Monday, 30 April 2007

Flame fusion

When you burn compounds of hydrogen in oxygen you form steam in turbulent flow. This gives off radiation, and forms He. These flames give off gamma radiation.
Burning hydrocarbonates, or hydrocarbons in air does molecular nuclear fusion! All refineries, including ammonia and spirit ones, also do molecular nuclear fusion.
The deep sea does it! Plants and animals – included you do it! You don’t need to burn stuff. You need steam or high pressure water, in turbulent flow. There is nuclear fusion all around us, going from water rather than H gas.
It is rather obvious. The sun is one mass of boiling, turbulent H! Prof. Zimmerman told me that using linear flow in man’s torouses was never going to do nuclear fusion! So what did he know?
This is why flames, like on a gas mantel glow white! They are doing nuclear fusion.
The figure today is of a space ship. Which we get into space, using a big flame. We could add steam to the exhaust jet of a jet plane, and get as hypersonic plane, which flies into space.
We need to replace the burning of aviation fuel, with the emission of a pure steam jet. Then it will go 5 times faster than Concorde!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Antibody to cancer.

I was busy doing my PhD at Sheffield University in 2001. I was reading a medical textbook, and it was saying they had tried the immune signal IL-4 on cancer.
This was great! It would have produced the active they all se antibody here – an antiviral. This would have been loaded on the T cells.
But without the immune system being primed with IL-2, it would never have been actioned.
If we had sampled for the antibody, and given it to other cancer supporters, the body would have made the IL-2, and the cancer would be cured.
There are 200 types of cancer out there, but they share 6 enzymes with infective disease. You see aged cells build cancer from fragments of infections.
I call these pathogen leaders. If we give a drip of IL-2+, we can get at the antibody to an infection. And they share 6 with cancer.
Pathogen leaders also cause heart disease. So there are 3 HABs to heart disease. So curing the common cold cures both cancer and heart disease.

Replacing oil

When you burn fossil fuels, you have a flame of seam (and CO2) in turbulent flow. This gives off gamma radiation, as it converts the H2O into He and O.
The sea has high pressure water in turbulent flow, that does the same. All man’s chemical engines, and steam turbines do the same.
Here Ti turbines do loads! So jet engines do loads of it.
We do not need top burn fossil fuels here. Your heart does it. Growing green plants do it. Nature is full of it.
And this allows us to run a steam turbine, or car, off water. No fossil fuels burn.
No global warming – but there again CO2 never caused that!

Friday, 27 April 2007

The science to be done!

Global Warming was never science: It was politics, to do with man’s dependence on coal and oil! This had been the major cause of economic problems in the 70s and onwards.
There were great miners’ strikes, and oil crises! So your carbon footprint was not based on science, but on trying to reduce the power of the coal and oil groups!
0.000037% CO2 in the air merely supports the life on Earth. It does not threaten it. The weather cools and warms with solar cycles. It has nothing to do with man.
We do not matter. Now the dinosaurs ruled the Earth fro 650 million years. Human history struggles to go back 6,000!
But I found out something interesting while looking into the phantom science of global warming (GW). All around us, nature takes molecular hydrogen, and converts it into heat, He and molecular fragments.
Usually this turns water into He and O. It is much more use than warning about GW. The major catalyst is turbulence.
On the sun’s turbulence turns H gas into He. This is atomic nuclear fusion.
Biological systems love doing molecular nuclear fusion. Even your own body! And this area of science is not studied. Tying this one down is so much more use than warning about the fiction of GW.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Global myth

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng Sheff '86
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In an ice age CO2 levels go up. History shows that more CO2 in the air means fewer plants in an ice age, or there was more life on Earth. CO2 does not drive climate - or it has not for 600 million years!
It follows solar cycles: As does the amount of life on Earth. CO2 has got tied up as methyl hydrate in the deep, and life on Earth has decreased.
All we are doing by burning fossil fuels, is to release life from its frozen fossil state. You are unhappy about burning fossil fuels. Why? Do you have a problem with life?
NASA photos show as man has burned fossil fuels, ALL the deserts in the world have receded. So man acts as a super animal, expanding life on Earth.
You are worried by your carbon foot print. Why? It just means you are supporting more life on Earth.
Why not do molecular nuclear fusion? This converts water into He and O, and release a lot of heat. Burning fossil fuels does it. So does water or steam in turbulent flow. So the deep sea does this big time!
If man got all his heat and power from this source, he would still make 0.01% of the He nature makes. And He does not interact with anything!
We do not matter! Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 650 million years! We have been a minor player on the Earth for under 4,000. We release pollution? No. One man's pollution is another animals food: Thanks to Prof. Argent for this!
We can use molecular nuclear fusion to warm the cool lands, We can use it to put the excess solar heat in the seas, where it will flow back to the Poles, unpowered. So we get cooler hot lands, and warmer cold ones.
We expand life on Earth. Which leaves us with a problem, not enough CO2. Luckily we can extract the methane from methyl hydrate, and burn it: So putting more CO2 into the ecosphere. So we get a more temperate life, and more life on Earth.
I would suggest that all the Global Warming scientists go off to study this, but they are not scientists. They are telling fables, and pretending they understand stuff. The climate is God's, with a large measure on solar cycles in, and no input from man!

