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Fusion on Earth

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Nuclear fusion
On the sun, a boiling mass of H gas does nuclear fusion, as it forms He, and gives out heat.
On Earth, a boiling mass of water gives out radiation and heat as it boils! It also releases He and O, as it does molecular nuclear fusion!
Knowing this, we can provide man with all the energy he needs by doing molecular nuclear fusion, and release no CO2.
So no Global Warming. And clean, cheap safe energy. Nuclear power will not be happy, as they use bomb technology, which sometimes kills, and always produces toxic waste.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Plant growth

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Plants take in CO2 to grow. They make carbohydrates, and excrete their waste gas, O2. The release He and give out radiation in the light – they do biological molecular nuclear fusion.
Animals, included man, breath in the O2, and combine it with plant bulk. They release He and radiation, as they do biological molecular nuclear fusion.
Cows fart out methane, as they do biological molecular nuclear fusion. This alone is four times as important as the CO2 emitted from all man’s engines.
There is 3.7 parts per million CO2 in the air (0.00037%). CO2 is the gas of life! 60% of life on Earth died, before animals evolved to turn O2 back into CO2.
The only people who have trouble with CO2, are the nuclear people, who want to build more plants of death.
Without CO2, there would be no life on Earth. No CO2, no O2, no you. It has no effect on the climate. It waxes and wanes with plant growth.
I repeat- CO2, the gas of life!

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Give back the Nobel!

Al Gore, and teh 'Intergovernmentasl' Panel on Climate Change should give back the Nobel, as they are no longer independant

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CO2 levels in the air

There is very, very, veruy little CO2 in the air! Put yuor hair back on!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Nuclear fusion

Get your power r from doing nuclear fusion from water - nsture does!

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IPCC are liers!

The IPCC is the biggest vested interest on this planet! Earning a good living from the phantom science of global warming.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The seas will fall!

In the late Jurassic, there was a trace more cO2 in the air, but 10% more O2. There was 60% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 65 meters lower.
CO2 supports all life on Earth, but it is absorbed into the seas. It increases global cloud cover, and causes more warm rain to fall into the sea, and flow back towards the Poles.
As man has released more CO2, there has been more global rain, and there is less ice around the North Pole. We are getting global wetting, not global warming – which was only ever science fiction to get research grants.
We are seeing more life on Earth, and more heat being carried by the seas towards the Poles. What happens is the rain carries the heat of the sun into the seas.
Once there, it flows back towards the Poles. There it picks up more cold from the Poles.
The cold water is dense, sinks, and flows back to the equator to pick up more solar heat. This sucks the warm water towards the Poles.
This heat transfer system makes the climate of the earth temperate, and spreads out the heat of the sun, around the globe.
Europe gets 25% of its heat from the Gulf Stream. This is carrying the heat of the equatorial sun towards the North Pole. It is this heat flow that allows life to flourish around the Earth.
Otherwise there would be two 20 km zones of life either side of the equator, separated by 300 km!
Life takes in CO2, and releases O2, and builds carbohydrates! Plants eat the plant carbs, and breaths in the O2. If there was no CO2, there would be no life on earth.
In the Cretaceous, there was too little cO2, and plants could only take in the cO2 they released at night, when they take in O2, and combine it with their own carbs!
CO2 is the gas of life! Plants also release He and CH4, as they do photosynthesis – which turns out to be light induced, biological, molecular, nuclear fusion!
Life on Earth is supported by ht e nuclear fusion done using CO2! This is turned into CH4, which plants combine with more water, to form carbohydrates.
Did you know you give out radiation from your heart and arteries, and breathe out He? You are radioactive. Don’t take it personally, so are plants, bacteria and all life on Earth.
Plasnts do it in the photoblasts, animals in mitochondria. Like bacteria.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Only a trace of CO2

There is virtually no CO2 in the air, but all life on Earth depends on it!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Simple nuclear fusion

Flames containing hydrogen, does nuclear fusion Even where the hhydrogen is in molecules!

Flame fusion

A flame of hydrogen deos nuclear fusion. What's ahrd about that?

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Nuclear Fusion on Earth

There ain't nothing hard about nuclear fusion. Only an idiot would try to make out different!

