Thursday, 31 May 2007

Global Warming the truth

Life on Earth would not be possible without the Global Warming created by water vapor: Nothing to do with man!
CO2 is at 0.000037%. When it was at 0.00004%, there was 60% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 65 meters lower. CO2 tracks the climate – which is controlled by solar cycles.
It has no effect on the climate! Global Warming was a name coined by the nuclear industry, to get more nuclear plants.
There is no science behind it. Global Warming through CO2 is totally phantom fiction! And it is stopping REAL science from being done.

Nuclear failure

Nuclear power is too dangerous, and taking the plants out of service too dear! Hence the phantom science of Global Warming, to make you feel better about nuclear!

Organic carbon is life!

Plants take in CO2 to grow. Animals take in their waste gas, O2, combine it with plant bulk, and produce CO2 and the residual solar energy.
At the end of the Jurassic there was more CO2 in the air – 0.00004%; as opposed to today’s 0.000037%. Sea levels were 65 meters LOWER, and there was 60% more life on Earth.
Lion’s used to roam in Kent, so England was hotter, while there were rain forests were now there are desserts.
Whne the dinosaurs died, the plant and animals tissue formed hydrocarbons, as the oxygen was squeezed out of the proteins.
Organic carbon’ is just a label dreamed up by the nuclear industry, to get the environmental movement to support new nuclear plants.
Plants which hill, produce very toxic, long lasting waste, and occasionally go up like a nuclear bomb: Which is what they were developed from.
You are organic carbon, with a few minerals, and a lot of water in! All the animals in the world breath out 4 times the CO2 that man’s engines do.
Repeat: You are organic carbon! The more CO2 there is in the air, the more life there is on Earth. Oh I should say, my video has come through from You-Tube below - so watch me!

Propeller fusion

I last talked about this 2 years ago. As a propeller cuts through the water, it gives off radiation. A paddle wheel does not, which is why propellers took over.
So the idea is simple: We take the propeller, I think cast from Al alloy, and thick electro plate it in Ti.
This massively increases the amount of molecular nuclear fusion we do. If we are using stearable pods, we also Ti plate these.
The number that sticks in my mind is four! I think we save a fuel every trip, four times the cost of electroplating.
We also double the speed of the ship.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

CO2 – the gas of life

Early in Earth’s history, there was 40% CO2 in the air. Then Green plants evolved, and there is now 0.000037%.
In the time of the dinosaurs, there was 60% more life on Earth, though 0.00004% CO2, and 10% more O2 in the air! The numbers escape me, but I think there is about 26% O2 in the air, the greatest polluter in Earth’s history.
In the Permian, plants could only take in the CO2 they released at night, and 80% of life on Earth died. Life only got past this, when animals evolved to use up O2, the waste gas of plants, and eat plant bulk.
CO2 is the gas of life! The nuclear industry is in trouble! They need to get the environmentalists on there side – so they got the academics they said to say that CO2 was the greatest threat to life on Earth.
If it was not for the trace of CO2 in the air, there would be no life on Earth! You would never have evolved.
The nuclear fission industry was evolved from the A bomb project, and when things go wrong, they kill by the hundreds of thousands!
The phantom science of Global Warming could never kill anybody, as it is not true. But the nuclear buys want pay back for all the money they have plowed into academia.
To be allowed to build new power stations: Stations that will kill ­ probably YOU! Think 3 mile island, and Chernobyl.
So remember, the more CO2 there is in the air, the more life there is on Earth! No CO2, no you! I have no vested interests.
All the academics spouting on about Global Warming get money from the nuclear boys. They talk not so much as a forked tongue, but one which glows in the dark.
Global Warming = false = your death. CO2 is the gas of life!

Written by Jonathan Thomason -


Molecular nuclear fusion turns water to He and O. So where ever we get ozone, we have molecular nuclear fusion!

The biggest area is the sea in the light.Which is why the polar winter sees an ozone hole! Nothing to do with pollution or man - after all one man’s pollution is another one’s food!

Breaking waves do molecular nuclear fusion, and produce ozone! That wonderful sea side smell. So the sea side turns out to be a low grade nuclear fusion plant, so is not a good place to hang out.

The deep water in general is not the place to be. Water falls also get in on the act - and we get that lovely smell of ozone again.

What you will not realise, is that steam engines and IC engines both make He! As does your beating heart - you breathe out He as a result!

Jet engines are a place of massive molecular nuclear fusion, and so we will get He, but has anybody ever checked?

All of which means we can run a steam turbine using no fossil fuels! But all life is supported by plants taking in CO2 - the gas of life.

Global Warming was never science! It was just the nuclear industry trying to get you to allow new plants. And remember, nuclear fission kills hundreds of thousands of people at one go!

And this means you! CO2 supports all life on Earth. Without it, you would be dead. Which is why Nasa photos show all the deserts in the world receding, since Global Warming was thought up!
Think: No science, but Global Warming may well kill you. Not because of carbon emissions, but due to the siting of a nuclear power plant within 20 miles of you.

Monday, 28 May 2007

The power of the waterfall

When water falls down a water fall, it emerges 20 C hotter at the base! It also gives off Helium, and forms O, which bonds with O2, to form ozone – O3. Breaking waves at the seaside do the same.
Green cops in the light also do the same! He, O and gamma waves. So do you, every time your heart beats, and as blood flows around your body.
Welcome to the world of molecular nuclear fusion! The exposed hydrogens in water, with some turbulent flows, doe nuclear fusion! Hence the he, O and gamma waves! Plus light flashes as it happens.
Which we see in the deep sea. Molecular nuclear fusion is going off all around us. Particularly in man’s chemical engines.
All water boilers do the same – including your kettle. Knowing this we can generate heat and power from water.
Using no fossil fuels. And not touching nuclear fission, which is polluting, generates toxic waste, and kills millions!
The nuclear fission industry dreamt up Global Warming, which is why there is no science, but people in the pay of the nuclear industry try to say it is indisputable – in other words not real.
We may be getting global cooling – this is the way the climate works, without man.
But this I know, allow nuclear fission plants, and millions will die. It was dev eloped from the nuclear bomb, and is as deadly.
In contrast, nuclear fusion is the power of the water fall – and totally safe. The irony is, if the nuclear industry takes up molecular nuclear fusion, they will make so much more money!
You want nuclear fusion, here is how!!!

