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Global Warming is such a joke!

Global Warming is so far from science - why did you believe it?

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Global myth

The world is NOT warming. And man couldn’t affect it in any way

Air Condition Iceland?


There are rivers flowing through Siberia, just not enough warmth to keep them liquid! The geothermal heat keeps them liquid beneath the permafrost. So one idea would be to drill down at the river source; to get more hot water to flow into the source of the river.
But really we want to turn the water into heat. We can actually do this via molecular nuclear fusion. The sort we use hear is boiling molecular nuclear fusion: Or boiling fusion for brevity – and my typing fingers!
Your kettle and every boiler in the world gives off radiation as the water comes to the boil! The bubbles of steam collapse back into water, and the kinetic interaction of the old bubble walls brings H atoms into high kinetic interaction.
In a turbulent fashion – my old friend which gives molecular nuclear fusion from water and steam.
So the idea is simple! We recirculate 10% of the steam produced by the boiler, to the base of the boiler, and this does enough molecular nuclear fusion to keep the water in a state of boiling.
The other 90% we pass into a Ti helix, to pass the fusion heat to the water. This will condense the water back from steam. We keep this heavy water, which we pump back to the boiler. It is heavy, and apart from a bit of He and O gas, pure water.
We vent the gas, and go around again. We will have to top up the water level, with distilled water. But the device sits there, turning water into heat! Plus O and He gas. This actually has value! So we may choose to cool these down to liquid gasses.
So every mile, on the approach to a village, we have a fusion boiler! The water will distribute the heat to the air.
To light the village, we need to suspend steam plasma tubes above the village – but that is another story!

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The Weather

In the 70s, everybody knew the next ice age is due – it is, any time in the next two millennia. Then we got ’76, and a blazing hot summer. So the research money dried up.
So in 1982, the idea of Global Warming came from one of the last PhDs on the ice age. Ice ages have been a huge problem in history, so some creative thinking was required.
Academics thought up the melting ice would make sea levels rise. The ignored the fact that the ice that would melt was below the sea surface, And when water melts it expands.
So when ice melts it contracts. So melting ice would send sea levels down. If the ice above the surface melted, the ice sheet would rise up, so sea levels would fall again.
If the ice on the land melted, the land would rise, as Scotland still is from the last ice age. These things happen over centuries, so there is no great panic. But academics panicked the world, and got research money.
The problem is, the weather! Academics can’t predict the weather tomorrow, so centuries into the future – no hope.
As the summer of ’76 did not confirm the next ice age, the summer of 2007 seemed to indicate that we were headed into it! No Global Warming here!
More hurricanes – blame it on Global Warming: No reason, just scientists convinced the world that the weather was more extreme. No. the weather is the weather.
I have a bad track record for finding rain and hurricanes all over the world; Hurricane Andrew in Florida, and rain at the Florida Quays and Tenerife – just call me the rain God.
Global Warming predicted the seas would rise. They didn’t, so this was dropped from the theory.
It predicted warm, and yet the world is cooling. Some good work has been done on global weather and solar cycles.
Man and his burning stuff does not come into it! It just makes us super animals.
There is less CO2 than in the age of the dinosaurs, when sea levels were 65 meters lower, and there was 60% more life on Earth.
Remember, there are not that many of us! The Earth does not even notice we are here. As to affecting the climate, join King Canute in trying to turn back THE TIDEA.
Just don’t be surprisded if you get wet feet!

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Where is my PhD?

I said in 2001 while at Sheffield University, that 0.000037% CO2 in the air made no difference to the climate. We had a warm April, but now the worst June for 50 years.
So nature backs me up! Can I have my PhD now, for saying Global Warming was a load of rubbish!

carbon follows the climate
After Chernobyl nuclear power devised global warming. To say the carbon dioxide would inevitably warm the air, no historical evidence at all. Just desperation after Chernobyl demonstrated nuclear power was the technology of Hades.
They fought, burning the fossil fuels inevitably releases carbon dioxide.
1 Cm(H2O)n+P+TU+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray+L)
Lets on pick this equation. It is the oxidation of fuel oil with the oxygen from the air.
Oxidising the carbon radical takes in heat. But with release most of the water as steam. Though we take in heat! For gas burning the substitute CH4 for the oil.
It does not release heat or light! But when we oxidise or oil we get massive heat, X-rays and light. As we do molecular nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen.
So burning fossil fuels does nuclear fusion. My PH D area at Sheffield University 2001. I a pointed out that burning fossil fuels did nuclear fusion, and they could not end my PH D rapidly enough! At the suggestion of the visitor from nuclear power.
To double the heat three natural oil we burn, we could increase the pressure. Which is why superchargers work so well! We increase the amount of nuclear fusion we do.
All we can titanium plate the engine centres all burner plate. This doubles 'r'. So we do twice as much nuclear fusion. This is so interesting! Nuclear fusion in a car engine. No 10,000,000° C and a sun.
Green plants in light use ultraviolet light to fix come dioxide into carbohydrates. Again we are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
2 mCO2+pO2+UV+TU->Cm(H2O)n+E2+X-ray+tO
So all life is supported by photosynthesis doing nuclear fusion. Down to 0 oC. So you breathe in the gas excreted by plants. Oxygen. The greatest pollutant in earth history.
Photosynthesis evolved in the late cretaceous. What life support system operated before we do not know. But plants, bacteria. amimals and fungi today do nuclear fusion. So C02 crashed to 1 part per million. And 90% of life on earth died. The biggest mass extinction in prehistory. Only 85% of life died at the end of the Jurassic with the dinosaurs.
After the cretaceous, animals multiplied, taking in the oxygen and eating plant bulk. And breathing out carbon dioxide. Which is basically plant food. Nitrogen and sulphur oxides are plant fertilizer. Life om Earth recovered and multiplied.
In the Jurassic there was twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the air - four parts per 1,000,000. There was 85% more life on earth. And the three natural ice ages.
One lasting 650,000,000 years. The cretaceous mass extinction was basically a carbon crisis. When CO2 fell to just 1 PPM. In the three Jurassic ice ages C02 rose to 8 PPM. As the mineral records shows!
Man started burning the fossil fuels at the start of the industrial revolution. The global average C02 was capped at two PPM. It still is. Additional C02 from burning the fossil fuels is converted into plant biomass within 5 minutes. There is no 400 or 200 PPM C02. That is biological rubbish! Read up on O level biology!
C02 becomes toxic above 8% in the global air. Today it is fixed fixed at 0.000,2%. You burn the fossil fuels and increase active life on earth. More plant life leads inevitably to more animal life
Humans all breath in the waste gas excreted by plants. And combine it with eaten plant biomass.
3 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(E2+He+O+L+X-ray) the other half of the CARBON CYCLE1
Which is why if you send an endoscope into somebody's stomach after a meal, there is light flash illumination! And your stomach gives out X rays. As the human body does nuclear fusion. At 30° C and about two atmospheres. This is an interesting area for biology to do PH D.s in.
So we breathe out the carbon dioxide, plants take in to grow. 99.8% of CO2 is from animal restoration. Life YOU breathing. Stop it, you will only increase plant life on Earth.
Carbon dioxide which doubles in concentration above the air over the arctics in winter. Air temperature -50° C. Which is why nuclear power started publicising climate change. As global warming will so obviously biological and climatic rubbish!
Particularly as the global climate cooled from 1995. It will next warm 2023. Another four years. Totally naturally. Controlled by a predictable solar emission cycles. Which have a 28 year half cycle with month. Outside man's control.
Man has no control over the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by natural photosynthesis on land and in the seas. More carbon dioxide, more life on earth.
Sir David Attenborough is no proclaiming 'climate change is real!' Really. What does it predict. The world climate has been cooling naturally for 24 years.
There are droughts and hurricanes. Always have been, always will. Global warming was predicting the earth would want by 30° C by 2006. The world is cooling! It did not warm.
Global warming predated everywhere will become drier and more arid. It did not predict there was the plants and tornadoes. They sound a lot to me like natural weather!
Climate change is science fiction from nuclear power. Does not say anything! How can it be real. The nuclear boys are waiting for natural weather changes, before they proclaim 'see that these climate change!'. A good idea predicts stuff. It is not wait for stuff to change, so you can modify the theory.
That is not science. That is creative thinking and writing. That is why nuclear power lost the interests of all scientists in the world 1995. As the world started cooling.
Nuclear power builds its plants using reinforced concrete. Made by burning huge amounts of fossil fuels to turn the line into concrete.
When the slaked lime in the mortar slowly begins to react with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate (limestone) according to the reaction:
4 CaCO3+H2O+E2->Ca(OH)2+ H2O+CO2
So making concrete uses heat to drive out the CO2. A massive source of CO2.
This makes an active nuclear programme, man cannot fourth largest source of C02. Releasing the glow of 20 years of C02 from conventional power plant, in just two years.
Nuclear power went into a huddle! There suddenly it was a massive producer of CO2. So it suddenly declared that nitogen oxides were responsible for the climate. Nitrogen oxides (NO+NO2=NOx) was the bad guy.
Interesting. Photosynthesis caps free C02 at a static two parts per million today. The preindustrial level. NOx at four parts per billion. Such a trace gas! Mankind spends a fortune, and uses massive energy, on the Harbour Bosche process to produce ammonia for fertilizers.
Natural lightening does nuclear fusion.
5 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+L+X-ray
So lightning makes helium and oxygen gases. Releasing X rays and visible light. Only possible with nuclear fusion. As there is no source of radioactive decay.
Every 3 minutes around the earth, there is a three second lightening involved. A 1.5 KM by 2 cm the steam plasma at that makes five terms of helium gas. This is nature on earth do nuclear fusion on earth.
Every year nature gets 1040 W of heat from this energy source. Plus some the oxygen you are breathing! The oxygen bonds with oxygen molecules to form ozone, to form the ozone layer. Which facilitates multi cellular life on earth.
A 50x1cm steam plasma due at four atmospheres releases a constant 2.4 MW of heat. A small turbine will turn into 1 MW of mains electricity. Totally carbon free. No radioactive material handling required.
No fossil fuel burn, which turns out to be of a roundabout route to do nuclear fusion. A steam plasma due is director nuclear fusion. Turning 2x10-15cc of regular water into 288 kW of mains electricity. Using A firmer electric generator rather than more efficient steam turbine.
You can do it in your garden shed. Produce a carbon zero electricity for 120 houses. No boiler room or radioactive materials handling licence required. You have to be the likes of oak ridge laboratory to do nuclear fission from uranium.
All existing nuclear power plant needs annual insurance cover of 100 billion. They carried 50 million. So all nuclear power is illegal. And must instantly stop, 1986.
If you look at the mineral records you will see that the global average carbon dioxide level, rises in a natural ice age. The ice age abates and four years later the carbon dioxide level falls to the minimum for photosynthesis.
Four PPM in the Jurassic. Fewer fossil fuels. 85% more natural life on earth. 1880 onwards a static two PPM C02 in the air. So the industrial revolution has not increase carbon dioxide levels.
They are under the sole control of photosynthesis and nature. Nuclear power should stop making up impossible biological fiction. And get legal insurance. Or instantly shut down for ever.