Warming the North Sea

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
A lot of this is known! We know that water goes mad as it boils. Engineers know it gives off a blip of radiation, as water is kept at boiling!
This is why all boilers in the world give off gamma radiation! As does the deep sea, microwaves and your own body. Plus steam and IC Engines, and just steam in turbulent flow. It does molecular nuclear fusion:
Where we see nuclear fusion, from hydrogen in molecular form! If we have a bit of turbulence around. So we do nuclear fusion: No CO2 or SO2 emissions, and we turn water into heat! Burning fossil fuels does it too!
Which is why it releases so much energy, and He as it happens. So if we raise a boiler to boiling, we can bubble back 10% of the produced steam, and use the rest to generate power, or just supply heat.
This is what we do along the North Sea! We keep a boiler in a state of boiling, and use the other 90% of the steam, to dump fusion heat to the seas. We have to put in the energy to start the cycle vent the produced gases (He and O) and top up the water level every decade.
And we have the East Coast of the UK as warm as Bordeaux, all year.
And we need burn no fossil fuels for this. If we are smart, we use the steam to generate power, before we dump the heat to the seas. So we get free, none polluting power, for free
. While warming the coast of the UK. It is a pity that Global Warming was phantom science, as this totally fixes it! And removes the need to burn fossil fuels.

Sunday, 22 April 2007


Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Is set off by cold materials, with a strong magnetic field, cooled by liquid H or He. But while materials are superconducting, they give off radiation.
They will turn He into two lots of H, and then into gamma radiation and heat. If we have too much magnetic field, we generate too much heat.
So we do not then have the gas atoms in strong enough interaction, and do no nuclear fusion!
The way to get more nuclear fusion, is to induce more turbulence, and have Ti about.
Really though we are better off generating more energy through molecular nuclear fusion, and living with the wastage of distribution.
Here we want to bubble steam through liquid water, with loads of Ti plate, and turbulence.
In the power plant more heat is welcome: In distribution it destroys super conductivity.
This has nothing to do with Cooper pairs, we convert some of the cooling gas into electricity and heat.
It is useful to know that we are seeing nuclear fusion, but there are more useful ways to do it!
We do not destroy resistance here, we offset it with the nuclear fusion we do!

THe picture of the Andes, is because volcanos do molecular nuclear fusion, from geothermal steam - which pushes land u pfrom the sea.

Saturday, 21 April 2007


Written by Jonathan Thomason -

China has been drilling for oil in Kenya. It has struck steam and capped the holes! Stupid. They have hit geothermal power, and walked away. You can get at this energy all over the Earth. Texas has so much of it! What you do is use your brain! You pass this heat to a heat pump.
You heat a low pressure gas to moderate temperatures! A few hundred C! You then compress the gas, and get at temperatures of 700 C plus!
You boil off water, heat the steam, and use this steam to make power. You use 5% of this power to drive the heat pumps!
Pumps plural as you condense the steam on the cold end of a second heat pump. So you do not throw the heat away in a cooling tower.
We should never do this, we should loop the heat around using a large steam cooling circuit, so we loop the low pressure water back, where it meets up wit the same heat in a high pressure gas. So very hot!
This will reduce our fossil fuels burn by 90%! Or we can use a tap for geothermal steam. So we get the same power out, by burning very little, or no fossil fuels!
In Kenya we have loads of low pressure heat, in the day time air. So we use a large primary heat pump, which cools millions of gallons of air down.
When we compress the Carnot gas, we have access to loads of fossil fuels burn free heat.
If we have an air cooler, we cool the air down, and use the cool draft to drive a captive wind turbine. This generates enough power to run the plant, so it sits there, removing loads of heat from the air.
We can use this heat, but in the end dump it in the sea, to give us the cold end of a steam or other cycle.
So we take heat from the air, and dump it in the sea. Where the sea can carry the heat towards the Poles.
So we cool the hot lands, while warming the cold lands of the Earth. We also increase the amount of evaporation we do from the sea. So get more natural rain!
So in Kenya we use science from 1880, to produce cool air, with loads of cloud and rain in.
Some parts of Kenya are lush, due to the effect of the sea. But we can make the whole of Kenya lush. And as plants get their light through clouds, massively fertile.
China should not have capped the drill holes along the rift valley. This gave access to a green source of heat, that does not involve burning fossil fuels, or doing nuclear fission.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Nuclear fusion on Earth