From 0161 8480416 at Salford Quays

Sunday, 27 May 2007

My PhD

I was happily studying Global Warming in 2001: My idea was to irrigate the deserts, and the plants would take in CO2, and tie up water.
In the Stone Age there were massive rain forests where there are now deserts, and sea levels were 65 meters lower. There was more CO2 in the air, and more oxygen.
There was more life on Earth, more CO2 in the air, and sea levels were lower.
But the nuclear industry thought up Global Warming to say the climate would be warmer, the deserts would advance and there would be less life on Earth.
In 2003 there was a record low tide in Scotland. NASA photos show all the deserts are retreating!
So by burning fossil fuels, the seas are not rising, and life on Earth is increasing. But the nuclear industry has invested so much in getting the Global Warming idea established, they will not give it up!
They kill hundreds of thousands with every accident they have, and impinge on the lives of millions.
Climate change is natural! It is the way the climate works. It kills nobody, the nuclear fission industry does!
And they got my PhD ended, for working on the right idea!
I found out how to use 200 year old science, to cool the hot lands, and warm the cool ones. So this increases plant life on this planet, and makes life better.
The nuclear industry does not! The way things go, it may end up killing YOU! New plants are like holding a gun to your head.
The objective scientists are not – they are paid by the nuclear industry: The biggest threat to life on Earth!

The Power of the Kettle

As a kettle comes to the boil, it does nuclear fusion, as we see rising bubbles condense before they escape the liquid. As the bubbles contract 1000 fold, the old surfaces of the bubbles hit each other at speed, and we see nuclear fusion.
The surface is made up of the exposed hydrogen’s, so we get hydrogen on hydrogen kinetic interaction. This is what happens on the sun, as we have a boiling mass of hydrogen gas!
When we have boiling water, we get molecular nuclear fusion! All these torouses of hydrogen gas were so close! But as Prof. Zimmerman told me, linear flow is pants! We want turbulent flow.
The irony is, this is easy to produce in a torrous. We want to induce the atoms to spin vertically as they circulate. Then we will see nuclear fuglsion, at moderate temperatures and pressures.
Doing it with steam we give us molecular nuclear fusion, which is a better match for man’s machines! Atomic nuclear fusion will melt all plant, and kill all life within 10 miles.
Today we are already doing molecular nuclear fusion: In steam turbines, in jet and car engines. In steam engines, molecular nuclear fusion drove the industrial revolution.
You own blood system does it! Which is why you can take your pulse with a Giga counter.
I am too old: They teach this today at school! I had to think it out. Too many Latt├ęs meant I was OK though.

Personal power

We use the power of the kettle here! We heat a boiler into a state of boiling, and bubble back 10% of the steam: This keeps it in a state of boiling.
This is not perpetual energy, as we are converting some of the water into He and O. Two Hs into one He – that is nuclear fusion! Because that is what we have produced – a working molecular nuclear fusion plant.
So no Global Warming – but that was only science fiction invented by the nuclear industry to be allowed to build more plants!
All life is based on plants taking in CO2 – organic carbon, and producing O2 and plant bulk. You owe your life to organic carbon!
Our plant will sit there turning water into he and O. If man got all his power from molecular nuclear fusion, he would produce 0.1% of the He from the deep seas. Life on Earth would not exist if it was not for the deep molecular nuclear fusion done by sea water in turbulent flow.
Europe gets 25% of its heat from the Gulf stream. 95% of who’s heat is from molecular nuclear fusion. Did not biologist notice the seas did nuclear fusion?
So we have a fusion power plant, that uses up water. But no fossil fuels! It needs to be maintained by the national grid, who will want to buy excess amperage from the person.
So rather than a electricity bill, we will get a mortgage and maintenance bill from the national grid, minus the money for the excess power we have sold the grid! If we have a grid connection.
We can power a car on the same system, where we generate power to drive electric motors. So an electric car with no heavy batteries.
If Global Warming had ever been at all true, this would have fixed it!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Global Warming is death from nuclear power

Plants take in CO2, and make O2 and produce the plant bulk all life on Earth is supported through. There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. It has no effect on the climate.
The nuclear industry kills hundreds of thousands, and affects million of others. Global Warming has never killed anybody. Global Warming is not real.
Climate change is the result of solar cycles. To say ‘Climate change through Global Warming is just rubbish.
Academics get a lot of money from the nuclear industry, so they were prepared to say this rubbish.
To get you to welcome the building of more nuclear power plants. How stupid are you? This is deadly rubbish!

Friday, 25 May 2007

How stupid are you?

Plants take in CO2, and make O2 and produce the plant bulk all life on Earth is supported through. There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. It has no effect on the climate.
The nuclear industry kills hundreds of thousands, and affects million of others. Global Warming has never killed anybody. Global Warming is not real.
Climate change is the result of solar cycles. To say ‘Climate change through Global Warming is just rubbish.
Academics get a lot of money from the nuclear industry, so they were prepared to say this rubbish.
To get you to welcome the building of more nuclear power plants. How stupid are you? This is deadly rubbish!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Nuclear fusion is easy!

Nuclear fusion fixes global warming: What scientists did not realise was that man and nature already did it!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Lets make more life on Earth! More CO2 please.

All life on Earth depends on there being some CO2 in the air. THere nearly isn't! There si onyl 0.000037% in the free air. Plants want all the CO2 they can get. Lets give it to them, and increase life on Earth!