OCC classes

The OCC has computing classes

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The seas will fall

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

When ice melts to water at 3 C, it contracts! This is why radiators crack open when they freeze.
So IF Global Warming was real, and the North Pole melted, the seas would fall. But it so isn’t! It is just how Tony Blair thought to tax us.

JT - the Salford Columnist!

Global fiction biggest lie

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Just so easy!

Nuclear fusion is so easy! The whole of nature does it! So do we.

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Doing fusion!

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The simplest way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is have water in turbulent flow! So hurricanes, the deep sea, water falls and breaking waves all give off radiation.
Steam engines give off loads, as they have steam in high pressure, turbulent flow. IC engines gives off less, but jet engines more!
A good way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is pass high pressure steam along a Ti helical tube. My thanks to Sheffield University for teaching me all this in 1986!
So 4 years after Global Warming was devised! Though it was never a real problem that needed solving. Molecular nuclear fusion would do that!
It makes for very cheap heat and power! A lot cheaper than wind turbines – though the wind is driven by molecular nuclear fusion in the air!

Curing infection

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Fungal antibiotics (FABs) have no direct action! They stimulate production of the human antibody (HAX), and the cell damage the pathogen is doing actions it!
Every infection out there holds off doing cell damage for three days, time enough for the immune system to delete all records of the pathogen enzymes as being dangerous!
If we took blood samples from people on FABs, we would see the HAXs! And for all pathogens there are 6 common HAXs produced!
There are other enzymes they make to cause the specific illness, but we are not interested! If we make pills of the golden six, we will cure all infections on day 0!
We do not need FAB pills, we want HAX pills!

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Future weather

Academics can't even get the weather right tomorrow! So don't ask them!

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Foot and Mouth

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Then problem with these areas, is they are very resistive to cell damage, and fail to initiate the immune action which would clear the disease.
It is the cancer problem all over! So we sue the same idea! We give a drip of bovine IL-2 and IL-4, and this taps into the positive feedback system of the body!
It produces and actions the active antiviral, and creates a full immune action!
We can take blood samples to get at the antibody, and this alone in powder form, will clear the disease!

Curing the common cold

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Giving penicillin stimulates the antibody to new cell types in the body, so cures the common cold! Bacteria are learning to make dummy receptors for penicillin, so we need to give more of it, by drip!
When somebody is getting better from a cold, the active antibody (a HAV) is in the blood stream. We can sample for it, and make pills that will cure each year’s virus!
We will need a different course of pills every year!
A cold holds off causing cell damage for three days, so the body deletes all records of the antibodies to the common cold.
If we give pills on day 0, we will be better from the cold by day 1.
We will need a medicine chest full of the antibodies, and different ones every year!

Nuclear fusion

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Nuclear fusion is going off all around us, and in us! As the blood flows around our bodies, it does molecular nuclear fusion! This is why you breathe out Helium!
The simplest technological way to do it, is boil a kettle! As the water comes to the boil, hey presto, molecular nuclear fusion! Which has been shown by NASA.
A microwave also does it, which is why it comes plastered with radiation warnings! The manufacturers have kept it quite, because people are unlikely to want food which has been exposed to gamma radiation.
Fluorescent tubes burn Na to form light. Which his why midterm we get fluorescent run on.
We can use molecular nuclear fusion to generate power and heat: I guess that means Global Warming has been cured – though it was never real science anyway, Al Gore! Sucker.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Life was good

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In the age of the dinosaurs, the temperature difference between the equator and Poles was 10 C less: The equator was cooler, the Poles warmer.
There were forests at the South Pole, and rain forests were there are now deserts.
Sea levels were 65 meters lower. There was 60% more life on Earth! Then something happened, and 80-% of life on Earth died: Forming the fossil fuels.
Even today there is 40% less life.
You see life on Earth is based around plants and bacteria taking in CO2. And releasing O2, and making plant and bacterial bulk.
A lot of this life ended up on the sea floor, as methyl hydrate. Only if this abducted to the deep did we get fossil fuels. So most of life is held in death’s grip on the sea floor.
If we mine this methyl hydrate and reduce the pressure, we get methane and water. We pressurize the methane, which his basically natural gas.
As we burn it, bacteria and plants turn it back into methane and carbohydrates. There is a massive sink for CO2.
That academics have not even entered into their calculations. Which is why there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air you breathe! And yes, this was the PhD I was doing at Sheffield University, with Prof Zimmerman.
Do not talk science unless you are a scientist! Don’t do an Al Gore, and scare everybody with a slick Hollywood video, which is pure fiction.
Don’t forget, Global Warming was only thought of, as the summer of 1976 wiped out all academic talk of the next ice age. You driving a car does not matter: That bright glowing sphere is the sky does!
The sun affects the climate on Earth, not you megalomaniacs.