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
When ever we have high pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow, we see the release of radiation, and production of He and O! We see in the air, during day light! Which is why we get an ozone hole in the Aortic winter! There is no O, to bond with O2, to form ozone, O3.
We see it in a microwave! So they really do nuke food. We see it as your heart beats, and as blood flows along your arteries.
Plants do it in the light! Animals do it all day - that is biological molecular nuclear fusion.
We do it when we burn fossil fuels, to form a flame of steam in turbulent flow. So burning fossil fuels does nuclear fusion. Cool! Or rather pretty hot.
We do it as steam bubbles rise and condense in a boiler room. Now that is interesting! Once we have the water at 99.9 C, we can continue to bubble 10% of the steam produced around, and keep the boiler in a state of boiling while burning no fossil fuels, and doing no nuclear fission.
We produce a whiff of He and O, and no CO2! Which plants will hate. As they take in CO2 to produce plant bulk and O2!
So animals will not be too keen on man no burning hydrocarbons or carbohydrates: AS this makes man a super animal, and adds to life on Earth!
CO2 supports all life on Earth! As there is less life, like in an ice age, there is more CO2 in the air.
In warm periods there is less than the present 0.000037% CO2 in the air. You thought there was around 8%? You would be dead then.
CO2 tracks the Earth's climate, it does not cause it! And releasing more CO2 is SO green!!! The place where there is most molecular nuclear fusion on the Earth today, is in the deep.
Without the nuclear fusion down there, life on Earth would not be possible.

Heart disease

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Is caused by the pathogen leaders of infective disease. They are copied out as strips of RNA.
These RNA strips colonise fatty plaques on the arteries, and after the main infection is gone, use the body's own B cells to copy their genome! So in time, the problem gets worse.
So they are caused by what I would term a bacterial rump, but the medical world discovered as a nano bacteria!
So there is a human antibiotic to heart disease! Because all heart disease should share 3 common antigens (This means their enzymes show up on the bacterial structure wall).
So heart disease is very like rheumatic fever, only it is caused by a part infection!
So you can use the 'Thomason' method. We shoot you up on a drip of the lower immune signals, that both produce the active HAB, and action it!
So there is a course of pills that cures heart disease. A better way to go, is to produce the HAX (Human antibody to infective disease) using the Thomason method.
All infective disease share the 6 common antigens of cancer! But by curing infective disease, we stop both cancer and heart disease:
If you take the pills on a regular basis.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Antibody to AIDs

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
HIV is not a good virus! It evolved from Simian Infectious Virus, which primates live with for life! It learned the trick of making very minor immune signals.
The production of these compromises the human immune system, which leads to AIDs.
The crucial thing is that it does no cell damage! So it falls outside the immune scrutiny system of humans. Usually infections make pathogen leaders to delay the immune response.
HIV is really just a pathogen leader infestation, which messes with the immune system, but doe no cell damage!
So we can do the opposite! We give a drip of the major immune signals, which pathogen leaders set out to delay.
So we cause the antigen presenting centres to turn out the active antibody to HIV, and cause the white blood system to action it!
What are the signals? IL-2 and IL-4. The doses medics know! So this will totally fix HIV: Until the next time you catch it!
We will always have AIDs re-entering the developed countries from the third world. But we can cure it on demand!
It would make sense for people who have been in these countries to be dosed up with the active antibody when ever they return to the first world.
So we do not treat HIV: We cure it. Amino acid blockers probably already cure it, once you have used them for six months anyway.