A BIG idea

People cure specific cancers today. What they do not realize is that they do nuclear fusion – via molecular nuclear fusion.
Breaking waves do it. As does
A waterfall,
A working steam engine,
An internal combustion engine,
A jet engine,
Your body, as your heart beats, and blood flows around your veins. All animals do,
As do green plants in the sun,
Moist air does it in the sun light. This is why the equator is so hot, and Poles so cold in the dark months.
So all boiler rooms and even your kettle at home do it!
There is so much in the kitchen: Microwave ovens, conventional ovens and even your grill get in on the act.
What really fascinates me is that steam turbines do it! So my PhD was exactly right.
The major heat input into the world is from the deep sea, which does turbulence, water, molecular nuclear fusion.
Life on Earth would not be possible without it!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Fixing the climate

There are huge tracts of the Earth, which are too cold, or too hot – for some or all of the year. But the mariacle of it all, is that most of the world can be inhabited!
This occurs as the seas spread solar heat around the planet: Molecular nuclear fusion also gives us a lot of heat, mostly from conduction from the seas.
On Venus we have steam not water, and we get more molecular nuclear fusion, and things are just too hot. On Mars, the only liquid water is in the deep. This is where life hangs out, with no heat from the sun.
There are huge ecosystems on Mars, if only we drill down to find it! There is also a lot of life in the deep on the earth, away from the heat of the sun.
We can improve the climate of the Earth, by shipping more heat to the Poles. We can use science from the 18th century.
A German scientist found that by compressing and venting a gas, you could pump heat around! This is how your fridge works.
In the hot lands, we have low pressure gas taking heat from the air, and we drive a turbine with the falling air. The high pressure end returns the heat, at higher temperatures to the seas.
The hot water will flow back to the Poles naturally – no pumps! On route we invert the heat pump, to make air warmers, and take the same heat out, and put it in the air.
This air will rise, and drives another wind turbine, doing all the pumping for us. In other words, once stared, the devices will drive themselves, off 0.2% of the heat they transfer.
Warmer cool lands and colder hot ones. Clouds will form over the once hot lands, which will now get loads of natural rain. We need to plant seedlings, and sow seeds, and help soil to form.
All the new plants will sink the CO2 for us! Plants take in CO2 – and in so doing support life on Earth. More CO2, more life.
There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air, so plants will sink all the CO2 we can throw at them! Running a car is so green! Restrict carbon emissions. Why? Do you have a problem with life?
In the cold lands, we warm them up, so plants will thrive all year, and sink more CO2: The biggest problem we might have, is giving plants enough CO2!
So using technology 300 years old, we can cool the hot lands, warm the cool ones, and boost plant life. Luckily Global Warming was never even close to being true!
The only losers are the scientists who have spouted Global Warming rubbish fro 15 years. So, so stupid. Why did you go for it?

Simple nuclear fusion

On the sun, we have a boiling mass of atomic hydrogen: This just does not exist on the Earth! Lightening turn it into water. Even today! As we gain H from space, we get more water.
On Earth, if we have a mass of boiling water, it gives out radiation! And forms He and O. The latter goes up to form the ozone layer.
It is formed as light hits the sea surface, so in the polar minter, no O, and no ozone.
So every boiler room in the world does nuclear fusion! Or rather molecular nuclear fusion. If we loop back 10% of the steam, we can keep the boiler in a state of boiling, while there is water to go at.
Fluorescent tubes also do nuclear fusion, so we can sue this to heat up the steam to a nice 700 C, and condense it on the cold end of a heat pump.
When we compress the Carnot gas, we can return 85% of the system heat to the boiler. The rest comes from boiling fusion, and plasma fusion. There is so much new science to do here!
I would like to look at plasma fusion, but first we prove boiling fusion, and give me my Nobel!
I was on a PhD at Sheffield University, but the powers that be did not like me pointing g out that Global Warming is stupid!
You breathe out CO2, and plants breathe it in. There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air, so releasing more CO2 is so Green! And plants will love you.
CO2 tracks solar emission cycles, so it is a victim of the climate, it does not cause climate change.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Safe nuclear power

Nuclear fission is very dangerous, and produces some very toxic waste! The sun does nuclear fusion, which built all the atoms in your body.
It produces He3, which decays into He2 – inert! H2 and H3 both decay into H1, H2 with a half life of 0.004 of a second! Nuclear fusion produces low energy gamma waves, which can be contained easily. Not so with present day nuclear fission plants.
But nuclear fusion does no go on, on Earth! Wrong – it goes on everywhere. Where ever you have molecular hydrogen in high energy kinetic interaction, we do.
You What? At sea shores, and at water falls, H2O goes into He and O! It happens in the seas, during the day.
The O rises, interacts with O2, and forms ozone. But only during the day. So in nuclear winter, we have always had an ozone hole. We just didn’t see it until 20 years ago.
Another place is in plants and animals. During the day, plants do green fusion, where they form He and give off gamma radiation. So a field of growing wheat does nuclear fusion!
Animals do it all day, in their mitochondria. Yet another reason why they are separate from genetic DNA.
So how can man do it? He already does! In the industrial revolution, steam engines had steam in turbulent flow. Back to H2O. So a working steam engine gives off gamma rays, as it does molecular nuclear fusion.
IC engines operate as instant on steam engines, and have steam in turbulent flow again. And in any case, burning fossil fuels does flame molecular nuclear fusion!
Microwave ovens also do molecular nuclear fusion.
Bubbling steam through near boiling water gives out more steam than it started off with. So you loop back some of the steam, and sue the reset to drive engines, or give steam.
And then you get a powerful engine, that uses no fossil fuels. If man did all his power from this method, he would produce 0.01% of the he produced by the deep sea.
You see, Deep molecular nuclear fusion is the most important energy source on the Earth.
Venus does steam, rather than water molecular nuclear fusion, and is very hot. Mars does neither, and is very cold. When we get to Mars, we will do molecular nuclear fusion, to supply all our power and heat.
To colonize Venus, we have to mask the surface from the sun, or set up air coolers at the poles, to condense water from the hot steam.