Al Gore

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Is not a scientist! He is a politician. With a slick video, though it borrowed stills from ‘Water World’ – a Hollywood film. That sank without trace. Which I hope Al Gore will too!
Since Global Warming was devised, a quarter of a century has passed. By now most of the developed world should be desert – and should never flood, as Oxford, York, New Orleans and Australia have all done.
What we are seeing is natural climate change – nothing to do with man burning stuff! That just makes him a super animal, and increases life on Earth.
After all, plants are very good at taking in CO2, which is why there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. A good approximation is 0%!
Good job it is not or all life on Earth would die.
The Global Warming theory said in 1982 that in the next 25 years, sea levels would rise by 20 feet! Strangely enough, Al’s video does not refer to this!
With all the floods, sea levels should have gone down. But lets face it, if anywhere was going to flood, isn’t it ironic that a great university town should flood!
If the $70 billion wasted on looking into natural climate change had been spent on flood defenses, never would have happened!
And think of all the hospitals, roads and schools we could have paid for! And it goes on. A total waste of money, looking in to phantom science!
Global Warming was such a joke, scientists now call it climate change – but it is the same NATURAL weather. Get over it. This is what the weather does.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Flooded Oxford

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Don’t you just feel for Oxford! For the last 25 years academics have predicted rising seas and the aridifcation of England.
For just $70 billion – what a bargain!
Then Oxford got flooded! When for just £20,000 they could have built good defenses!
Just think what roads and hospitals we could have built for $70 billion!
Now they want $15 billion for their experimental fusion plant which won’t work! And if they just induced a bit of spin in the H gas around their old plants, they would get nuclear fusion!
Instead of fission tubes, they could use steam plasma tubes! Which give out heat with no external current, using only water.
So safe and cheap. They will hate that! They like dangerous and dear: Come to think of it, that flood did us a favor!
It shows the world that Global Warming is dangerous fiction.

Testing Global Warming

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Global Warming should affect the entire world, all the time! The UK has just had the worst summer for 248 years. Yet Brits still believe in Global Warming! Did they not study O level physics?
Global Warming was devised in 1982, and forecast a 20 FOOT SEA RISE BY 2007. Kent and 40% of the country would have flooded.
It did not predict more tornados and floods: This has been added to the climate change idea after it has happened.
Climate change is real and is natural! Global Warming was an academic phantom science idea, to get the world to spend $15 billion on a fusion trial plant – which will not work.
The world has spent $70 billion researching Global Warming. Which has paid for some good lunches, but otherwise, not done a lot?
Meanwhile growing bacteria, plants and damn air in the sun light, animals’ arteries all day, IC, steam and jet engines all do molecular nuclear fusion today!
Which is why plants give out CH4, He and O2 during the day: Plus gamma wave radiation. Did you not wonder?


Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Before the industrial revolution plants took in so much cO2 from the air, it had fallen from 40% to 0.00002%.
After the industrial revolution, it has increased to 0.000037%. The 0.00002% is a total guess! It might have been 0.000037%, we have no way of checking.
All life in Earth is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2: They excrete the O2 you breathe – it their waste gas.
So by putting out more CO2, man is a super animal. CO2 supports all life on Earth – it is crazy to suggest it will kill life! O2 is the greatest polluter in Earth’s history.
And CO2 has no link to past climate – the sun’s cycles DO! Be Green, put out MORE CO2. Your Rhubarb will love you for it!