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Water does nuclear fusion

All around us nature turns water into He, O and a lot of heat! We even do it. So we do not need hydrocarbons or stuff to burn.

Stopping cancer

All infectious disease uses the golden pathogen leaders: These are 6 common enzymes that give infections an advantage over the human immune system.
After the main infection is gone, these can stay behind as viral rumps, in defective of cessated cell types.
When you get all six, you get cancer. When you only have 5 or less, you have a precancerous cluster.
But it is in the text books, how to make the active human antibody (HAX) to any infection. This not only will cue the disease, it will stop cancer.
So a course of pills of the HAXs, will cure all infections, as it stops cancer.
They will also clear existing precancerous cells from the body. You are not born with cancer, infections build it like Mecano in your body!

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Nuclear fusion on Earth

Is easy! The deep sea does it. As do green crops in the light. Animals do it all day.
On my degree, I was taught steam did it big time! So in pipes, or in steam, I.C. or jet engines.
Gun barrels do it for this reason!
I was even told that electrolysis did it, particularly with Pt electrodes: Some of you may recognize this as cold fusion. This was right, just very weak! To do more, pressurize the water, and it boils at higher temperatures.
High temperature and pressure water doe molecular nuclear fusion: So geothermal water does it, as it flows around the mantel in turbulent fashion.
This tops up all the fission isotopes, otherwise all nuclear fission would have died away billions of years ago!
So the deep does molecular nuclear fusion big time today. This gives Earth 25% of its heat.
Poor old Venus does steam fusion in the air, which is why it is so hot. Mars does deep fusion, which means there is life in the deep on Mars – away from the cold of space.
We can drive rockets using molecular nuclear fusion, and go and see! Heating our Mars base using molecular nuclear fusion.
We can do this at the Poles. Melting the ice will send more cold water back to the equator, as the ice acts as an insulator.
So using molecular nuclear fusion to melt the Poles will cool the Earth down. We can also sue air coolers, to send more of the solar heat in the seas toward the Poles.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones. All of this I learned while studying the phantom science of Global Warming – so this fiction did actually produce good results.
So we can heat the cold lands using the heat of doing molecular nuclear fusion with water. And cool the hot lands by doing molecular nuclear fusion in a helix.
Damn it, that means if the world had been in danger I could have saved it.
But the earth is big enough to look after itself. And it does fact, where as academics do fiction to get research grants. Any chance of my PhD now? Or is professor J Thomason actually me?


I note in the press this week, that stones are caused by small creatures. They get into the body as they are part of a larger bacterium. When the rest of the bacterium is one, they are left behind!
They sit there, in the kidneys or elsewhere, building a shell! A calcium shell. That is the object hat causes so much pain.
So stones are built by nano bacterium: Like heart disease. Which his neat, as we can use a drip of the lower cytokines, to produce and action the active antibiotic.
This will remove the stone, and the nano bacterium. Because these small organisms do no damage, you can contract them again, and will need a new course of pills.
I am here for your questions!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

No Global Warming

THe world has weather - get over it!

Not Global Warming

While there was research money, scientists researched the next ice age. Then we got the hot summer of 1976.
Next they spent $70 billion researching the coming warm period. Seas would rise, lands would aridify, and a lot of us would die.
The seas have not risen. The deserts have receded – so there is more life on Earth. Scientists then realized CO2 levels were higher in ice ages – not NATURAL warm periods.
We are not getting Global Warming or Global Cooling. What we are getting is what they call weather.
And now politicians want to tax CO2 – the trace gas of life. Not for any reason, just they have the power, and they want your money.