Saturday, 19 May 2007


It is May 19th in Manchester. It is hailing! This is global cooling big time. Once in my life, it has snowed in 1974 I think, in July.
Scientists were predicting the next ice age as a result. Then was the three blazing months of the summer of 1976. Far far hotter than we have had since.
Two or three years gives us a good summer. So there is no global warming. No more than an impending ice age was with us in the 70s!
I was doing a PhD on Global Warming at Sheffield University in 2001. When it got ended, as I said it was phantom science.
The seas have not risen by 1 mm in the last 200 years, since man has burned fossil fuels. The weather now is fairly artic.
Scientists may know some stuff, but they do not know about the weather! The sun does, man has no impact here. Drive your car and sing!

Natural gas

It is not enough to say that Global Warming is scientific fiction! You want to know how we can
Nuclear fusion
Global Warming is scientific fiction but you want to know how we can replace the burning of fossil fuels.
The easiest way is to robot mine methyl hydrate from the sea bed. Bacteria sink CO2, with water, to form CH4, and He and O! The latter forms ozone, but only during the day. So we get an ozone hole in the polar winters!
The CH4 bonds with H2O at high pressure to form CH5OH – methyl hydrate. When the pressure is released, we get our methane and water back.
Methane is basically natural gas. So here we get at regenerating natural gas, which is not a fossil fuel! As we burn the gas, bacteria sink the CO2 to make cH4, which gives them energy.
Burning the gas releases residual nuclear fusion energy.
But why not do nuclear fusion direct! After all green plants do it in the day, doing green molecular nuclear fusion.
You do pressure3 molecular nuclear fusion, every time your heart beats, and as blood flows around your body.
Steam and IC engines do turbulence molecular nuclear fusion. So the industrial revolution was nuclear fusion driven!
Boiling water does boiling molecular nuclear fusion – a form of turbulence molecular nuclear fusion. This is done by burning carbohydrates, and hydrocarbons – both formed from doing molecular nuclear fusion.
Most people use a kettle to boil water today. So you can use electricity to generate steam, and then take off some of the power to keep the boiler in a state of boiling, and sell the excess power.
Power formed by burning no fossil fuels, but consuming a bit of water. Life on this planet is only possible due to deep fusion, generating heat in the seas. So we are all molecular nuclear fusion driven! Today.
The sun has a boiling mass of hydrogen gas, which doe nuclear fusion. If we have a boiling body of water, we do molecular nuclear fusion.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Sinking Global Warming

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -

The academic world has given up on predicting the world is warming due to CO2 output, just as they gave up predicting the next ice age in the 70s.
The climate is nothing to do with man - we are not that important! Over the last 600 million years, it does not correlate with CO2 levels, but solar sun spot activity: In other worlds, nothing to do with you driving a car!
You see the whole idea of CO2 driving the climate is stupid! CO2 tracks the solar emission cycles, so it follows the world climate, with a 4 year lag!
There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air, Up from 0.00002% before man started burning fossil fuels. So CO2 output from man has gone up 20 fold, and the CO2 level we see in the free air has not even doubled!
Plants take in CO2, so NASA photos show all the deserts in the world are receding!So with more plants, the are more animals! CO2 is taken in by plants, take make CH4, He and O from it! The deep seas do the same.
With plants, the CH4 is used to build carbohydrates - plant mass: Which you eat. In the sea it bonds with water to form methyl hydrate, which lies on the sea bed.All of which has taken CO2 down from 40%, to 0.00002%.
The O bonds with O2, to form ozone- O3.During the dark polar months, there is no molecular nuclear fusion, and so we see an ozone hole! Nothing to do with man or pollution.
No more than running a car will affect the climate! Look in the sky, that big glowing thing during the day affects the climate!
The sun controls the climate. All the scientists who say otherwise, just want YOUR money to research phantom science.

CO2 - the gas of life!

Global Warming should make the entire world warmer. But no! Whenever things are hot, the pundits say ‘Global Warming was true!’.
They ignore things when they are cooler. So we have just has the warmest April, since 300 years before thermometers were invented. And now we have a cold May, which they totally ignore.
There is 0.000037% CO2 in the air. Very, very little. They say 3.7 parts per million, as it sounds more! Up from 2 ppm before the industrial revolution. Two hundred years before it was measured!
How do they know this stuff? They make it up.
NASA photos show in reality that all the desserts have receded in the last 20 years. Plants take in CO2, so there is more plant life today. So there is more life on Earth, because man burns fossil fuels.
Plants and bacteria take in CO2. So when green plants evolved there was 40% CO2 in the air. Now there is 25% O2, their waste gas. Animals evolved to take in their waste gas, and convert it into their food. They eat plant bulk, and combine it with the O2, to get at energy.
Plants take in CO2, combine it with H2O, and produce He and CH4, which they oxidize into carbohydrates. They do molecular nuclear fusion.
So do deep water bacteria. So CO2 is the gas of life! Plants and animals use CO2 to do molecular nuclear fusion. It is the gas of life.
It is the trace gas of life. As there is only 0.000037% of it in the global air. Global Warming is not science. It is not even real.