Wind power

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
When the wind blows, and there is moisture in the air, we see a bit of air molecular nuclear fusion. And once we do one, the pressure wave resulting does more! This is why dark lands are so hot, and light lands so warm!
Collecting wind power is so hard! It is far easier to tap the power from steam molecular nuclear fusion. Either through a boiling cycle, or potentially through a steam plasma discharge!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The seas aren’t rising!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
The big claim for Global Warming was seas would rise: 15 feet since 1982 as it has happened. All coastal areas and particularly the Netherlands are so glad it was rubbish!
With all the rain we have had recently, sea levels should have fallen; since 2003 when there was a record low tide in Scotland.
Plants take in CO2, and release O2 and make plant bulk! All life on Earth exists because there is some CO2 in the air. Only 0.000037% as it happens!
Up from 0.00002% before the industrial revolution: Though scientists are guessing here! They think there was 0.00004% at the end of the Jurassic, when there was 60% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 65 meters lower.
By releasing more CO2, man is a super animal! More CO2 is SO Green! Global Warming was just an idea by academics to get more research money: They wanted $15 billion to look into nuclear fusion.
But their car on the way to work does molecular nuclear fusion! So does your heart ever time it beats.
We can design engines to release no CO2, though academics would rather we didn’t! As they want the research money.

The worst summer for 258 years

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Scientists want $15 billion for their next plant to research nuclear fusion! But steam engines have always done it, for a cost of £200.
Global Warming? Tell me another one. And this time make the joke funny!The worst summer for 258 years

Freeze dried tea

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Freeze dried coffee does not use cold! Well, it may do, but there is a better way! Freezing coffee may take out water – but I am not interested!
If you reduce air pressure, the temperature at which water boils is depressed! Even a chemistry vacuum pump will get the pressure down enough fro warm water to boil at 30 C – I was shown this 30 years ago!
This temperature will not ruin the taste of tea, so this is what we do! Apply low pressure to the brewed tea.
So we get a concentrated liquor of tea. We could totally dry this off to a powder, but I would tend to go with a tea concentrate, like Camp coffee!
A lot of the world likes a nice drew of tea, and we can give this drink, independent of the local water taste!

Monday, 30 July 2007

Water jet

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

My ideas on molecular nuclear fusion allow us to run a jet at hypersonic speed, off water. And produce no CO2. Anybody out there listening?

Replacing the petrol engine

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Diesel and petrol engines both do molecular nuclear fusion: From the steam in turbulent flow! They do less than a steam engine, but are instant on!
We take a boiler at temperature, and lead the steam over a Ti turbine. We then condense the steam on a heat pump!
The molecular nuclear fusion we do wit the steam, means we get back just enough heat to boil off new water. So we keep the boiler at temperature, by burning no fuel!
We can use the steam to supply both heat and power, generating no CO2. And the deep seas make so much He, the engines output will not even be noticed!
It is just a shame that Global Warming was never near being true, as this would cure it! As I said on my PhD in 2001.

Global warming is just a name! +44 0161 848-0416 t/f
117 Merchant’s Quay, M50 3XQ
Global Warming was devised as a way to siphon money into academia. It predicted that sea levels would have risen by 15 feet, and Oxford would be a desert.
Anybody who argued with this did not know their stuff! But I got onto a PhD at Sheffield University into Global Warming, and after 6 months concluded it was phantom science: Fiction by another name!
It did not predict more flooding and hurricanes! Those bits were added to the myth, as the seas refused to rise! With all this flooding, they should have gone down.
And how ironic, that world leading university town should get flooded! With no warning from the academics there!
There is no science behind Global Warming: The press talks about it as if it was real! It is not! The weather is the weather.

Global Wrong +44 0161 848-0416 t/f
In the age of the dinosaurs, lions roamed Kent! There was more cO2 in the air, but 60% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 5 meters lower.
In ice ages, again CO2 was at a greater level than today! CO2 has nothing to do with climate, or sea levels!
More life – more CO2. And lower seas as all the rain gets tied up in plants and animals. Global Warming load of rubbish!
So it is only right that Oxford, a great university town, should flood! More floods was never in the Global Warming ideas. Neither was more hurricanes.
As the weather changes it gets added to Global Warming! But Global Warming was a rubbish idea, totally wrong! Give up on it. Think again. Start by looking out of the window and realizing academics can’t predict the weather tomorrow!