Let’s not mention all the money wasted on Global Warming research, which could have been spent on roads, hospitals. by

The Nice Life

Global Warming was about to make the world hotter. Then we had the first white Christmas in 25 years in the UK, I think in 2004.
So Global Warming was used to predict the next ice age! That is one malleable theory – wait to see what the weather does, then say ‘Of course, Global Warming said that!’. Only it didn’t!
So this year we have had a warn winter. So this was obvious proof that Global Warming was true. But then we had the worst winter in 250 years.
Oh dear, Global Warming said the summer should be very hot! In England that would not be unwelcome. But a cool wet summer is OK: It is actually the nice life.
Over the world, the deserts are receding. Global Warming never said that! But actually life on Earth is based on plants and bacteria metabolizing CO2. Before the industrial revolution it was at 2%. The latest figures I have are for 6 years ago, when it was measured at 3.7 parts per million – 0.000037%.
It should cycle down to 2 ppm. But no time data was given. The number was just too little to affect the climate, so the ‘measured’ it at Heathrow or New York.
Guys the name is global warming! Heathrow is actually no warmer than the surrounding country. NY has massive amounts of heaters, so the figures have no meaning.
Scientists also found CO2 levels goes up in ice ages: Global Cooling if ever there was any! It was also at 4 ppm, in the late Jurassic.
There was 60% MORE life then, and sea levels were 65 meters LOWER: In exactly the opposite fashion to the predictions from the phantom science of Global Warming.
Scientists no longer study Global Warming, as it is fiction, not science. European governments want to tax us on Global Warming. For no reason, as CO2 supports more life, and follows the climate, does not lead it.
China says Global Warming is terrible! And can’t western governments help it reduce Global Warming emissions! And it goes off to build four new coal burning power stations.
Burning fossil fuels actually releases life from the rocks, back into the air, and onto the fields of the Earth. Burn more, release life from the rocks!
Repeat, we are in a time of ‘Nice Life’. The US and china ignore Global Warming, and so gain commercial advantage on Europe: So Global Warming Bush is not so stupid! He is actually right.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Life on Earth

is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2. They produce He, CH4 and oxygen. The CH4 is combined with other water molecules, to make carbohydrates.
So the O2 you breathe, and the carbohydrates and proteins you eat all come from CO2! No CO2, no life on earth.
So why are we trying to reduce CO2? Because it affects the climate. No. There is only 0.000037% of it in the general air, and plants want all the CO2, up to 2% they can get. So up to 5,000 times more CO2 than there is today.
CO2 is life! By burning the fossil fuels, we are releasing the organic carbon from the 60% of life on Earth that died with the dinosaurs. We are adding to life on Earth.
Or maybe you HATE life. Whatever: CO2 is the trace gas of life! Academics know this, but their research grants depend on you not!
Remember, these guys were researching the next ice age, until the blistering summer of 1976. And we are having the worst summer for 250 years! Explain.

The warmest

A good April: We were told it was the hottest for 300 years. This takes us back before man burned fossil fuels! So there were no Global Warming emissions. And it was warmer – we think. It was another century before thermometers were invented.
So scientists guessed, and we all believed them. These are the same guys who in the 70s told us London would be berried by 20 feet of permafrost by now.
So the predicted the warmest summer for 300 years. All I can think was 300 years ago was a good time to live! Sea levels were no higher than today though. Another of the predictions of Global Warming that was dropped because it was not happening!
Great theory. Nature doesn’t agree, just alter the predictions for this definite, is happening science.
Look out of the window! In Manchester, UK, it is a nice autumn day, in the middle of summer. It is probably the worst weather since the little ice age, of the 18th century.
Last I heard, Global Warming was going to make the world cooler! Now that is an elastic piece of fiction. It is not, and never was science!
There is 0.000037% CO2 in the air, and all life on Earth depends on plants and bacteria taking it in! Without it, you would be dead.
Plants want more: Luckily China is about to give them it! Scientists, who can’t predict the weather tomorrow, said it would be the warmest summer on record.
Obviously a broken 78 disc!

Ice age

In 1976 all scientists KNEW the next ice age was with us. Then we got 1976, where the average temperature in June, in Manchester was 26 C!
This June all scientists talk about Global Warming, like it is proved! It is not even real. Average temperature in June, 19 C. So it would seem that the next ice age is with us, 31 years late!
The scientists are still talking about warming. Ignore them: Just don’t give them any more money.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Saving life on Earth

There is very little CO2 in the air: Only 0.000037%. But there must be more – why are all these scientists making such a fuss? Because it is there living. And a very good living at that.
When you burn fossil fuels, radiation is given off, as the turbulence of the flame does molecular nuclear fusion.
There are ways to do molecular nuclear fusion with no fossil fuels! Nature is full of them. The deep sea is the biggest on Earth.
The industrial revolution was driven by molecular nuclear fusion. If we use our brains, we can build fusion plants, only driven by molecular nuclear fusion.
No emissions: No Global Warming – but that was never real anyway!

Nuclear fusion on Earth

There is nothing hard about nuclear fusion. Or flying fusion ships into space.

Steam plasma

To provide constant, high temperature heat, we can set up a steam plasma tube! At a given pressure, this will self sustain, drawing no external power.
It will sit there turning water into heat! There are no emissions of any sort! To get the plasma established, we initially start with a part pressure of hydrogen.
And we burn no coal, oil or gas! Such a plasma doe a little molecular nuclear fusion anyway. There are other ways to do molecular nuclear fusion anyway, that do not toggle the phantom science of Global Warming.
NASA has proved them! We live in the fusion age.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The next ice age

Glorious April! The best since 1976. But terrible summer! The worst for 300 years: Have your thermals ready, the next ice age is with us!

Monday, 18 June 2007

The fusion age

We have done molecular nuclear fusion since the industrial revolution! Welcome to the fusion age.

steam fusion

Nuclear fusion goes off on Earth, from steam and water! Welcome to the fusion age, that came in with the industrial revolution.

Nuclear fusion

goes off of Earth from water, not H gas!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

CO2 - the trace Gas of your life!

Without CO2, you would never even have evolved!

Replacing a cooling tower

This was from stuff Prof. Zimmerman told me – and stuff from my old degree at Sheffield University.
Rather than throw away all the heat we have added to the water, we use a helical turbulence cooling tower. This is sciences speak for transferring the heat to a low pressure gas.
The Carnot magic is that when we compress the gas, we get the same thermal energy back at higher temperature. We get back 85% of the process heat. So we use this heat to boil off water in the boiler room, and super heat the steam.
We need to add 15% of the process heat. We have two choices: We either gather the heat from a body of water, using a primary heat up. So we gather in a lot of heat at 10 C, and by doubling the pressure of the gas, we get the same heat back art over 200 C!
So doing this we can add extra heat in the boiler room: Where we set off loads of molecular nuclear fusion, as the rising bubbles of steam condense to water on the way up. As they do so, the old sides of the bubble smash into each other, setting off molecular nuclear fusion in the water.
This is why all boilers in the world give off gamma wave radiation, as they work: They are busy doing nuclear fusion. From water rather than hydrogen gas.
The other way is from observing that fluorescent tube give off radiation as they work! They lose weight as they convert Na gas into light! They do nuclear fusion! And have for years.
Because they start from Na rather than He or H, they need external power.
I would really like to restart my PhD, to see what happens with steam plasmas! The molecular nuclear fusion should remove the need for external power to turn water into heat.
If we keep the water level topped up, this tube should do molecular nuclear fusion, with no external power.
So no CO2 emissions: But this gas supports all life on Earth. It is the trace gas of life.
I was working on replacing a cooling tower in 2001. I thought up steam plasmas in 2003, while singing at the Lowery and with Salford University respectively.
This totally fixes the phantom science of Global Warming, which the world ahs spend $12 billion on since I was doing my PhD. So I totally fixed the idea – but where is my Nobel?
Just think of all the hospitals we could have built with that money: Or schools, or roads or bridges …

Friday, 15 June 2007

Your money wasted

Thanks for the $70 billion you wasted researching the virtual sceince of global warming!

