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Just so easy!

Nuclear fusion is so easy! The whole of nature does it! So do we.

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Doing fusion!

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The simplest way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is have water in turbulent flow! So hurricanes, the deep sea, water falls and breaking waves all give off radiation.
Steam engines give off loads, as they have steam in high pressure, turbulent flow. IC engines gives off less, but jet engines more!
A good way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is pass high pressure steam along a Ti helical tube. My thanks to Sheffield University for teaching me all this in 1986!
So 4 years after Global Warming was devised! Though it was never a real problem that needed solving. Molecular nuclear fusion would do that!
It makes for very cheap heat and power! A lot cheaper than wind turbines – though the wind is driven by molecular nuclear fusion in the air!

Curing infection

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Fungal antibiotics (FABs) have no direct action! They stimulate production of the human antibody (HAX), and the cell damage the pathogen is doing actions it!
Every infection out there holds off doing cell damage for three days, time enough for the immune system to delete all records of the pathogen enzymes as being dangerous!
If we took blood samples from people on FABs, we would see the HAXs! And for all pathogens there are 6 common HAXs produced!
There are other enzymes they make to cause the specific illness, but we are not interested! If we make pills of the golden six, we will cure all infections on day 0!
We do not need FAB pills, we want HAX pills!

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Future weather

Academics can't even get the weather right tomorrow! So don't ask them!

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Foot and Mouth

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Then problem with these areas, is they are very resistive to cell damage, and fail to initiate the immune action which would clear the disease.
It is the cancer problem all over! So we sue the same idea! We give a drip of bovine IL-2 and IL-4, and this taps into the positive feedback system of the body!
It produces and actions the active antiviral, and creates a full immune action!
We can take blood samples to get at the antibody, and this alone in powder form, will clear the disease!

Curing the common cold

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Giving penicillin stimulates the antibody to new cell types in the body, so cures the common cold! Bacteria are learning to make dummy receptors for penicillin, so we need to give more of it, by drip!
When somebody is getting better from a cold, the active antibody (a HAV) is in the blood stream. We can sample for it, and make pills that will cure each year’s virus!
We will need a different course of pills every year!
A cold holds off causing cell damage for three days, so the body deletes all records of the antibodies to the common cold.
If we give pills on day 0, we will be better from the cold by day 1.
We will need a medicine chest full of the antibodies, and different ones every year!

Nuclear fusion

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Nuclear fusion is going off all around us, and in us! As the blood flows around our bodies, it does molecular nuclear fusion! This is why you breathe out Helium!
The simplest technological way to do it, is boil a kettle! As the water comes to the boil, hey presto, molecular nuclear fusion! Which has been shown by NASA.
A microwave also does it, which is why it comes plastered with radiation warnings! The manufacturers have kept it quite, because people are unlikely to want food which has been exposed to gamma radiation.
Fluorescent tubes burn Na to form light. Which his why midterm we get fluorescent run on.
We can use molecular nuclear fusion to generate power and heat: I guess that means Global Warming has been cured – though it was never real science anyway, Al Gore! Sucker.

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Life was good

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In the age of the dinosaurs, the temperature difference between the equator and Poles was 10 C less: The equator was cooler, the Poles warmer.
There were forests at the South Pole, and rain forests were there are now deserts.
Sea levels were 65 meters lower. There was 60% more life on Earth! Then something happened, and 80-% of life on Earth died: Forming the fossil fuels.
Even today there is 40% less life.
You see life on Earth is based around plants and bacteria taking in CO2. And releasing O2, and making plant and bacterial bulk.
A lot of this life ended up on the sea floor, as methyl hydrate. Only if this abducted to the deep did we get fossil fuels. So most of life is held in death’s grip on the sea floor.
If we mine this methyl hydrate and reduce the pressure, we get methane and water. We pressurize the methane, which his basically natural gas.
As we burn it, bacteria and plants turn it back into methane and carbohydrates. There is a massive sink for CO2.
That academics have not even entered into their calculations. Which is why there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air you breathe! And yes, this was the PhD I was doing at Sheffield University, with Prof Zimmerman.
Do not talk science unless you are a scientist! Don’t do an Al Gore, and scare everybody with a slick Hollywood video, which is pure fiction.
Don’t forget, Global Warming was only thought of, as the summer of 1976 wiped out all academic talk of the next ice age. You driving a car does not matter: That bright glowing sphere is the sky does!
The sun affects the climate on Earth, not you megalomaniacs.