In the 70s, academics predicted the next ice age. Then we got the blazing summer of 1976. Then they predicted a warming of the Earth. And we had the summer of 207, the worst summer of 258 years!
In 2001 I told Sheffield University we would get global wetting: I know it was a waste, as academics can’t even get the weather right tomorrow. My PhD got ended fro no reason.
They we had floods in York, Australia, New Orleans and now Oxford. The latter means that loads of academic got wet! There is justice in the world!
No mechanism, but now academics are predicting more tornadoes, because that is what is happening!
Academics know nothing. National Geographic said the flooding of New Orleans was due to rising sea levels.
But they have not risen! With all the floods, they should have fallen! New Orleans flooded due to the removal of salt marshes, which shielded the city from tornadoes.
I will not be renewing my subscription, due to the worst bit of journalism I have even read!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Being Green

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Plants take in CO2 to grow. They make the O2, animals breath and build plant bulk, animals eat!
By releasing more CO2, man is a super animal and increase life on Earth.
CO2 goes up and down with the world climate! The 0.000037% does not affect the climate.
In the age of the dinosaurs, there was 0.00004% in the air, 60% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 65 meters LOWER. What is your problem with CO2?
Academics want you to think it is the gas of death, as they want an extra $15 billion in research money! They have already had $100 billion to research nuclear fusion.
But a steam or IC engine does it today – from water, not H gas! CO2 is the gas of life.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

The politics of Global Warming

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays
There is not enough CO2 in the air to affect the climate! It is affected by the climate, it changes nothing.
But politicians want to tax you. And they tax you on Global Warming saying they are saving the planet! They are not.
There is no science behind Global Warming – scientists only thought of it to get research money to look into nuclear fusion.
They totally ignored the fact that green plants, animals, and water falls do molecular nuclear fusion! We can run our machines off molecular nuclear fusion.
They already do molecular nuclear fusion as it is! But we can design them so they don’t burn fossil fuels. So what are you going to tax then Gordon Brown – the worst PM in UK history!
Build dear schools, and then let Oxford drown. You were told what to do, but you preferred to spend the money on other less important stuff, for ten years!
Poor Oxford.

Nuclear fusion on Earth +44 0161 848-0416 t/f
Scientists want to research nuclear fusion, not because it will be very useful, but because it will earn them loads of you research money!
So they are despirate to get us not to burn carbon fuels. Hence the idea of Global Warming, that CO2 would somehow change the climate and kill all life. Despite the fact that all life is supported by the 0.000037% CO2 in the air.
Did you read that right? Yes you did! There is very little cO2 in the air. There was more in the Age of the dinosaurs, when sea levels were 65 meters lower.
And there is more in ice ages, when there is little plant life to convert it into O2, and support your life! More CO2 happens when things are cooler, not warmer.
But CO2 does create the climate. CO2 is a product of solar emission cycles. It lags the solar cycles by 4 years. It never drives the climate; it is a result of it!
Nuclear fusion would cure the phantom science of Global Warming, so scientists want $15 billion for their latest plant. In addition to your $70 billion to look into the phantom science of Global Warming.
And the $30 - $50 billion that has already been spent on fusion research. Nuclear fission is so dangerous and polluting, nobody who was not institutionalized for their own good would want more old style nuclear plants!
Fission produces O2 and He. Neither of which is in any way dangerous. The half life of He3 is only 0.004 of a second.
But the world already does nuclear fusion.
Water falls and breaking waves do molecular nuclear fusion, as the high kinetic interaction of water smashes the molecules together so hard; we get off O2 and He. Plus additional H, which escapes from the earth, or is converted into water at lightening strikes.
The He also escapes into the soft vacuum of space. Which leaves us with more O2. Which his why O2 was 10% more abundant when the dinosaurs were around.
Man’s engines also do molecular nuclear fusion: IC, diesel, jet and steam engines all release He and radiation when working.
Green crops do it in the light. This is why they give off CH4, He and radiation! Photosynthesis is one type of biological molecular nuclear fusion!
So there is molecular nuclear fusion going off all around us! We can design engines to use no fossil fuels, but consume very little water.
And this area is totally unresearched. So rather than pay academics to research fiction, them to look at useful stuff, like molecular nuclear fusion!