Thursday, 17 May 2007


Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -
Is caused by pathogen leaders, left after infective illness. They are sat as viral rumps, displaying novel antigens, but doing no cell damage.
If we give a drip of IL-2+, we produce and action the antibody to Altzimer's.
Which will halt the progression of the disease. To reverse it, now that is harder! Ask me.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Cancer pills

When you are ill, you are subject to the host genome, modified by host specific pathogen leaders, which are designed to restrict your immune action towards the infection.
These have been shared around by passing strips of RNA: The trouble is, as cells reach the end of their lives, they cessate, and pick up pathogen leaders.
When a cell has the golden six pathogen leaders, it goes cancerous! If it only has 5, that cell is precancerous.
So by curing the common cold we stop cancer! This we can do with an idea by Dr MatZinger.
After 3 days, the pathogen leaders are overcome; you produce the active antibody, and get better.
One way to speed this up is to give fungal antibiotics like penicillin. This will even produce the human antiviral to viral infections. So penicillin cures human viruses. Not directly, but it stimulates the immune system to get busy.
We do not need to wait for 3 days, or if you are old with plenty of cessated cells with pathogen leaders in, 2 weeks, but we can give a drip of the signals used by the immune system.
This will produce the HAX, and stop cancer. If you already have cancer, we can use the same idea to produce the HAX to cancer.
And these cancer pills will cure cancer – and the exact method is in the text books! Or you could ask me.

Monday, 14 May 2007


This was partially inspired by a couple of PhD students from Cambridge, I met when they were on honeymoon in Tenerife. He was studying chemokines, when I was thinking about cytokines and cancer.
An old idea was that HIV made IL-4 on its own – with no IL-2 or IL-1+. I was wrong! After I met the Cambridge students I learned that HIV made three chemokines, that normally are produced in response to IL-4.
The difference is the feedback – my area of expertise. IL-4 causes the APCs to produce the active antibody, and enough IL-2 to action it.
Chemokines make the antibody with no IL-2, only the usually suppressive IL-10. This is what causes AIDs!
So if somebody is HIV+, we give them a drip of IL-2, at the level of a person getting better from an infection, even with the aid of fungal antibiotics.
The latter cause the immune system to produce the activer antibody, even to viruses! So fungal antibiotics help cure human viral infections – it is all due to the feedback system of the immune system: Which is positive, and very powerful.
With full AIDs, there is loads of the active antiviral in the blood, but it is dropped by the T cells, and never loaded on the macrophages. That is what the externally applied IL-2 will do: And cure AIDs, and remove all HIV infected cells from the body.
If some body is HIV-, we can spike the immune system: We take blood samples, and get at the active antiviral.
We give this in pill form, with no IL-10! The body will make IL-2 and IL-4, and we cure the infection totally!
And all this stuff is in the books! What medics needed was some stuff on systems work – which is my M.Eng.!
I am sorry I did no come to Cambridge: I was cleaver enough, and my sister and father in law got first in medicine from Kings. But I had no interest.
My head injury changed all that! A drip of IL-4+ will fix head injuries, and I am so interested in.
Polly has my cancer work, which will stand on its own. No way should I be in Salford singing on stage, and editing three internet blogs! What a waste.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

The end of the ice age

Written by Jonathan Thomason -

All the ice on the land melted, probably over a couple of centuries. As the weight was taken off, the land rose as the sees rose.
So in other words, the seas did not change. What created the Channel, and made England an island, was the acidification of the middle East.
There is oil there now, because the was vibrant forests, where now there are deserts.
All the fresh water ran off into the sea, and so absolute sea levels rose! Nothing to do with the ice age.
They say now global warming will melt what is left of the ice age. The south Pole is floating, so this will not raise sea levels.
The North Pole is based on land, but the Global Warming people have trouble showing any global increase in temperatures.
The sea at the North Pole freezes in the winter- that is below -22 C. They are saying temperatures might rise 8 C in the next 1,000 years.
So far they have not risen 0.001 mm in the 200 years man has been burning fossil fuels. So this is just scare stories!
The academics have no crystal balls, but they do have large departments they need to fund. So scare stories.
Show me one fact of Global Warming, and I would laugh! Alan Coren, the former editor of New Scientist, and the best informed science dude on the planet says it is rubbish!
Organic carbon supports all life on Earth - including yours. It follows solar emission cycles. So it follows the climate, it does not lead it.
Man has nothing to do with the climate. That big glowing call in the sky has everything to do with it.
The seas rose because rain forests became deserts. It had nothing to do with ice ages.


Is caused by HIV, the human version of SIV, which is a weak virus endemic amounts primates. It entered the human genome, after butchering bush meat. SIV got in through a cut in the butchers hand, and made 3 human chemokines as pathogen leaders.
These are three minor immune signals, and leads to AIDs, after 10 years. So HIV sits there doing no cell damage, but degrading the immune system, until a minor infection does for the person.
The cell damage is crutial, as it is the call to arms to the immune system. Cancer is a pathogen rump infestation that does no cell damage. So we can use the same idea.
We give a drip of IL-4. Interlukin 4 causes the human immune system to turn out the active antibody to the new cell or tissue structure. For cancer this is the human antiviral (HAV), for heart disease this is the human antibiotic (HAB).
So a course of pills will fix both cancer and heart disease. The are also HAX (Human antibody) pills that will fix all infections.
We also need to give IL-2, the immune signal to action the antibody. Once it is action, we get the full immune action we want here! That makes IL-1+, and IL-2…21.
With HIV+ people, we get the HAV to HIV. Which will cure the disease.
It will not protect against these conditions reoccurring: The lack of cell damage sees to that!
But we can cure them. And all the diseases of age. Which are caused by a pathogen rump infestation. So there is a HAV t oMS. And HAXs to IBS, arthritis …