Warming England

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
If you put heat into water, it evaporates! Water vapour does more air fusion, and leads to more rain!
This is why Mombassa is so hot and the bulk of Kenya so lush! There is a need to install air coolers, to cool the air, and create more water vapour in the air, to fall as rain!
In the UK, we invert the system - well in Yorkshire in the winter anyway! We need to flick the devices over to be air coolers in the summer. So we take heat from the seas, and put it in the air.
We can do this with air warmers, but there is a simpler way! We set up a water boiler, and use Kalor gas to raise it to boiling. We pass this steam through a Ti turbine, to get plant power off.
We then let 90% of the steam go down to a helix in the sea or lake. The other 10% we pump back to the base of the boiler, to keep the water in a state of boiling. We allow the he and O gases to escape from a semi permeable membrane at the top of the boiler!
The steam that goes down to the water bulk condenses, as it heats the water. Which both boils, and flows off to give up the heat to the air by conduction. It thus shrinks, and gives us our low pressure end for the steam cycle to work.
So we directly and indirectly heat the air, and get the plant to run with no external power! All the technology dates back to the early industrial revolution. We enclose the helix in a large cylinder.
So we can control the bulk water flow rate! We could try all this science out at Ladybower, to use water to heat the environment! In Kenya we loop the water around, and use the water power to supply cheap power.

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Monday, 16 April 2007

High School Global Warming

Written by
Here is a little experiment for all you teachers! Get some liquid nitrogen, and cool air.
If you do it carefully, you can get the different gases off.
The first one, at -28 C, is CO2. The Global Warming gas. How much do you get off? As it makes up 0.000037% of the air, I doubt you will even get any off.
But wait, wasn’t this the gas behind Global Warming? If you have a physics degree shame on you! There never was any truth in it.
I never hear d about the IR characteristics of gases. I imagine it cuts in at 8%; At that level you would be dead.
All life on Earth hangs on plants doing photosynthesis on CO2. So no CO2, and you and all life on Earth are dead.
Plants like CO2. It is oxygen, their waste gas that is ungreen. Certainly below 2%, plants want all the CO2 they can get.
So the trace gas that all life on Earth hangs on was going to kill all life on Earth?
No, and anyway man’s machines do not even make up for the CO2 emitted by the 80% of life that died with the dinosaurs!
Animal life is the major source of CO2, which you could not even collect!
Sleep well. It appears some physics professors never did high school biology.
Global Warming was a PhD idea that academics seized on to get research grants. And then they hijacked the IPCC. Phantom science if I ever heard of it.

The photo is me and my mum Viv: "Hi Viv!"

Kitchen fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
We are used to the idea that the sun does nuclear fusion. But where ever we have water or steam in turbulent flow, we do molecular nuclear fusion!
The most important place is in the kitchen.
We have done it since man first used a fire to boil water! As it comes to the boil, we get He and O, plus a lot of heat given off.
Then the water settles down to a simmer, as the steam escapes the water without condensing! It is condensing bubbles that brings together the exposed hydrogen’s at high kinetic energies.
Rusi T has been looking at using sound and light to do molecular nuclear fusion: He can get a pure bead of light in a water tank! Good stuff.
We already know than microwaves give off radiation as they work! This is because the electro magnetic radiation does molecular nuclear fusion!
We do not need a fission bomb to set off a fusion bomb! We only need to set off molecular nuclear fusion!
Every power plant in the world doe the kettle thing as it boils water. Yet another place we do molecular nuclear fusion.
Nature gets in on the act, when we burn fossil fuels, plants in the light, or animals as the blood goes around their bodies.
There are far easier ways to do molecular nuclear fusion, that require no fossil fuels. They turn water into heat and power, with no CO2 emissions.
Oh dear, this means Global Warming is wrong! But nobody ever thought this academic self interest idea was right - did you?

Vested Interests!