Global Warming is a lie!

Jonathan Thomason
CO2 tracks the world climate! When things are warm, there are more plants, and CO2 goes down; as there is lore life on Earth.
In an ice age, CO2 levels go up as there is less plant life.
Life on Earth is supported by the 0.000037% CO2 in the air. More cO2, more life! The climate is determined by solar cycles! So out of man’s control.
CO2 follows the climate, with a 4 year lag! It does not affect the climate AT ALL. Not for the 600 million years we have data for.
But academics are putting in a bid for $15 billion. To build a new fusion plant – which will not work? As Prof. Zimmerman said, linear flow of a gas is pants! We want to induce turbulence, by giving the H+ atoms spin.
So the jostle into each other, and one time in a million, we take two Hs, and from one He. This is how the sun shines – with no CO2 production.
No CO2, all the Global Warming fiction is just such a joke – which it always was.
I was doing a PhD on Global Warming at Sheffield University, and told them how to do nuclear fusion.
My reward: They ended my PhD. Fro no reason, other than you is not allowed to show that Global Warming is rubbish!

Steam power is nuclear fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -

Climate change is all caused by solar cycles. Global Warming was never real, so has nothing to do with the climate.

Academics want you to spend $15 billion on a new fusion reactor, which won't work! All the time a steam engine does nuclear fusion, from water!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Nuclear fusion is easy!

> to Prof. Zimmerman
A water fall, breaking waves, a fossil fuel flame, plants in the light and animals all day do molecular nuclear fusion. Fancy telling the world?

0161 8480416 at Salford Quays

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Nuclear fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -
Is important, as it is how the sun shines! It has a turbulent mass of H gas, which does nuclear fusion!
But in the deep sea, we have a turbulent body of water, and this does molecular nuclear fusion! Which is why the seas release He, O and a lot of the heat that life on Earth depends on.
A boiler room of boiling kettle does molecular nuclear fusion. As do plants in the sun light! Your heart does it every time it beats! Which is why you breath out He! Though you don't breath much in.
Growing bacteria do it: Nature does it all around us. All man's chemical engines do it. But once we know this, we can design engines that release no CO2! Academics don't want you to know this, as they make too much money from the phantom science of Global Warming!

Float processes

By Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Float glass shows the way, but it uses gas jets, dear and releases CO2. Bacterial in the sea take in the CO2 to make methane and He from water and CO2, so there is no CO2 build up in the air!
Life on Earth sinks CO2 seriously!
We have a small bath, which we drip feed FeO or silica sand into. We melt these with a flame of He and O: We produce these with electrolysis.
We could actually take the steam, and after supplying heat to the melt bath, drive a turbine! We then drive the electrolysis plant, and a heat pump.
We use the hot end of the heat pump to boil off more water, and add this to the flame steam production. So we use no fossil fuels!
We bubble the steam through the bath, into which we feed the FeO or sand.
We tap off a continuous steam of Fe or glass! We cast the glass into sheets, which will be massively cheaper than float glass today.
We use the bath of molten Tn as today, but use no gas jets!
The Fe we take off to holding tanks, which we keep molten with a jet of steam. We collect this steam, and feed it back into the jet, after we have allowed the He and O to escape via a semi permeable membrane.
When we have enough, we add the alloy elements, and probably use an electric arc to keep the bath molten: We generate the power using a molecular nuclear fusion plant.
So we take the major use of fossil fuels burn out of the work place! And change the world.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Nuclear fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -

If we have high pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow, we see molecular nuclear fusion! We get the production of gamma way radiation, and production of He and O.
Burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion: But nature shows loads of ways of doing molecular nuclear fusion, that produces no CO2.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Steam car

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -

I thought this idea up in 2002! We boil off water, run a steam turbine, then condense the steam on a heat pump.
This returns 85% of the process heat: But boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion!
So our net energy output will be in the right range to drive a vehicle! So we can design a steam car that uses no fossil fuels!
First job is to prove the recuperating steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion! Then onwards, with a PhD in hand!