Nuclear fusion

On suns, this goes from hydrogen gas. But on Earth, we see molecular nuclear fusion – mostly from water, but from other types of compounds with hydrogen in too.
We see it from hydrocarbons, when we have their gas in turbulent flow – like in refineries. We also see it in their flame, as we burn them in oxygen, and we have steam in turbulent flow.
So this means steam engines give out radiation as they work, as do internal combustion engines. So both release He in the output gas!
Ethanol refineries, like whisky stills, let out refinery radiation! As do old fashioned water stills, as we make fresh water.
But the biggest source has got to be the deep! And Europe gets 25% of its heat from the Gulf Stream. 60% of its heat comes from deep fusion, as high pressure water is in turbulent flow.
I like deep sea currents. We can make what I term an air warmer, that passes the heat of the air to a cold, low pressure gas. AS the air cools and sinks, we drive a captive turbine, which drives a pump.
This compresses what I call the Carnot stream, which his carrying the solar heat in a gas. When we compress it, it gets hot, and we pass this heat to a body of water – usually the sea.
Now we vent it through a valve, and it becomes cool. This is the cycle your fridge and freezer work on. So the device sits there, totally unpowered once started, passing solar heat to the seas.
This heat flows towards the Poles, and the cool counties invert the cycle, to make an air warmer. This takes the heat from the seas, and passes it to the air. The rising torrous of hot air drives a captive wind turbine, which drives the cycle.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cool ones. We get more natural rain where it is needed, and more plant growth – which is not affected by cloud cover.
So we get massive amounts of natural carbon offsetting. I thought of this idea in 2001, while doing a PhD at Sheffield University.
But we can use molecular nuclear fusion, in place of burning fossil fuels. We have a boiler, kept in a state o0f boiling by recirculating 10% of the produced steam. Boiling water gives off radiation, as the collapsing bubbles do molecular nuclear fusion, at the point of boiling.
We take steps to dry the steam out. Today in power plants, they give the steam a small vent, so it is 20 C above the boiling point.
We pass it over a Ti turbine, which I was taught in 1984, gives off radiation, as the steam in turbulent flow, around Ti metal does molecular nuclear fusion.
We then cool the steam on a Carnot heat pump – as with the air coolers idea above. So we get liquid water, which we pump back to the boiler room, as power plants do after the cooling tower today.
There it meets up with the hot end of the Carnot system, and is boiled off! This along with the recirculated steam means we boil no fossil fuels. But we do produce a whiff of He and O, as we are doing molecular nuclear fusion in the boiler and turbine hall.
We can use this system to drive cars and lories, using no fossil fuels. We can make the world carbon neutral. The only thing producing CO2, will be animals like you.
Which is a shame, as plants want al lthe CO2 they can get today, and man’s engines have only raised the CO2 level from 0.00002% to 0.000037%.
And this has lead to all the desserts in the world receding, as plant growth has gone up!
CO2 supports all life on Earth, it does not treatment it! It has no effect on the climate, but no CO2, no O2 for you to breath, and no food for you to eat!

Friday, 11 May 2007

The CO2 story

Plants breathe in CO2: Infact the mass extinction early in Earth’s history was caused by too little CO2!
During the light, plants use CO2 to do molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why they release He and methane during the day. Though most of the CH4 is used to build carbohydrates.
When the dinosaurs died, 80% of the life on Earth went down to the deep, where the carbohydrates were turned into hyhdrocarbons. So by burning the fossil fuels we are releasing the 80% of life that died with the dinosaurs.
In the deep sea the methane gets tied up as methyl hydrate, where the CO2 is lost to life! As they white solid lies on the sea bed. CH5OH – CO2 lost to life on Earth!
Animals evolved to burn carbohydrates all day, with O2 – the waste gas excreted by plants. So we produce more CO2 – the gas off life.
Plants and bacteria mean there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. You thought there was more? You have been listening to all the scientists who are being paid to look at global warming!
Above 8% CO2 in the air, you would be dead. Below 2% there is no effect on climate. I repeat, there is 0.000037%. The world has been sold a stinker, by all the scientists with a vested interest in global warming being true.
The middle ages were warmer than today! There were lions and elephants roaming around London. We do not know how warm, as thermometers were not invented until 200 years ago.
No CO2, no life on Earth! And certainly no animal or human life. CO2 is the trace gas of life.
Now we can use technology 200 years old, to provide all man’s energy from molecular nuclear fusion! That is from water, rather than fossil fuels.
So no organic emissions. In 2001 I was doing a PhD, to look at irrigating the hot lands, so plants would take in all the CO2. So I guess I invented carbon offsetting.
No thanks, and my PhD got ended fro spurious reasons, as there are too many academics with an interest in global warming being true – and incurable.
But with carbon offsetting it is curable! As plants take in the CO2. There was 40% CO2 in the air, until green plants got busy. Oxygen is the greatest polluter in Earth’s history.
CO2 is the gas of life, and there is very, very, very little of it in the air. If there was none, all life on Earth would be dead!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Jet Fusion

I pointed this out to Sheffield University three years ago, Ti turbines give out radiation while working! A year ago I suggested super charging a jet using water rather than aviation fuel! I should give us more thrust.
We use the exhaust manifold to boil off water, and feed this steam into the exit of the combustion chamber. So we do more nuclear fusion in the Ti turbine, and jet exhaust.
And water is basically free! And should be ten times as effective as aviation fuel. I got myself an external keyboard for my new laptop today, so my messages should get longer now!
`I have also got my camcorder all set up for my video reporter work.

From 0161 8480416 at Salford Quays

Air warmers

This was the idea I was working on in 2001. It uses science that was sorted out in the 18th century.
We have two helices, to transfer heat from the air into a body of water. We compress and vent the gas, so we create heat or cold. This is how you fridge creates temperatures in your freezer below 0 C, from the air in the kitchen at 30 C.
When you double the pressure on a gas, it heats up by 270 C, provided there is no moisture around! If there is, we are back to my old friend molecular nuclear fusion!
So we take into a low pressure gas, at down to -10C. We double the pressure on the gas, and get temperatures 250 C+! So if we use a helix, we get a rising torrous of hot air.
Then my PhD ended for no explained reason, so I was busy singing on stage – well I have range!
So we use the rising air to drive a captive wind turbine. The helix bti came from Prof. Zimmerman – a very cleaver guy, who could not understand how my mind worked! Who cares, just role with it.
So we get a self powering device, once started. That sits there heating the air, and cooling the sea. The cold water flows back to the equator, where it cools the hot lands.
We invert the refrigeration cycle, so taking heat from the air, and putting it in the seas. We now have cool air, with lots of natural cloud and rain.
Plants use UV light, which comes on through cloud. So we get back the massive rain forests, which is lush and wet. OK, we have to rebuild the soil, and import plants from surviving rain forests. This we can do.
So we get warm forests where there are now arid desserts. In the cool lands, we now get dryer, warmer air: Which plants will love! Using air coolers and warmers.
Which uses science that is over 200 years old. All the lands feature massive growing forests, which do carbon offsetting, naturally.
It annoys me that I though of carbon offsetting in 2001, and the world ahs only heard about it in 2007. And I did not get my PhD! So global warming was never a real problem, but if it had been, here is how to solve it!
There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. What were you worried about?