$70 billion

In the 25 years since scientists thought of Global Warming, the world has spent around that sum of money researching this virtual science: Scientists only though of it, as the summer of ’76 killed off all talk of the next ice age.
Warm periods have not been a great problem in Earth’s past, ice ages have been. And now we are in an average spring. Only trouble is, this is flaming June! The worst summer for 300 years.
Life on Earth is only possible because of the warming effect water vapor has on temperatures. CO2 has no effect.
The hospitals that could have been paid for; the stuff that could have been built! The good that money could have been used for.
Instead we have given it to academics, who still can’t predict the weather tomorrow.
Climate change is natural. Scientists may call the weather ‘climate change’, but really IT IS JUST THE WEATHER.
And they want more money to look out of the windows and say ‘Isn’t it amazing! Isn’t it powerful!’.
For me, give me the hospitals and real, useful stuff!

Fixing the climate

Nature does pretty good job on its own! The difference between Mars, Venus and the Earth, is the presence of liquid seas! This is why Venus is so hot, Mars so cold, and the earth just right! But we can do better!
We make air coolers. These take heat into a low pressure gas. They then use the down draft to drive a wind turbine. This is use to compress the gas, and transfer the thermal energy, at higher temperature into the seas.
Air warmers take the same heat from the seas and put it into the air. We now get an up draft to drive our pumps. This is the cycle your fridge works on, and is such old technology.
So we make cooler hot lands, which now get cloud and rain, and so much plant growth! These sink the CO2: But there is only 0.000037% in the air: Up from 0.00002% before man started to burn stuff!
Emitting more CO2 just makes us super animals, and adds to life on Earth. Life is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2 – there is just so little of it in the air!
In the cool and cold lands, we have air warmers! These take heat from the seas, sending more cold water to the equator, which will cool the hot areas of the world down.
They get to be dryer and warmer! So again we get more life on Earth. Nature does pretty good, but we can use the ideas of sterling and Carnot to do it better.
The only problem is, there is so little CO2 in the air! I could fix this, but there are too many politicians and bad scientists who quake in fear at the name of the gas of life, I will leave this.
Until we see crop yields fall, and they wake up to the virtual science they have been talking rubbish about for 20 years!

Limb repair

In early life, you grow your body: Then the stem cells turn off! They are still there, primed to build a body!
But they are stopped by cell husks: These are defective cells, which the immune system has not cleared! This is not surprising, as the cell clearance stops when there is no new cell damage being done!
There are two ways to get around this: We can put the person on a drip of IFNa1. This will turn down the T cell system, and regrow limbs in the way that reptiles do.
The second idea needs trying out! We give a drip of lower cytokines, and the immune system take the cell damage as read, and clears the cells, and the stem cells bud off new cells!
With dwarfism, we should find some common antibodies produced! And these alone will correct other cases of dwarfism.
This idea will produce a common antibody for Thalidomide. The abnormal stop will be removed, and the limbs will grow to full size! This is much related to dwarfism, which is caused by pathogen leaders.
It is also possible to give the drip, and grow missing or damaged limbs. Heather MacCartney should read this, and talk to medics about it. The $25 million she got from Paul will pay for the medics to fix her foot.

Repairing organs

When a pathogen is doing cell damage, the immune system clears defective cells. When we are at the end of the infection, we get non harmful viral or bacterial structures left behind.
With trauma, we for ma scab, and then stop clearance. If we carried on, the scab would be removed, and the organ totally repaired.
We can prolong the immune action, and get total body repair, by giving a drip of the lower cytokines: These are they immune signals involved in the immune response.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Steam fusion

When man boils water to form steam, the collapsing bubbles at I boils does molecular nuclear fusion. When that steam flows through a steam engine, it does more molecular nuclear fusion!
For steam read nuclear fusion! IC engines act as instant on molecular nuclear fusion engines! That’s right, as your car engine runs, it does molecular nuclear fusion.
Don’t panic, your blood system does molecular nuclear fusion while you are alive.
Nature does molecular nuclear fusion in the air, the deep sea, and where ever we have water in high energy interactions.
On Earth, nuclear fusion goes off from water. All around us.
Once we know that, we can design engines to run off steam in turbulent flow, and skip the fossil fuels burn all together. I was doing a PhD in Global Warming, but when I started saying it was phantom science – total fiction, it was ended, and the suggestion was made I should be studying cancer.
How 0.000037% CO2 was meant to do anything, I do not know! Plants are very good at taking in CO2, which is why there is life on Earth: Included yours. CO2 is the trace gas of life.
The nuclear industry wanted to knock burning stuff, but they are so dangerous, expensive and polluting, and when a station goes off, it kills millions around the world.
They invented Global Warming to improve their PR, and you bought it.
Ever since the industrial revolution we have lived in the fusion age! We want to burn fossil fuels, it increase life on Earth! It makes us super animals.
Or would if we had stayed awake for science at school!

CO2 levels

No scientist will defend Global Warming. But the media and politicians are addicted to the name, so the natural climate change is being attributed to this phantom science!
The fossil record shows we live in a very climatically temperate age. The climate affects CO2 levels, but CO2 has not affected the climate for the 600 million years we can get records for.
CO2 is at 3.7 parts per million. Up from they think 2 ppm before the industrial revolution: We have no records, so they just made this up. It is 0.000037%, and they think 0.00002%.
This is not a big figure! So they always call it 3.7 ppm, as it sounds like more. It would cycle to 2 ppm, during the week end and holidays. This figure comes from a time when they were predicting the next ice age. So this is the number scientists stuck themselves with.
NASA photos show ALL the deserts in the world are receding. But scientists say CO2 is reducing g life on Earth, so they do not discuss these numbers.
The said at Heathrow there was 137 ppm in the air. This is 3.7, plus ten times ten. What an unbelievable coincidence. Still only 0.00137% though. So they never mention CO2 levels in percentages.
This is still too little. Particularly when it will cycle down to 0.00002% at week end, or bank holidays. This should mean the grass around Heathrow should grow around 8 times as fast!
Farming land around Heathrow should be the most fertile in the UK.
They still wanted more. ‘They’ being totally anonymous scientists! No name has ever been linked to these spurious figures! Which show so little precision, or time variance! Come on, we want it all! Time of day, day of week, time of year.
We have the equipment and the air. All life hangs on this. So how about it? And why no crop data?
Grass grows 1 mm of year in the summer. At Heathrow, it should be 8 mm. I am sure ever farmer in England would want a city farm, where all the crops grow so fast!
At New York, the data ‘they’ have come up with is 500 ppm. Four magnitudes of less precision that 3.7 ppm. Remember this is still 0.005%.
Where is the time data? City farms in the NY area would be seeing grass growth of 3 cm a weeks! Plant growth of 120 times that of plants elsewhere.
God Global Warming would be good for farming! All over the world, we would be seeing plant growth having doubled, for well fertilized land in the lat 200 years.
Since Global Warming was though of in 1982, we should have seen plant yields having doubled. And mowing the lawn would required hired contractors, one man could not cope.
At least with everybody doing organic farming now, plant yields would be so good! Infact organic farmers should have records showing how much plant yields have increased since the last war.
But of course they do not, as organic farming ideas are as virtual as Global Warming.
Now ‘They’ are forecasting the weather 6 months in advance, where as we know weather for the next day is very hit or miss. And using these forecasts to spend your money on phantom research of virtual science.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Toxic message!