Global Wetting

Jonathan Thomason M.Eng
In 2000, I was studying the biggest problem out there –Global Warming: I found out it was not even real, or a problem.
I said in any case, we would see Global Wetting, not Global Warming! My reward? My PhD got ended for things I could not have done – I was away when what ever happened, happened.
So in 2001 I predicted more tornadoes, and floods. Now I am seeing it happen, and wondered what use was it to think this stuff out, when the world did not hear about it.
And I did not get my PhD: Though most PhDs are true anyway!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Stopping volcanoes

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng - At a dormant volcano, we have a magma chamber of the Earth's mantel, which fills with super heated water at 250 C: It is only liquid because of the high pressure. Then we get a small earthquake, or series of them, that releases the pressure. The water in the magma chamber then evaporates, as champagne blows out, when you remove the cork, and the CO2 forms gas. So we can stop them! We locate the magma chamber with Earth bound sonar, and drill down to the chamber. We then slowly vent the water, maybe using the liquid for area heating, or just run it off into the sea! So we drop the pressure in the magma chamber, as we remove the super heated water. We are probably left with a source of heated water, that yields no CO2. On the latter subject, animals breathing and cows farting and twenty times as important as you driving a car! But the 0,000378% CO2 tracks the climate, it do

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Friday, 13 July 2007

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Don’t reduce your carbon foot print, eliminate it! Use molecular nuclear fusion to turn water and steam into heat and power.
This produces a whiff of He and O: No CO2. There then can be no human conribution to climate change, until the academics dream up new reasons we affect stuff!

Thursday, 12 July 2007


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Is not a good virus! It came from SIV, which primates have for the whole of their lives. They would live longer without it, and we can make the Simian antiviral (SAV) using the method below!
Sorry this one is so technical! Blame HIV. It make three chemokines to denude the human immune system, along side the 80% of its genome, which is ape centric.
These are very subsidiary immune signals, which make the HAV (Human antiviral), but misses out on the immune system positive feedback.
This means there is no waiting T cell, to load the HAV onto the macrophages: I told you this was involved!
We know the HAV, as it is produced in quantity, as the HIV+ become full AIDs. This only works, as the HAV builds in concentration only slowly!
So if we give a drip of IL-2 (A cytokine, which are superior to the chemokines) we activate the white blood system, and tap into the immune system feedback.
The white blood cells now action the HAV, and the patient clears the HIV infection.
If we make pills of this HAV, and give it to somebody before full AIDs develops, we spike the antibody level.
This activates the white blood system, and we get IL-1+, and IL-2…21 naturally. We get the full immune action, and clear the HIV from the body, before we get full AIDs.
Enough, ask me questions!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Fusion power

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Whereever we have high pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow, we see the release of radiation, and production of He and O: We do nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen – here H2O.
Burning fossil fuels does nuclear fusion. But there are other ways, that release no CO2. Which means the phantom science of Global Warming could have been solved, if it had been real.
The world has spent $70 billion on it: So thanks for all the wasted money, which could have been used for useful stuff, like medicine.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Global wetting

In 2001, I told Sheffield University, we would not see Global Warming, but Global Wetting! The PhD was then ended fro no reason – except you are not allowed to argue with the cash cow of academia!
Then we had floods in York, Australia, New Orleans and Hull. And the wettest June on record in the UK.
I think that is case proved! The money we could have saved the world if we had been prepared!
I think that deserves a PhD: It really should have been awarded in 2003! Amd still the rain goes on!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Friday, 6 July 2007

21st centruy religion

Global Warming is a relgion - though a fictional one at that!

21st centruy religion

Global WArming is a relgion - though a fictional one at that!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

The best of times

The weather is a bit wet, but nice! Why have the sees not risen 15 feet fince 1982?


Diabetes is just a disease of age, which can be cured.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Friday, 29 June 2007

Global Warming is such a joke!

Global Warming is so far from science - why did you believe it?

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Global myth

The world is NOT warming. And man couldn’t affect it in any way

Air Condition Iceland?