Al Gore

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Is not a scientist! He is a politician. With a slick video, though it borrowed stills from ‘Water World’ – a Hollywood film. That sank without trace. Which I hope Al Gore will too!
Since Global Warming was devised, a quarter of a century has passed. By now most of the developed world should be desert – and should never flood, as Oxford, York, New Orleans and Australia have all done.
What we are seeing is natural climate change – nothing to do with man burning stuff! That just makes him a super animal, and increases life on Earth.
After all, plants are very good at taking in CO2, which is why there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. A good approximation is 0%!
Good job it is not or all life on Earth would die.
The Global Warming theory said in 1982 that in the next 25 years, sea levels would rise by 20 feet! Strangely enough, Al’s video does not refer to this!
With all the floods, sea levels should have gone down. But lets face it, if anywhere was going to flood, isn’t it ironic that a great university town should flood!
If the $70 billion wasted on looking into natural climate change had been spent on flood defenses, never would have happened!
And think of all the hospitals, roads and schools we could have paid for! And it goes on. A total waste of money, looking in to phantom science!
Global Warming was such a joke, scientists now call it climate change – but it is the same NATURAL weather. Get over it. This is what the weather does.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Flooded Oxford

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Don’t you just feel for Oxford! For the last 25 years academics have predicted rising seas and the aridifcation of England.
For just $70 billion – what a bargain!
Then Oxford got flooded! When for just £20,000 they could have built good defenses!
Just think what roads and hospitals we could have built for $70 billion!
Now they want $15 billion for their experimental fusion plant which won’t work! And if they just induced a bit of spin in the H gas around their old plants, they would get nuclear fusion!
Instead of fission tubes, they could use steam plasma tubes! Which give out heat with no external current, using only water.
So safe and cheap. They will hate that! They like dangerous and dear: Come to think of it, that flood did us a favor!
It shows the world that Global Warming is dangerous fiction.

Testing Global Warming

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Global Warming should affect the entire world, all the time! The UK has just had the worst summer for 248 years. Yet Brits still believe in Global Warming! Did they not study O level physics?
Global Warming was devised in 1982, and forecast a 20 FOOT SEA RISE BY 2007. Kent and 40% of the country would have flooded.
It did not predict more tornados and floods: This has been added to the climate change idea after it has happened.
Climate change is real and is natural! Global Warming was an academic phantom science idea, to get the world to spend $15 billion on a fusion trial plant – which will not work.
The world has spent $70 billion researching Global Warming. Which has paid for some good lunches, but otherwise, not done a lot?
Meanwhile growing bacteria, plants and damn air in the sun light, animals’ arteries all day, IC, steam and jet engines all do molecular nuclear fusion today!
Which is why plants give out CH4, He and O2 during the day: Plus gamma wave radiation. Did you not wonder?


Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Before the industrial revolution plants took in so much cO2 from the air, it had fallen from 40% to 0.00002%.
After the industrial revolution, it has increased to 0.000037%. The 0.00002% is a total guess! It might have been 0.000037%, we have no way of checking.
All life in Earth is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2: They excrete the O2 you breathe – it their waste gas.
So by putting out more CO2, man is a super animal. CO2 supports all life on Earth – it is crazy to suggest it will kill life! O2 is the greatest polluter in Earth’s history.
And CO2 has no link to past climate – the sun’s cycles DO! Be Green, put out MORE CO2. Your Rhubarb will love you for it!

Wind power

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
When the wind blows, and there is moisture in the air, we see a bit of air molecular nuclear fusion. And once we do one, the pressure wave resulting does more! This is why dark lands are so hot, and light lands so warm!
Collecting wind power is so hard! It is far easier to tap the power from steam molecular nuclear fusion. Either through a boiling cycle, or potentially through a steam plasma discharge!