Saturday, 28 July 2007

Global Warming is a lie!

Jonathan Thomason
CO2 tracks the world climate! When things are warm, there are more plants, and CO2 goes down; as there is lore life on Earth.
In an ice age, CO2 levels go up as there is less plant life.
Life on Earth is supported by the 0.000037% CO2 in the air. More cO2, more life! The climate is determined by solar cycles! So out of man’s control.
CO2 follows the climate, with a 4 year lag! It does not affect the climate AT ALL. Not for the 600 million years we have data for.
But academics are putting in a bid for $15 billion. To build a new fusion plant – which will not work? As Prof. Zimmerman said, linear flow of a gas is pants! We want to induce turbulence, by giving the H+ atoms spin.
So the jostle into each other, and one time in a million, we take two Hs, and from one He. This is how the sun shines – with no CO2 production.
No CO2, all the Global Warming fiction is just such a joke – which it always was.
I was doing a PhD on Global Warming at Sheffield University, and told them how to do nuclear fusion.
My reward: They ended my PhD. Fro no reason, other than you is not allowed to show that Global Warming is rubbish!

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