Life on Earth is only possible because plants take in CO2 and SO2 to build proteins! These release the oxygen animals like you, combine with proteins to get at energy and bulk.
The nuclear industry wanted to get the environmental movement on their side, against burning fossil fuels! So they invented the ‘science’ that CO2 affected the climate: And you bought it!
There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air, which goes up as the world NATURALLY cools: Caused by solar cycles. Nothing to do with man.
And all the scientists who wrote articles on Global Warming were basically lying to get at money: Doing PR for the nuclear industry for free!
Not science. Nuclear fission kills and pollutes. Burning fossil fuels actually acts like a super animal, and adds to life on Earth.
You want heat and power with no toxic waste? Do molecular nuclear fusion. The deep se does.
Your blood system does.
A water fall does.
Breaking waves do.
Plants in the light get in on the act. And this is all in the books! The release of he, and gamma wave radiation. But low energy, so it is not harmful.
The air does it in the light, when there is water vapor in it.
In the kitchen your kettle does it. So do your oven, grill and microwave.
Radio transmitters and power transformers get in on the act.
It is everywhere. And in us. It is safe. And produces no toxic waste.
But it is unresearched. Instead of bleating on about phantom science, the 21st century could fund real scientists to find out how it works.
Every boiler room, all steam, internal combustion and jet engines do it! So the industrial revolution was fusion driven.
We should find out how it works: And here I am not talking to ‘scientists’ who have ever spouted rubbish on phantom science: I am only interested in REAL scientists here.


It started so well! The best April for 15 years: Though the scientists say it was the hottest summer for 500 years – 300 years before thermometers we invented!
Then the worst May for my lifetime. I think for the last century. The scientists were still talking about Global Warming. Though they had no evidence, and no reason why it should! CO2 having nothing to do with the climate.
Then June starts so well! For 8 days. Then back to winter. And today – torrential rain. So probably the worst May for 300 years – but that is only 100 years before thermometers were invented.
The guys who can’t say what the weather tomorrow will be like, forecast it to be the best, hottest summer ever. Well I guess inside a centrally heated lab, with the windows closed, that may be true!
I suggest they get there thermometers on the central heating fixed.

Molecular nuclear fusion

On Earth, atomic hydrogen is in short supply! It tends to react with oxygen, during lightening strikes to form water. This is kept by Earth’s gravitational field.
When we have high energy, turbulent flow of water, we do molecular nuclear fusion! Some of the water is turned into He and O. The O is used to form O2, or for metabolic processes, and the He is lost to space.
The biggest area is with high pressure turbulent flow of water: AS we get in deep water. This is why we see the evolution of He, 40% more O2 than we took in CO2, and light flashes with gamma wave radiation.
This is why there is He in Earth’s air! It is not kept by Earth’s gravity; it is constantly being produced b y molecular nuclear fusion going off on the earth.
Plants do it in the sun light! So Green crops give off radiation and He during the day. At night they have to take in some of the O2 they made during the day.
Animals, including you, do it all day. You are a nuclear device! So the body has systems to cope with a bit of radiation. Fish have better systems, as the deep has more molecular nuclear fusion going off!
Steam engines give off radiation. And boiler rooms are very dangerous areas to hang out! I was told this during my engineering degree in 1982! With no explanation as to what danger they posed.
Burning fossil fuels creates steam in turbulent flow. So fossil fuels engines are instant on fusion engines! Better are jet engines.
Ti metal used to be used, as FCC metals do more molecular nuclear fusion. Now they use nimonics, as the higher temperatures do more molecular nuclear fusion.
Kettles do molecular nuclear fusion. So you can keep a boiler in a state of boiling, by bubbling steam through the water. They you can take off 90% of the steam to supply heat and power: With no fossil fuels burn.
Ammonia and alcohol also do molecular nuclear fusion. But water is the usual vehicle. And this area is totally unresearched. There are ways to do molecular nuclear fusion to give high temperatures, so reducing man’s need to burn fossil fuels.
But life on Earth is supported by plants taking in CO2, so by burning fossil fuels, man has become a super animal. Doing nuclear fission to reduce fossil fuels burn, is stupid, dangerous, and very toxic.

Reducing fossil fuels burn

We do not want to stop releasing CO2: As all life on Earth is supporting by plants and bacteria taking in CO2 – it is the gas of life. Burning them releases life back onto the Earth, and makes us super animals.
We want to replace all cooling towers with helical turbulence heat exchangers. Ask Prof. Zimmerman at Sheffield University, as it was his idea! OK he was not thinking of cooling towers, but good heat transfer.
Helical turbulence of steam does molecular nuclear fusion by the way!
We should take all steam out of a boiler room, through a short length of Ti mesh. This will remove all water drops and do FCC molecular nuclear fusion.
Boiler rooms do boiling molecular nuclear fusion anyway. So steam power was the way man found to do nuclear fusion. Burning fossil fuels also does molecular nuclear fusion, as it produces steam in turbulent flow.
The area that does most molecular nuclear fusion is the deep sea. And this really needs studying.
The science I am really interested in, are steam plasma tubes. Fluorescent tubes do nuclear fusion. This is from Na gas. If we go from steam, we should turn water into heat, with no external power.
Nuclear fission is dirty, dangerous and produces very toxic waste. Their boiler rooms do molecular nuclear fusion today – as do all boilers in the world.
It is clean and safe. And as dangerous as a water fall, or breaking waves – with also do molecular nuclear fusion!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Prof. Weiner told me that MS was caused by inappropriate production of IL-2. This over stimulates the immune system. We get the same effect in arthritis and diabetes.
This is pathogen leader territory. So will be a viral rump cell left over from a bad infection making IL-2.
With no IL-4 to target it, and no cell damage, the immune system does nothing. Sp we use my cancer idea: Give a drip of IL-4, to produce the active Antibody to the viral rump.
This will act with the IL-2, to clear the defective cell type. My instinct would be to give IL-2 as the infection is cleared.
When we do this, the body makes the antiviral to MS: This drug alone will cure MS. Too late for Alison Cross BA MBE, who caused me to look at this stuff!


Flemming was very lucky! He found that unwashed glass wear killed off bacteria. He then found out that it was fungi that did this, and thence fungal antibiotics.
These FABs have no direct action! They stimulate the production of human antibiotics, which kill off bacteria infections. They will also work against viral infections! Here we make HAVs (…antivirals).
So FABs make HABs (… antibiotics), which get us better. Or did! Infections have learned how to make dummy antibiotics receptors, to get around FABs. The simple answer is to give more of the FAB by drip. This will get round the problem!
This is not my idea, so thanks for the doctor who came up with it.
There is a better was to make HAXs (…antibodies). Do it as nature designed.
Give a drip of IL-4 and the body will take the cell damage as read, and produce the active HAX to new structures in the body.
This will get us better 1200 times quicker than FABs. It will also work with MRSA and other resistant infections.
It killed off SARs, and will work with AIDs. It cures the world. People should be treated with these pills before operations, as they take a non harmful infection into hospital.
And it only causes harm after the cell damage or surgery.