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Geo fusion

Geo fusion
All over the Earth, nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion: But we have not seen, as it is so common!
The biggest place is in the deep sea. All over the Earth nature turns water into He and O, and a lot of heat. It is induced by light, so in the polar winter there is no O3, and we get an ozone hole.
Breaking waves and water falls do turbulence molecular nuclear fusion. It really is everywhere. Including in your own body.
Animals’ heart and arteries also do molecular nuclear fusion. Man’s chemical engines also do molecular nuclear fusion.
Particularly if there is Ti metal about. Chemical processes do chemical molecular nuclear fusion, as the turbulence of an aqueous reaction gives us nuclear fusion!
Steam turbines and kettles do loads of it! Boiling fusion being so important. So all boiler rooms in the world do molecular nuclear fusion.
Volcanoes and Earth quakes are power by deep fusion, with geothermal water. And rain does it. Which means both tornados and lightening is driven by nuclear fusion.
Enough, go study!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Water cars

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
In the early days of locomotion, the electric and petrol cars were well matched! But then the weight of the battery became a factor.
However if we have a boiler, we can loop back 10% of the steam, and use the rest to drive the car! That is right, every boiler room in the world does molecular nuclear fusion!
So we use a battery for a cold start, after then it produces very little He and O! And no CO2. Vehicles put out 40% of the CO2 in the world, but as I say below, this has no effect on the climate.
But using molecular nuclear fusion will allow us to drive a car on a cup full of water a year! And no fossil fuels. And this has to be worth doing!
We use this same idea to run steam turbines, using no fossil fuels.
It is a bit more involved, but basically no gas or oil!

The skeptic

I only have a master’s degree in engineering from Sheffield University England – still a very good degree.
In 2000 I was back doing a PhD, and got the recommendation from Dr MatZinger to do a PhD with Prof Zimmerman: The latter has a double first from Columbia. The former is a very smart lady, who works at the NIH.
During the course of my PhD, I found that Global Warming was fiction invented by the oil industry, to keep the amount of oil they ship down.
The big things were: there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. CO2 lags solar emission cycles by 4 years – it never affects the climate.
Climate affects it! I also found out how to do molecular nuclear fusion:
And nuclear fusion totally fixes global warming.
Not that total fiction ever needs, or can be fixed!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Mist turbine

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Science knows that when steam hits a dense Ti turbine, we get radiation off! We also heat the steam up. For a steam turbine we take out 10 C as useful heat, but the steam emerges 20 C HOTTER!
So we use this fact! We generate a fine mist of steam, headed towards an outlet, over a spinning Ti turbine, Initially we spin this with a motor. Once go it drives itself!
It does my old friend, molecular nuclear fusion. So the steam pushes the rotor around, and still ends up as hot steam.
We actually create a mist of super heated steam, as this does not abrade the Ti rotor. It ends up hotter than when it went in.
We cycle 10% of this steam back to the base of a water boiler, and it keeps the water in a state of boiling. Infact this means we can do away with the start motor!
We have a helical heat exchanger, to dump the excess heat to the air, in a controlled fashion.
So we get off useful power, while producing a whiff of He and O! No fossil fuels burn, or production of CO2.
The boiler bit is called the Windscale kettle, and was figured out in the 1950s. The turbine stuff is from 1984.
Global Warming was going to kill us all, the great insoluble problem? No. It was never close to being real, so it could never be solved!
0.000037% CO2 in the air was never going to affect the climate! The big Global Warming gas is water vapour, and without it, there would be no life on Earth.
Venus does steam molecular nuclear fusion, which is why it is so hot. Mars does deep molecular nuclear fusion, so the surface is so cold. There is life in the deep on Mars by the way.

Carbon footprint

Written by Jonathan Thomason - JonThm9@aol.com
Plants take in CO2, and release O2. You breath in the latter, as do all animals, and breath out CO2.
All the animals in the world breath out 4 times as much CO2 as all man's chemical engines do.
Through history, CO2 levels have tracked solar cycles, with a four year lag! More sunlight, more life on Earth! The amount of life is actually proportional to CO2 levels.
So in the late Jurassic, there was more CO2, but more O2, and 60% more life! CO2 supports life on Earth, it does not threaten it!
CO2 is at 0.000037%. In the time of the dinosaurs, it was at 0.0000%, and sea levels were 65 meters lower.
CO2 is not proportional to sea levels! Quite the converse. More CO2, more life on Earth, and more rain gets tied up on land, so LOWER sea levels.
CO2 follows the climate, it has never driven it. Nature manages it all! As man has put out more CO2, ALL the desserts in the world have receded! Which was why there was a record low tide in Scotland 3 years ago.
You didn't hear about it? All the scientists earning their living through Global Warming were hardly likely to tell you! It is good to see that scientists massage what they say, as much as the rest of us! Nuts to truth! Give me the money.
Now the International panel on climate change say that climate change is totally manageable.
Unless they have found ways to alter solar cycles, no it isn't! They still believe that CO2 levels and Global Warming are in some way true.
It is nice to see that Carbon offsetting has taken off! You plant trees and plants to sink the CO2 you emit. I proposed this in 2000, as part of my PhD.
I said that better desalination would irrigate the desserts, and the plants would fix Global Warming: This was before I realised that Global Warming was phantom science - totally wrong.
It is as snazzy a name as Global Warming. But nature will sink all our CO2 for free! Like I say, all the desserts are receding NATURALLY.
Saying all of this did not get me my PhD: Why did I ever think it would, it was real science!