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Setting up a panel of academics to advise of scientific research, is to set up a massive self interest! There is no science behind Global Warming, but the academics who are studying it say it is real, and nobody doubts them! So we all may as well be brain dead, which is how the International Panel on Climate Change treats us! There is only 0.000037% CO2 in the general air. There is more at Heathrow! 0.00135%, we are told. Which is the true figure of 3.7 parts per million, plus ten, times ten! It would change with season and time of day. Neither of which were mentioned! This did not impress, so the IPCC came up with the figure of 0.005% for New York. No date or time of day! It seems to have been a figure plucked out of the air! They are trying to dress up a trace gas as important! It is, without it there would be no life on Earth! Plants take in CO2 and release O2. So releasing CO2 is so green! Man's chemical engines release only a quater of the CO2 released by animals - including you; breathing. CO2 supports all life on Earth! It does not threaten it. There was 40% CO2 in the air until green plants got busy. 0.000037% is very, very little! If it was 0%, all lief on Earth would cease. Your life is only possible because of the minute amounts of CO2 in the air! As man has released more CO2, the deserts have receded! So there is more life on Earth. Life which will tie up water in the local ecosphere, which is why 2003 saw a record low tide in Scotland. There have been more, but the scientists have tried to ensure you have not heard about them. I would advise you go and work with - but my PhD has coincided with him losing belief in this phantom science: A professor with a double first from Columbia. So Global Warming is such rubbish! As is the IPCC. Ignore what they say, there are just a scientific self interest group.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Global rubbish!

Through history CO2 has tracked solar emission cycles! It still does. There is just too little of it in the air (0.000037%) for it to have any effect on the climate!
The IPCC exist to fund academic research into Globla Warming. So of course they will say it is real! It is not. Climate change is natural, and is! Global Warming was thought up for a PhD on the next ice age, so was never close to being true.
Sucker! You thought it was! The IPCC is such a vested interst on the climate! Nice to see that academics are as self seeking as the rest of us.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Jet fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
In 1982, I was told that Ti turbines gave off radiation as steam passed over them! Gamma ray radiation as it happens!
This occurs as water is turned into He and O by molecular nuclear fusion! So steam turbines do more than turbines that have combustion products passed over them!
So jet engines do nuclear fusion! From combustion products, rather than atomic hydrogen! So we do not have to make gaseous hydrogen to do nuclear fusion.
So that is the idea! We have a porous exhaust manifold, into which we pump water, that is then boiled off, and enters the Ti turbine with the burnt aviation fuel.
Once we have it running, we get more power if we turn off the fossil fuels burn!
We can do the same cycle with steam turbines. And we get at nuclear fusion!
We can recover the heat of the spend steam, via a heat pump. We return this heat at higher temperature to the boiler room, and we can turn off the fossil fuels burners.
We just run the power plant as a fusion reactor. With no Global Warming emissions - but that was never real science anyway.
It is a religion to get research grants, it was never close to being true.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Climate change

Written by Jonathan Thomason -

The weather changes - get over it! There are hurricanes, droughts, flood, ice ages ... We are living in a time of very temperate weather.
1976 was hot! The summers today last for about 3 weeks, not three months. And there were standpipes in the streets. But there again, the human memory is so short! About a year actually.
It correlates with solar cycles! Which have periods of 11 and 28 years. So you can forecast it! Also by looking back 28 years, you can see what the weather will do.
So the next thing is a little ice age: Which are preceded by warm periods. So we are headed back to the 18th century, when the Thames froze over every year!
Global Warming was never close to being true! 0.000037% CO2 in the air has nothing to do with the weather!
Now they are saying that Global Warming will lead to the next ice age. So next year we will have Global Cooling, and be headed back to the warm periods!
Which is so, so stupid! Almost as much as believing that pundits can predict the weather, any more than Canute could turn back the time.
CO2 through history has lagged climate change! The fewer plants there are, the higher the level of CO2.
It never forced climate change, the CO2 level was an indicator of the weather four years ago.
But you see Global Warming is no longer science - it never was actually. The mantic chat of ‘Oh its Global Warming’ is a religious intonation.
Not science. And if scientists were really interested in sorting out the burning of fossil fuels, they could generate all the power from molecular nuclear fusion!
Or they could use the old science of tapping into geothermal steam. There is enough steam in the deep (From ten feet down) to supply man with all the heat and power he needs, one thousand times over.
So when you hear the words ‘Global Warming; have a laugh! Because who ever is saying them is basically scientifically stupid.