Monday, 11 June 2007


Is caused by a parasite transferred when you are bitten by a mosquito. Today the prevention is dear pills, or draining the stagnant water mosquitoes use to breed in. We can do better.
Malaria causes illness, by the body of the parasite blocking capillaries. So it does not cause cell damage. Back to the same old problem.
And the same old answer! We give a drip of IL-2+, and the immune system by makes and actions the active antibody: Which here is the antipar – well I thought of it first, so I get to name it!
So we do this for ten people, and sample for the produced antibodies. We select the two most important, and make it in pill form.
Then a course of these pills will cure malaria, after you have been bitten. We make Bovine antipars, and we dose up infected areas.
This kicks out one life stage of the malaria bug, so it will die away! And progressively cease to exist. I think this is one of the ideas you want to do.

Climate forests

Nature has no problem with CO2: There is only 0.000037% of this gas in the air, and life on Earth is supported by plants taking in CO2 and releasing O2, and making plant bulk!
The nuclear boys have a big problem that not enough people want their dangerous polluting plants around, so they have sought to give CO2 a bad name – and you bought it!
Instead of Europe paying farmers to leave their fields fallow, pay them to site forests on their land! Take it back to how it used to be! The forest sits there eating CO2, and the farmer gets mone

Water fall fusion

Water falls have water molecules in very turbulent, high energy kinetic interaction. They also produce ozone! These are sure signs of molecular nuclear fusion.
That’s right, water falls do nuclear fusion! They should also produce He. I know they do give off gamma ray radiation.
When I wrote this up before I said the water warmed 20 C! This was a bit optimistic! The cooling of the water through the air sees that we can only measure a 2 – 5 C temperature rise.
This means water falls are like the sea shore, not healthy places to hang out. We have used the water drop to drive turbines. And missed the big story!
High pressure water in turbulent flow converts the water into He and O! They do nuclear fusion. All the physics professors in the world could not do nuclear fusion, but water falls do! Naturally.
To do nuclear fusion in a torrous of H gas, we do need it warm. About 1000 C is just great. But we do not want linear flow.
We use some magnetic coils set at 90 degrees, to give the gas twist. So as it goes around, it spins, bumping into other gas molecules.
This gives us high local kinetic interactions: We have been relying on Brownian motion, produce by heat and pressure on the gas. And this is not enough. Spin the gas.
My preference would be to sue steam rather than H gas, as this should produce plenty of heat, without too much radiation.
We then take off some of the steam, separate out all solids, and use the hot steam to heat a tank of water to drive a steam cycles.
For small power requirements, I would tend to use steam plasma tubes. But that is another story!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

To REALLY help plants

Be Green, release more CO2!


Plants take in CO2, and release O2. Animals eat plant matter, and breathe in the waste gas of plants – O2.
There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air, as plants are so good at it! I think the Cretaceous mass extinction happened as there was too little CO2 in the air.
Plants want more CO2: Be Green, burn fossil fuels! Your plants will love you for it! In Californian they are trying to reduce CO2 emissions – an idea from the nuclear industry.
All they will do is reduce global life, as Global Warming is such phantom science.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Global lie

Scientists should say what is true. They don’t. They will say what ever gets them research grants!
The nuclear industry offered loads of money if scientists could say anything which would get the environmentalists on their side! There was no research money to be made after 1976, in talking about the next ice age! Something they had been so sure about!
Warm periods were no a problem in Earth’s history, so they devised the idea of rising seas, and increased amounts of arid land.
Problem is, with warmth comes more plants and animals on Earth. Who take water out of the seas. Nobody but the scientists would know this, so they ignored it!
In the last 27 years, sea levels have even shown signs of dripping! So scientists who gone quite about this, or say it will happen for n o reason, in the future. They obviously do not know biology.
Ice ages are more of problem than warm periods. As shown on NASA photos which show all the deserts receding. So scientists have said all the bad stuff was in the future, and borrowed Hollywood scripts as science fact.
About 1985 Europe found they could beat up North America over Global Warming. And put the US at a commercial disadvantage.
Now he is leaving office George W Bush is buying into all this! Keep firm George, it is tosh!
There is 0.000037% CO2 in the general air, and life on earth depends on it! More CO2, more life!
In the Jurassic there was 0.00004% CO2 in the air, and 60% more life on Earth. The fact scientists have spouted this rubbish for 27 years does not make it true!
Even Alan Coren, the editor of New Scientist, says it is rubbish! And he is the best informed scientist on this planet.
You want to stop burning fossil fuels. Then do molecular nuclear fusion. The deep sea does; green plants in the light do; steam, IC and jet engine all do it.
Your own blood system does it, which is why you breathe out He! And that is true science. As for me, I liked the idea of the next ice age happening in the next 5000 years.

Simple nuclear fusion

On Earth there is loads of nuclear fusion going on! But it goes from water, and forms He and O: Which I call molecular nuclear fusion.
The easiest way is to bubble steam through a water tank. Have your Giga counter handy!
This goes on at water falls and breaking waves! So the power of the water fall!

Precious metals

In 1984 I was doing a master’s degree in metallurgy and engineering. I learned heavy metals were soluble in high pressure, high temperature water.
There is a river of water on the Earth’s mantel that fits the bill! It comes up to the surface as warm springs. It drops the metal dust as metal ores, on the way to the surface.
Au, Ag and Pt come out as a river source, still as metal dust! So we can pan fro it. A better idea is to drill down to magma pockets, and get at the geothermal water direct.
We filter out the metal dust, and process it into ingots! The water we add to the lake at the river source. Usually this water is fresh, but when we take more water out, it may run salty!
So we need to take the salt out of the geothermal steam, to get fresh water to add to the river. This is not hard!
We get mostly iron dust, which is the metal, rather than the hydroxide or oxide. This is so much cheaper than mined iron ore. So we sell this too. Have a nice day: And get very rich!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Global Warming is not true!

How could it be? CO2 levels are determined by solar cycles and the climate. For 600 million years CO2 levels have not affected the environment.
In an ice age CO2 goes up. In the late Jurassic CO2 was higher, there was 60% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 5 meters lower.
The only reason to spout this rubbish is if you are in the pay of the nuclear industry. And I think people have a right to know!
You want to generate power with no CO2? Do molecular nuclear fusion. As nature and man’s chemical engines do today: Only re-engineer them not to burn fossil fuels.
Don’t advocate nuclear fission, unless you are a merchant of death! And yes you are.
For 25 year I have seen articles saying ‘the proof that Global Warming is real’. I stopped reading them over 20 years ago, because it isn’t even real!
And yes, I embarked on a chemical engineering PhD in 2000 to prove this. I persuaded my supervisor, who has a double first from Columbia.
He ended my PhD with no award. That is how real Global Warming isn’t! As soon as you do science and find out it is fiction, dark powers move behind the scenes to end your work.
The nuclear industry has the power and reason to do this. It invented Global Warming was a way to stop people burning fossil fuels in preference to dying from the nuclear industry.
Nuclear power kills.
Plants take in CO2 to grow. So more CO2, more life on Earth, and lower sea levels, as all the plants and animals take up water in their bulk.
Any scientist who professes belief in Global Warming is not a scientist: They are merchant’s of death. Who should not be allowed near a typewriter or collage?
They are evil, and they are wrong. The final truth is ‘Global Warming was the biggest load of rubbish we ever fostered on the world’. And boy have scientists spouted some rubbish in their time.
Final though: High school physics - when ice melts into codl water, in contracts! So teh melting ice would never raise sea levels. Go back to school all people who say the seas will rise.