Neolithic warm period

Written by Jonathan Thomason - JonThm9@aol.com

There is no argument that ice ages occurred in prehistory. But elephants and lions lived in the land bridge that linked the UK with Europe.
So temperatures were 20 C higher, and the land bridge existed! When ice melts into water, it contracts. The land it was based on rises over the next two centuries!
So the land bridge was not there because of ice! It was there because the middle East was verdant and full of life!
It was lush, and tied up fresh water in the local ecosystem. The seas rose as that life, which formed fossil fuels, died.
A lot of the oil formed from the remains of seas life, so Saudi Arabia was under water big time! So we see there has been tectonic adjustment, but a general sea rise, no!
And let me reiterate, there was a 20 C temperature rise, and sea levels were 65 meters lower.
Life died, and the seas rose. By burning all the fossil fuels, we are returning that CO2 to the air, and so all the desserts in the world are receding. Which explains why there was a record low tide in Scotland 3 years ago.
As life returns sess go down. I would like to return to the warm climate of the Neolithic, or the middle ages.
In the warm middle ages, and sea rise would have been noted - so it did not happen! The ice melts - who cares! The seas don't move.
It just makes life better. There is 0.000037% CO2 in the air: AS plants and bacteria sink it. It supports all life on Earth!
More CO2, more life. Not higher seas! Who ever said this obviously failed high school biology.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Titanic Disaster

Written by Jonathan Thomason - JonThm9@aol.com
Was a nuclear accident! Any boat which has been lost when water got below the boiler suffered the same fate!
With the Titanic, the side of the ship scraped along an ice berg. All the rivets did molecular nuclear fusion, as the ice was scraped by the ship.
So we got the release of heat and radiation! So all the rivets sprang off he ship - as the metal plates were not joined by welds.
When the Twin Towers were hit by the air craft, we got burning aviation fuel running down the stair columns! So we got the release of radiation down the towers, and we saw the towers collapse!
We can use molecular nuclear fusion to generate all our power and heat, not to kill! It can replace the burning of fossil fuels, and end the phantom scare story of Global Warming!
Which was never near being true! How much has the seas risen, or temperatures gone up? All the predicted changes are from a standing start, as Global Warming is not real, and has not affected anything!
They are the predictions of 'the top scientists' in the world. No names. And not scientists!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Simple fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason -

On the sun, a boiling mass of hydrogen gas does nuclear fusion. On Earth, a boiling flask of water - molecular hydrogen, does nuclear fusion at a lower rate.
The sun gives out too much energy, so molecular nuclear fusion gives us the right amount of energy for our uses!
There is a real problem in stopping molecular hydrogen doing nuclear fusion! You add a bit of turbulence, and you start getting off He and gamma radiation, plus a lot of heat.
To do atomic nuclear fusion on Earth, add a bit of turbulence to hydrogen gas torrouses. Problem over.
So we generate heat, releasing no organic carbon. But you never believed the gas that supports all life on Earth was about it kill it did you?
There is only 0.000037% in the general air.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Diseases of age

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Cancer and heart disease are not random: They are formed from fragments of old infections, leaving genome behind.
These pathogen leaders are specific! There are 6 common ones in all cancers! They come from many infection!
So the cure to the common cold stops cancer! I think there will turn out to be 3 common ones to heart disease!
All the diseases of age care caused by pathogen leaders forming viral or bacterial rumps!
With heart disease the bacterial rump uses the B cells to copy the pathogen part genome, as the rump lacks the ability to copy itself.
Which is nice, as this means there are antibodies to all the diseases of age, which will cure them.
Viral rumps also hit the immune system, and make it more vital. While at the same time making the body less vital.
So there is a course of pills to stop that sort of ageing - which will change human life.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Plasma tubes

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
All stars shine by the nuclear fission process of converting hydrogen gas into light! To go from closed loops of electro magnetic radiation, to free electro magnetic radiation strings!
This travels through the thin field of gravity. So sat in a gravity field as we are, the speed of light is a lot less than it is in near vacuum.
Stars are boiling mass of turbulent flow! We have tried hot and pressurised linear flow, and it does noting! If we introduced a bit of turbulence, even to molecular hydrogen, we would see nuclear fusion!
Passing steam through a torrous of Ti will do molecular nuclear fusion: So it will emerge hotter, though with He and O in. So we take out the gasses, and here we have a source of heat that uses water, rather than fossil fuels. So it fixes Global Warming for us.
A young star is high pressure helium, and glows white. As it ages, it gets to be mostly He gas, and swells and grows red! It is a pressure thing.
With fluorescent tubes, they are hard to start initially. As they knock Nuclei of Na together, to form He and the H. Then they take off, as they burn H to for heat and light.
Then they display fluorescent run on, until as they age the gas pressure drops, and the tube gets hard to start, then it dies.
There are two answers to this 'problem'. Either we top up the Na pressure using a rod of Na metal, we slowly push out into the gas.
You will still get C build up though. Or we can use a tank of liquid molecular hydrogen, like oil. Oil? Yes.
As you burn fossil fuels, you do molecular nuclear fusion! We also see it from turbulent flow of high energy states of water.
In England they have destroyed my life, through a car accident. After 5 years I was fully discharged. 14 years later my lawyers still have control of my money, for no reason. Other than to deny me a life.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Antibody to AIDs

Written by Jonathan Thomason -

HIV is not a good virus! It evolved from SIV, which primates can live with all their lives. So it falls below the scrutiny system of the immune system, by not doing cell damage.

All is not lost! We can give a drip of the lower cytokines, that would have been released by the immune system, as if there had been cell damage. So we produced the required antibody from the APCs, and action it!Antibody to AIDs