Proved science to Sheffeild University

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
I was taught on my degree in 1986, that boiling water, and Ti turbines both give off gamma ray radiation! These are examples of molecular nuclear fusion.
Microwaves also do it! The world needs to be told! As this totally sorts out Global Warming, and ends the need to burn fossil fuels!
I was also taught that growing bacteria and green plants in the light give off gamma rays! This is due to biological molecular nuclear fusion!
Global Warming is not science! It is religion. Alan Cohen (The ex-editor of new Scientist - I may have his name wrong) has rubbished Global Warming in a new book!
Telling the world that Global Warming is basically wrong, and there is molecular nuclear fusion going off all around us here will make the reputation of which ever establishment announces it first.
Get a move on, as I have used my IT skills to put this all out on my blog! So the clock is ticking.
Universities lose the research money for Global Warming, but gain the money to investigate molecular nuclear fusion. All though of by an old student Sheffield University did not give a PhD to!
So I am back working in IT. With enough money to do what ever I wish.
I have seen Tenerife 6 times, Lanzerote four times. France, Singapore, Backcock. Bali, the Dominican republic, Egypt twice, and two months ago I was in Kenya.
In September I will be in India, but I think it is a big country, and I may spend a lot of time there, and in China.
The latter has linked up with Requvic, to generate power by geothermal means! So 100% of its power will be fossil fuels free!
There is 1000 times the energy needs of the planet not being used, ten feet below ground level!
Which of course comes from deep molecular nuclear fusion. And you though I was in any way mentally defective? GOD, I pity your students.
And then I find the cure to cancer, heart disease, MS, IBS, arthritis, diabetes and all the diseases of age. Reread the above paragraph.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

End of emissions

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Today Iceland gets 100% of its heat, and 40% of its power from geothermal water! This is the hot water running on the Earth's mantel all over the Earth!
It gets 60% of its power from the hydro electric stations it has! I could get 100% of its power from geothermal water!
China is leasing this technology, that supplies both heat and power with no fossil fuels burn!
No GLOBAL WARMING emissions! Global Warming was never real science anyway! But this old technology solves it! The technology is 150 years old.
THe commercial advantage to China and Iceland here is huge! Huge and real. Global Warming was not even real!

Nuclear fusion plant

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
Since man has burnt stuff to make steam, he has done molecular nuclear fusion! High pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion.
So a flame of carbohydrates or hydrocarbon does flame fusion. Boiling water does boiling fusion. Passing steam over a FCC metal like Ti or Pt, does FCC fusion.
Just passing combustion products around a tortuous tube does turbulence fusion. Biological systems do it at a photoblast or in the mitochondria! You do turbulence fusion every time your heart beats! You are so fusion powered.
So a power plant already does loads of nuclear fusion. We just need to use our brains, to reduce or eliminate the fossil fuels burn.
We condense the spent steam, using a helical turbulence heat exchanger. This passes the heat of the steam to a low pressure gas. We use some of the generated power to compress this gas, and then return the heat at higher temperature to the boiler room.
We also need to heat the steam more, but that is why I did an engineering degree. I like the idea of using water plasma tubes. Which do turbulence fusion at high temperature!
Or we can use the Carnot gas, compressed more. And obviously we use a lot of Ti plating. We cool the steam down to 80 C, and loop it back as hot water.
To totally replace fossil fuels burn, once the plant is started, is an engineering problem. So the question begs, why am I busy singing on stage rather than working at University?

Friday, 6 April 2007

Rivers of heat

Written by Jonathan Thomason - -
My posting for years have followed on from my PhD work in 2001, saying Global Warming is not even real! So how can it be a problem? But Global Warming has the weight of loads of academics, who are paid to research Global Warming saying it is both real, and the biggest problem there is!
The weather changes! And that is affected by the sun. Man is such a tiny factor, we do not matter! Suck on it guys!
So you want Global Warming fixing? Read the above, and then read on!
Nature turns water into He and O. All over the world! From water in turbulent flow. Man gets in on the act here, going from steam, which doe more molecular nuclear fusion!
This is nuclear fusion, where the hydrogens in molecular compounds do nuclear fusion, induced by turbulence, and catalysts.
Photoblasts use light and biological catalysts. Mitochondria use CO2 to induce molecular nuclear fusion, from animal blood!
If you understand these words, e-mail me, and I will tell you more.
The simplest way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is boil water! The turbulence of boiling means that we get the emission of gamma rays, as we do molecular nuclear fusion!
This is important to know!
So the idea is, we boil off water, and use the steam to drive a heat pump. We then dump some of the heat to a body of water, but cool the rest of the steam on a heat pump.
In the boiler room we have the hot end of a heat pump, and some water plasma tubes: The latter bit needs the science doing on it!
Gas plasmas using molecular hydrogen do nuclear processes, and from water we should get loads of molecular nuclear fusion!
We vent the gas from the condensed steam, and pump it back in to the boiler.
It is not perpetual motion, as we convert some of the hydrogen into Helium! We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
And we dump this heat to bodies of water. We can do this from Siberian rivers and lakes, and warm the local environment!
So the rivers are ice free all year! And the land is so much more temperate!
We need additional light, so we are back to steam plasma tubes to replace the missing sun light!
The alternative is solar reflectors in orbit! We get more cold water flowing back to the Pacific equator, rather than have ice locked up in Siberia!
Thus by warming Siberia, we actually cool the planet down! The Russians were thinking of this, but were put off by the phantom science of Global Warming!
They had not thought it through! By increasing the flows of cold liquid water, they actually cool the planet down!
And all this science should really be looked at by Sheffield University, UK. AS this is where I learned a load of stuff, and started thinking about this science!
So man can use molecular nuclear fusion in place of burning fossil fuels! The easiest way is to drive a steam turbine using a heat pump to replace a cooling tower and a furnace room.
And all this science is 200 years old! What the hell are Global Warming scientists doing? Oh I remember, studying fiction!
Biggest threat to life on Earth? Give it a rest.