My old super vissor is

The Next Ice age

The next ice age is with us

CO2 – the gas of life

Plants and bacteria take in CO2. They use it to build bulk, and so release O2.
Animals, like you, eat plant and animal bulk, and combine it with the O2. This releases energy.
Plants and bacteria do green and deep molecular nuclear fusion. And release He, gamma radiation and so do nuclear fusion, starting from water: This field needs so much study.
Animals make He from H, as the blood flows around their bodies. So give out radiation, and breathe out He gas.
So you are nuclear. Just thought you would like to know! So CO2 is now nature does nuclear fusion on Earth.
Man doe it using his chemical engines. Knowing that, we can design the engine to use no fossil fuels, or nuclear fission rods.
The latter kill! The nuclear fission industry is out to make a fast buck by killing you. They thought up the phantom science of Global Warming.
They did this to get over the objections of environmentalists to the building of slow nuclear bombs near where they lived.

Melting the ice

Ice stops cold from the Arctic’s flowing down to the equator – where the countries would like more cold. This drives the hot water to flow back to the Poles: And is the source of the Gulf Stream which gives Europe 25% of its heat!
If you are an Inuit, you hack pieces of snow into an igloo. This will allow you to live in a barmy 20 C, when the outside air is at -20 C. And the heat is sucked out just slowly enough to stop the ice melting.
In the St Lawrence water way, and with the Siberian rivers, the presence of ice insulates the water way. We would like the cold water to flow back towards the equator, to cool the world down.
The maximum density of water at depth is 3 C. As ice it does not move! The only cooling we get is the gentle conduction of heat.
So this brings us to a paradox: An Inuit keeps warm using ice. If it was not fro an insulating layer of ice, the Polar cold would flow back to the equator.
So we get a cooler equator, and warmer Poles. And over all, a cooler world.
If we warm the permafrost, the water gives up its heat to the air. This becomes both warmer and wetter. By the time it reaches the sea, we should be able to arrange it so it is a liquid 3 C!
The Poles become wrmer and wetter: So for half the year they will support forests.
In contrast, the equator will be cooler and wetter. What is now arid desert will become lush rain forest. And over all, the extra plant growth will sink the CO2 we are so worried about.
Why? CO2 levels are affected by the climate. There is only 0.000037% in the global air, far too little to affect the climate. The world has been sold bad science, firstly by the nuclear industry, and latterly by all the academics growing fat on researching the phantom science of Global Warming.
Climate change is real, and is controlled by the sun. Man can’t affect it! As for releasing CO2, it boosts life on Earth. You have a problem with life?

Melting the permafrost

I had this idea in 2001, when I was on a PhD in a related area. No work ahs been done on this idea. I think because of molecular nuclear fusion.
When you boil water it does molecular nuclear fusion! It produces He, O and a lot of heat. If you hold a Giga counter to a boiling kettle, you will see the emission of gamma waves. All boilers in the world do this.
They convert liquid water into He and O gas, as the water boils.
So we bring a boiler to boiling, and then we take off 10% of the steam, and bubble back through the base of the boiler. This will keep it in a state of boiling, though we burn no fuel, and supply no external power to the plant.
We pass the steam through a mesh of Ti wire, to dry the steam out. Then it is on to a small turbine, to generate all power for the plant.
We then send the steam down into a helix to lose the heat, and get back cool water, which we pump back to the boiler.
We repeat many times, and welt the permafrost. So we need no ice breakers, and the river distributes the fusion heat to the air.
So we warm the local Siberian air, and keep the water way open to normal ships.
And we have given the world access to nuclear fusion, which totally fixes Global Warming – which was my PhD area!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

The world is not warmer!

In the 1970s, scientists told us the world was headed fro the next ice age, in the next millennia. We ignored them. (In 2005 there was the first white winter in the UK fro 25 years. Weren't you watching?)
Then we had the hot summer of 1976, and the world decided they were so wrong! And so did they. (Now nothing! Why?)
Then the nuclear industry tried to predict the imminent warming of the Earth: By now, I should be 15 feet under water, and 20 C hotter. I am not.
The seas have no risen by a millimeter. And neither will they, because as the earth warms, plants take up water bulk and seas fall. If it cools, the ice flows will pile up on the land, and over 200 years, unless there is a massive ice accumulation, sees will not budge.
So scientists have stopped talking about sea levels. And they talk about local drying or wetting of the environment as a global thing. Or rather they only talk about local droughts.
They do not talk about the floods in Australia or York. These are cue to climate change – due to Global Warming. No, it is what you call 'the weather'. As ever.
I have said in other blog pages there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the global air. They counter by saying there is 0.000137% at Heathrow. Which is 3.7 parts per million, plus ten times ten. Isn’t that neat.
But global warming is about the entire world! Not just one airport.
Plants take in CO2, which is why CO2 emissions have gone up 20 fold, and CO2 in the GLOBAL air not even doubled!
Plants love it! Releasing CO2 is so green!
Global Warming is not true. Even the nuclear industry has given up on it. But academics use it, to get research money! So they talk about this phantom science as if it is real, and a given fact.
It so isn’t! CO2 levels are controlled by the climate, as plants wax and wane with solar cycles. For 600 million years it has not controlled the climate! How could it? Only the terminally stupid think it could.
Climate Change happens. Due to solar cycles. Man can’t affect them.
The nuclear industry tried to give CO2, the trace gas of life a bad name! Ever time the stupid intone the mantra of ‘Global Warming’, they are doing free PR fro the nuclear industry! They are giving them free adverts.
But it appears the world is that stupid. I just hope them don’t mind it when the new nuclear plants explode and kill them, and destroy their country.
Only problem is, this is my world too! I do not want to do nuclear. Why don’t we use new clean molecular nuclear fusion? Which we do with every beat of our hearts. Or when ever we use man’s chemical engines.
I despair of the world! Did you never study science at school? Mind you the science professors are not helping here. Any scientist who expresses belief in Global Warming should really not be indoctrinating us with PR for nuclear power.


This parasite does not cause cell damage by rapid division, or harming other cells. So it falls outside of immune scrutiny.
We can give a cytokine drip, which will make an action the active antibody here – the HAP. Then the cell damage is taken as read.
So the malaria parasite is removed from the body.

Curing the Liver viruses

Hepatitis A, B and C are not nice! They are weak viruses doing their stuff inside the fault tolerant liver. Thus their cell damage falls below the level require for an immune action!
So we can use my AIDs idea: We give a drip of the lower cytokines, that both produce the active antibody and action it.
Incidentally here the antibody is a human antiviral – or HAV. HEP C mostly affects health workers and is incurable. If we cure it, the individual goes on to need other antibodies to live to a ripe old age.
This idea also works for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Plus arthritis …

Stopping death

People fall of tall buildings and chimneys, while they are doing work on them! These accidents happen.
So when don’t they erect a fall cushion? The put an inflatable collar around the building, and secure it to itself as it winds around the tower as it is inflated.
Then if they fall, they hit an air cushion. I know Fred Dibnah never fell, but he was a Bolton miracle: Guess where I was born?

