find out for yourself!
This is only a blog, it is not a reference article in Nature. Yet.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Nuclear burn

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Pt is created by man, by bombarding uranium with alpha particles – He nuclei. But nature does not make Pt! As if we bombard Pt with alpha particles and neutrons, we get higher, less stable atoms.
Which decay by fission, emitting alpha particles and neutrons: We do a nuclear burn, turning matter into gamma rays!
Low power gamma rays caused radioactive isotopes to add neutrons to the nuclei, and fission away.
I have an M.Eng. in this stuff!
So we can take a boiler of water, and recirculate 10% of the steam, and keep the boiler in a state of boiling, though we add water below the boiling point.
We use the rest of the steam to supply power, and cool it to water using the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.
We return the liquid water to the boiler, but also dissipate heat from the hot end of a Carnot system.
So we produce a molecular nuclear fusion power plant. But here is the cleaver bit! If we put spent fission tubes above the boiling water, their matter is burnt to low power gamma rays and heat.
The high atomic mass elements fission away to low atomic mass elements: And they are less stable! So they decay fast in the high neutron environment.
You want to study this? Take a Giga counter to the sea side, or a water fall, or a deep cave. As all these sites do molecular nuclear fusion.
As does your heart every time it beats. But boiling water, as confirmed by NASA, does molecular nuclear fusion.
So we do not need heavy element fission tubes: We can do nuclear fusion from water. We produce HNe3, and no toxic death.
We do not need to process the water; regular tap water is just fine. Green plants in the sun do molecular nuclear fusion.
It is the way nature works. And the cool thing is we can use it to reprocess metal fission tubes, which hare so toxic! And very long lasting nuclear waste.
We should not be doing nuclear fission – we can do molecular nuclear fusion from water now!

Thursday, 7 August 2008


CO2 has no affect on the weather.

IPCC - nuclear stooges

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
The International Panel of Nuclear Stooges (they got it wrong, the are the IPNS) were paid by nuclear power to write articles saying CO2 was harmful to life.
But plants and bacteria take in CO2, and release CH4, He and O. From CO2 and H2O: They do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion.
That’s right; nature does nuclear fusion from CO2! Without it, there would be no life on Earth.
Nuclear power use bomb technology, and are so dangerous – as shown by Chernobyl.

The Flame

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

If you split water into H and O, you have very explosive gases.
If you then burn them back to water, some of it will convert to He and O, as we do molecular nuclear fusion.
The deep does loads of this, which is why the seas yield He and O, plus gamma waves.
Green crops in the light do it, which forms CH4, He and O. Animal blood systems use the on body production of CO2, to do molecular nuclear fusion from the blood!
Which his why you can hold your breath, as your body converts CO2 and water into He, O and CH4 again!
So CO2 is how nature does nuclear fusion! We can use a steam cycle to do molecular nuclear fusion, without producing CO2.
So we get power with no CO2 or toxic death!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Helical fusion!

Prof. Zimmerman told me this in 2001: He had published articles on Global Warming, and though he published articles on it, he agrees that was fiction from nuclear power. He has a chair in chemical engineering, so you should listen to him.
On the only tutorial I had on my PhD into Global Warming, he described linear flow around a torrous as pants.
What they really need is turbulent flow, like down a helix! A Ti helix would do so much nuclear fusion, but it is easier than that!
Take an old fusion helix, and circulate charged steam atoms at 500 C. This will give you molecular nuclear fusion.
I tend to think that nuclear fusion of atomic hydrogen is too exothermic! And too fatal to life 10 km from the plant.
Certainly circulating steam should generate loads of heat! I guesstimate around 2,000 C. So we take off the steam and atomic fragments, separate out the He and heavier elements, and use them to power a steam cycle, before we discard them.
No CO2 or toxic death result. Safe, clean and cheap power. How do I know? It is what the deep sea, and you blood system do every second of the day.
That’s right; your own blood system does nuclear fusion from water. No oil, gas, or toxic fission fuel rods.