Written by Jonathan Thomason - ---------------------------------------------------------
My thanks go to Prof. Weiner from Harvard, for telling me that in MS we see inappropriate production of IL-2.
My idea was thank infections make IL-2, to produce an unfocussed immune action, that limits the effectiveness of the immune system!
We get red sore tissue, and the local virus or bacteria gets an immune advantage here! Without IL-4, we do not have focused actions of the T cells!
After the infection is gone, we get a viral rump left behind, causing a misaction of the immune system.
In MS, the viral rump is in the brain. In arthritis, the joints. In diabetes the pancreas, in IBS in the colon!
All of these conditions produce red swollen tissue, that hurts! But all fail to be cleared: Except sometimes when another infection produces IL-4, and gets the immune system to clear the rump!
So the solution would be to give a drip of IL-4. Then sample for the active antibody produced - which is a HAV (Human antiviral).
This HAV on its own would clear the problem! We might well find that all these four problems share a common HAV!
And if we give pills of the HAV, we fix the diseases!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Antibody thing

Written by Jonathan Thomason -

When you are ill, an infection does everything it can to delay your immune system kicking in: It doe this by making pathogen leaders, and not doing cell damage for three days!
This is because cell damage is the big call to action for the immune system. These pathogen leaders are shared around, by infections passing the RNA for them around!
So they get picked up by other infections, or they can form bacterial or viral rumps! Which then sit there denuding the immune system of vitality.
A common viral trick is to make cell’s raise the flag for cessation, when they have Telomerase left.
So they drop below immune system surveillance, though they are producing the infection stuff.
So we get rumps, and the immune system gets less active as we age, and we get loads of non active (to us) cells.
But we can produce antibodies to clear all the rump structures.
Cancer, MS, IBS, arthritis and diabetes are all caused by viral rumps! So we can produce antibodies to all of these problems.
Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump, so we can produce the human antibiotic here - the HAB. This is just my name for another antibody.
In short we can produce the antibodies to all the diseases of age! We can even produce an antibody which will stop the pile up of inactive cells - if we take it regularly, but intermittently.

Geothermal stuff

Written by Jonathan Thomason - We drill down for geothermal, super heated water, and pipe this to a power plant! It then meats the hot end of a heat pump, and the steam gets super heat. We then generate power, as today!
But we cool the steam on the cold end of a heat pump. We take off some of the water, which we discharge to the sewers. We make this water up by injecting clean, super heated water into the are after the boiler room.
We power the heat pump from the generated power, and still have 95% left to sell! I like the idea of steam plasmas, as they could power a personal power plant, without burning fossil fuels!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Cure HIV

Written by Jonathan Thomason -
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I am a system's engineer, and I started off immunology with Dr MatZinger's idea that infections cause cell damage, which leads to a full immune assault!
So lose bits of DNA lead to IL-1+, which leads to IL-2...21.
But only full infections do this! So both weak infections, and pathogen leader infestations dodge the full immune assault. And the latter cause cancer, IBS, MS, arthritis, heart disease ...
But HIV is a weak virus, that came from SIV, which provokes no immune action! As it chugged hosts, it make three chemokines as pathogen leaders, and so leads to AIDs, after about ten years!
We get subtle: pathogen leaders are all about delaying the immune action. But for weak viruses, we never get any action!
So we give IL-2 and IL-4. These sniff out any new structure in the body, and cause the white blood cells to engulf it!
The immune system uses positive feedback, so the B cells make the active antibody, with the tissue or cell structures produced when the rump is ground up.
All the known bits are deleted, so we get the antibody to the pathogen leaders! So we remove it from the body!
So for HIV, we should get the antiviral to SIV, plus the inappropriate production of human chemokines.
If we do it for ages, we get at the antibodies to SIV, which will work with HIV, and cure this, and stop AIDs!

