Saturday, 26 April 2008

Academic fraud!

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This blog concerns Methyl hydrate: This is CH5OH: It is formed from CO2 and water, via molecular nuclear fusion. Plants build carbohydrates, bacteria release CH4, which under pressure bonds with more water, to form this metastable compound.
We robot mine the deep sea fro its sand, and this contains the white solid, CH5OH.
We then release the pressure, and get our CH4 back. We then drive turbines from the pressure release turbine, to fill a ship hold with natural gas.
We take this on shore, and sell it. In time this is burnt to give CO2, but deep sea bacteria fix this to give us back CH5OH.
The level of CO2 is the air is related to plant growth cycles; it has nothing to do with emissions! More CO2, more life on Earth.
Ferns sinked CO2 down to 0.0004%. Grasses now sink it down to 0.00037%. The level of CO2 goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
More plants on land, the less rain runs back into the sea, so the lower the sea level. Sea levels are related to amount of life on land.
In the Jurassic, there was 60% more life, and sea levels were 65 meters lower. But all of this was known by academics!
They just took the research money for the phantom science of Global Warming, and reckoned that nobody would think it through!
So Global Warming is the biggest academic fraud ever. Nuclear power exerted pressure on Sheffield University to get my PhD ended.
They could not stop me thinking though! All Global Warming ‘experts’ are simple criminals. Who have lived well for 25 years.

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