Making gas

Before I tell you how, I will just repeat: Climate Change is a natural process linked to the sun. Global Warming is NOT real! Controlling CO2 emissions has no effect on the climate.
The nuclear industry has sold you a long one! And all the academics go along with it, as they get research funding if they do not disagree.
Natural gas forms when methyl hydrate collects in magma chambers, and breaks down under heat, to form methane and water.
The methyl hydrate forms from the methane bacteria produce by doing deep fusion – it is a byproduct of nuclear fusion. Plants cope with the same problem, by building carbohydrates: Which we can burn to give off the methane again!
So CO2 and 4H2O -> CH5OH + 2He. The numbers may not be right, as I balanced this equation 2 years ago, and do not have my notes! So I told Sheffield University this in 2005.
If there is no handy magma chamber forming from tectonic movement, this white solid lies on the bottom of the sea or ocean.
So to get it, we can robot mine the dust from the bottom of the sea, vent the pressure to get the CH4 off. This we pressurize to a liquid of pure methane, and sell it as pure gas.
We vent the rest of the dust into the seas, to boost sea life. And the gas here reforms – it is not a fossil fuels. I regenerate from the CO2 in the air.
So this is a way to do molecular nuclear fusion. Going direct would be my preference, and it is not that hard! Nuclear fusion is easy.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Molecular nuclear fusion

A H bomb sets off molecular nuclear fusion, in a tank of water! OK, it sets it off with a fission bomb, but discharging super heated water onto Ti mesh would work as well.
Steam engines do molecular nuclear fusion. As do IC and jet engines. Green crops do it in the sun, as doe the human heart.
So we can generate clean, safe power, with burning no fossil fuels! And we have do molecular nuclear fusion for the last 200 years in machines, and in our blood since we evolved!

CO2 does not control the weather

The weather controls it! So CO2 levels are higher in an ice age! Lower when it is hotter, and there is more plant growth.
The people who first said CO2 affected the weather were the nuclear people, who wanted to site more plants. The trouble is, such plants kill millions! And they needed to get the environmentalists on their side.
Nuclear fission releases no CO2, but makes very toxic waste, and kills! The alternative is to do molecular nuclear fusion.
You want to see how? A water fall does it, as does a beating heart. It turns water into He and O, and is very very safe! Steam engines and green plants do it. And man can make all his energy that way, with no toxic waste.
The dangerous byproduct is He3, with a half life of 0.004 of a second. A rain shower makes it! It is that safe.
Life on Earth starts with plants and bacteria taking in CO2 – it is the trace gas of life. And there is only 0.000037% of it in the air.
Anybody who thinks this affects the climate is just stupid! And deserves to have a nuclear plant in their back garden!

Free Adverts!

All life on Earth is supported by plants and bacteria metabolizing CO2! In the last 20 years, NASA photos show all the deserts in the world receding – so there is more life on Earth because you burn fossil fuels!
And no, I have no linkage with the coal, oil or gas industries. I have no involvement with the nuclear industry either – a fact which will not surprise you as you read on.
After Chernobyl and 3 mile island, the nuclear industry has a problem! It is a filthy industry, which produces very long lasting, very toxic waste. Uranium is also dear to mine.
So the environmentalists would block any plan to build a new plant: Presuming they did not want heavy industry earning pots of money, before killing millions of people.
So they got the academics they paid to do research, t invent the phantom science of Global Warming. They had the problem of telling people that the increase of the gas of life, from 0.00002 to 0.000037% was somehow dangerous.
The nuclear inustry adn their friends invented the idea that CO2 changed the climate: And omitted to tell people how silly it was that a trace gas that supports all life on Earth was suddenly a danger.
No CO2, no life on Earth, and you would not have evolved. Also CO2 levels go up in an ice age. But this was the 70s, and there was no research money to look at the next ice age.
So they said it would warm the environment, and all that melting ice would raise the seas!
Problem is, 90% of that ice is below the seas, and as it melts, it takes us less room as liquid water, so the seas would fall! This is why your radiators crack open as they freeze! Melting ice contracts!
Another bit of science the academics chose to ignore. So by now the air would be 20 C warmer in the UK, and the seas 15 feet higher.
20 C warmer in winter would be nice! And all the extra plants would make Eden a paradise. And all those extra plants would tie up rain, and make sea levels fall.
This would happen big time in the Middle East! This was how it was in the Stone Age, when sea levels were 65 METERS lower. Another fact the academics missed out.
The International Panel on Climate Change is funded by the nuclear industry, and governments on the advice of academics!
So no part of Global Warming was true. The supposedly independent panel was funded by, and on behalf of the nuclear industry – trying to get the environmental movement on their side.
Ever felt you have been suckered? Because you have.
And now we get inches of newspaper copy, and frequent TV items on the phantom science of Global Warming.
This is free public relations for the nuclear industry: And effectively the BBC gives free adverts to the nuclear industry! Adverts you can’t buy.
BBC North West TV news mentions Global Warming every night! With no grasp of the lack of science in that slick name.
In the 70s everybody knew that the next ice age was due: Right until 1976 and the blazing summer. Then the nuclear industry devised Global Warming, and the world – and that means you – swallowed it.
I am not a Global Warming skeptic. I am a scientist who believes in truth. And is annoyed at the free adverts the nuclear industry, the merchant’s of death, are getting.

Weather forecast

Scientists can’t even get weather forecast right for the next day. So why are we trusting them hundreds of years into the future?
If you look at their forecast seas would be 15 feet higher today, and temperatures 20 C higher. However in the 70s they were saying we would be in the grip of a new ice age!
Historically cold is a big problem! The Earth copes with heat. As CO2 levels go up all that has changed is that ALL the deserts have receded so there is more life on Earth!
Remember, nuclear power kills, burning fossil fuels just makes us super animals, and makes for more life on Earth. Plants take in CO2, and the 0.000037% CO2 has no effect on the climate.
CO2 goes up when there is less life – like during an ice age.
NASA photos show that the deserts are receding – so no scientific ideas here – fact.
The IPCC was funded in part by the nuclear industry, so have come out with fossil fuels being bad: So do more nuclear. And we all bought it!
Nuclear is very, very bad. The power stuff came out of the A bomb ideas, so the fact it kills by the millions should not surprise you.
We can loop the steam around in the boiler room, and use molecular nuclear fusion to keep steam up. So we need to burn less fossil fuels!
If we do our engineering right, we can use just molecular nuclear fusion, and not burn fossil fuels. Self interest here: I am a graduate engineer, who has no interest in killing out.
The International Panel on Climate Change has a self interest in promoting the nuclear industry. Did none of you wonder?

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Biological molecular nuclear fusion

Every time your heart beats, some of the water in your blood is turned into He and O. With the release of a lot of heat.
When the sun shines, plants release He, O and gamma rays, as they do molecular nuclear fusion!
All man’s chemical engines do it.
High pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow do it! It is quite possible to run a jet engine off water. So using no fossil fuels. And producing no CO2.
CO2 has no effect on the climate anyway! It supports life on Earth. No scientist who is not funded by the nuclear fission industry believes in Global Warming.
Proof Zimmerman at Sheffield University UK says he no longer believes in Global Warming! That is the sort of thing he had a duty to tell the world.
Global Warming was fiction made up by the nuclear industry! How did they persuade the world that 0.000037% CO2 had any effect on the climate?
Life on Earth is only possible due to water vapor in the air doing molecular nuclear fusion during the day.
So there are loads of ways to do molecular nuclear fusion, using no fossil fuels! Burning fossil fuels does it, but there are ways to do it that produce no CO2.
It allows us to generate power very, very cheaply: And not being held hostage by OPEC.
You can run a car on a cup full of water every three years. I told Prof. Zimmerman, and he ended my PhD, for trumped up reason he has never told me about, so breaking the university constitution.
In 2001 I proved to a professor of chemical engineering with a double first from Columbia, that Global Warming could not be true.
He is a cleaver guy. He must have known that. And just could not be bothered to tell the world, or even give me my PhD.
And I believe that there is a Nobel Prize for the guy who sorts out Global Warming. I should not be surprised he ended my PhD: I was obviously wasted on Sheffield University!