Heart disease

I am also Jonathan Thomason*.html 15 May 2006

Is caused by the pathogen leaders of infective disease, being copied out as RNA, and forming a nano bacterium on fatty plaques.
The sit there, only being copied slowly by the B cells, so are ignored by the immune system! The just stop heart repair, and so kill by a very indirect route!
One of their tricks is to turn high density liposolids, into low ones! So a diet of little LDL will still cause too much LDL in our blood!
So messing around with your cholesterol will end up killing you, without ever fixing the problem!
I was studying cancer, where pathogen leaders form viral rumps, which divide uncontrollably. Here we have a bacterial rump, which obeys a lot of the same rules!
If we give a drip of IL-2+, the immune system makes the human antibiotic to the nanobacteria. (HABh).
This will promote the immune action we lack! It will clear the problem, and return you to full coronary health.
Until you catch hearth disease again! The way to stop this is to use the HAX to infective illness. And there are 6!

Global Rubbish!

There is 0.000037% CO2 in the general air. It is a trace gas. THe GW people ahve measured it at heathrow, and got 0.000137%. Intereting number- could it be real.
This is 137 parts permillion. The real figure is 3.7 ppm. So the real figure plus ten, times ten! It looks very fabricated to me! It would change with day and time of year. No such data was given!
They measured it at New York, and got 0.005%. So little precision. But 500 ppm sounds so scary!
But we are not talkngi about local effects, but a Global one! Remember there have been ice ages are warm periods. The last such was in the late middle ages, just before man started burning fossil fuels! I am away from my word processor here - so sorry for the spelling errors!
We are probably headed into the next ice age! Apparently the extra heat flows in the world's oceans will actually leading to glopbal warming causing global cooling!
So after one year, we have globla cooling! Or infact, the earth cycles solar heat in the seas, to prevent Globla temperasture change.
They system is not prefect, and is affected by solar output! So here is the reason for temperature changes on the earth. Solar cyckes! So this means we are having the same weather as 28 years ago!
When academics were stil talking about the next ice age! So really they have no idea what wil lhappen, but will study whatever you will fund them to study!
Here we have a problem! GW (Global Warming) has gained enough public belief, for it to transcent science! It is the new religion.
No science, just fear stories have gripped the world! Alan Cohen (Appologies if I have his name wrong here) was the ditor of New Sceintist. One of the best informed sceintists who have ever lived.
He appeared on the Channel 4 program about GW. He pointed out that CO2 levels followed changes in the climate, over 600 million years.
CO2 does not cause hte changes! Lower temperatures, and plants take in less CO2, and CO2 levels rise. From 0.000037%. CO2 levels are an effect of solar emission cycles, and they have no effect on the climate. Or rather, it never has!
Read Micheal Criton's 'State of Fear'. A book recommended me by Prof. Zimnmerman, my old PhD supervisor. Who now does no believe in GW. neither should you.
Unless you are a brain dead idiot!

molecular nuclear fusion

Written April 2006
There are loads of ways that nature does nuclear fusion! On the Earth this is limited to molecular nuclear fusion, as all the hydrogen tends to be tied up in molecules!
Usually this is water, but we also see it in hydrocarbon or ammonia refineries. It occurs wherever we have molecular hydrogen in turbulent flow! This is important, as on suns we have atomic hydrogen in turbulent flow!
Turbulence is the major fusion catalyst! But atomic nuclear fusion releases too much heat and radiation, so we are better off using molecular nuclear fusion! As we do today in all chemical engines, which run off molecular hydrogen, and release radiation!
In molecular nuclear fusion, we convert two atoms of hydrogen, bound up in molecules, into He, and release heat and gamma radiation. He+2 is alpha particle radiation anyway!
When you boil off water, you do molecular nuclear fusion today! So in all boiler rooms in the world - and your kettle!
My favourite way is with a steam plasma, which converts water into heat. I do not know if the O fission's away, or accumulates as carbon 13 deposits! We need to do it and see.
And of course molecular nuclear fusion ends Global Warming. Burning fossil fuels does flame molecular nuclear fusion anyway! Get me on