There are rivers flowing through Siberia, just not enough warmth to keep them liquid! The geothermal heat keeps them liquid beneath the permafrost. So one idea would be to drill down at the river source; to get more hot water to flow into the source of the river.
But really we want to turn the water into heat. We can actually do this via molecular nuclear fusion. The sort we use hear is boiling molecular nuclear fusion: Or boiling fusion for brevity – and my typing fingers!
Your kettle and every boiler in the world gives off radiation as the water comes to the boil! The bubbles of steam collapse back into water, and the kinetic interaction of the old bubble walls brings H atoms into high kinetic interaction.
In a turbulent fashion – my old friend which gives molecular nuclear fusion from water and steam.
So the idea is simple! We recirculate 10% of the steam produced by the boiler, to the base of the boiler, and this does enough molecular nuclear fusion to keep the water in a state of boiling.
The other 90% we pass into a Ti helix, to pass the fusion heat to the water. This will condense the water back from steam. We keep this heavy water, which we pump back to the boiler. It is heavy, and apart from a bit of He and O gas, pure water.
We vent the gas, and go around again. We will have to top up the water level, with distilled water. But the device sits there, turning water into heat! Plus O and He gas. This actually has value! So we may choose to cool these down to liquid gasses.
So every mile, on the approach to a village, we have a fusion boiler! The water will distribute the heat to the air.
To light the village, we need to suspend steam plasma tubes above the village – but that is another story!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Weather

In the 70s, everybody knew the next ice age is due – it is, any time in the next two millennia. Then we got ’76, and a blazing hot summer. So the research money dried up.
So in 1982, the idea of Global Warming came from one of the last PhDs on the ice age. Ice ages have been a huge problem in history, so some creative thinking was required.
Academics thought up the melting ice would make sea levels rise. The ignored the fact that the ice that would melt was below the sea surface, And when water melts it expands.
So when ice melts it contracts. So melting ice would send sea levels down. If the ice above the surface melted, the ice sheet would rise up, so sea levels would fall again.
If the ice on the land melted, the land would rise, as Scotland still is from the last ice age. These things happen over centuries, so there is no great panic. But academics panicked the world, and got research money.
The problem is, the weather! Academics can’t predict the weather tomorrow, so centuries into the future – no hope.
As the summer of ’76 did not confirm the next ice age, the summer of 2007 seemed to indicate that we were headed into it! No Global Warming here!
More hurricanes – blame it on Global Warming: No reason, just scientists convinced the world that the weather was more extreme. No. the weather is the weather.
I have a bad track record for finding rain and hurricanes all over the world; Hurricane Andrew in Florida, and rain at the Florida Quays and Tenerife – just call me the rain God.
Global Warming predicted the seas would rise. They didn’t, so this was dropped from the theory.
It predicted warm, and yet the world is cooling. Some good work has been done on global weather and solar cycles.
Man and his burning stuff does not come into it! It just makes us super animals.
There is less CO2 than in the age of the dinosaurs, when sea levels were 65 meters lower, and there was 60% more life on Earth.
Remember, there are not that many of us! The Earth does not even notice we are here. As to affecting the climate, join King Canute in trying to turn back THE TIDEA.
Just don’t be surprisded if you get wet feet!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Where is my PhD?

I said in 2001 while at Sheffield University, that 0.000037% CO2 in the air made no difference to the climate. We had a warm April, but now the worst June for 50 years.
So nature backs me up! Can I have my PhD now, for saying Global Warming was a load of rubbish!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Water does nuclear fusion

All around us nature turns water into He, O and a lot of heat! We even do it. So we do not need hydrocarbons or stuff to burn.

Stopping cancer

All infectious disease uses the golden pathogen leaders: These are 6 common enzymes that give infections an advantage over the human immune system.
After the main infection is gone, these can stay behind as viral rumps, in defective of cessated cell types.
When you get all six, you get cancer. When you only have 5 or less, you have a precancerous cluster.
But it is in the text books, how to make the active human antibody (HAX) to any infection. This not only will cue the disease, it will stop cancer.
So a course of pills of the HAXs, will cure all infections, as it stops cancer.
They will also clear existing precancerous cells from the body. You are not born with cancer, infections build it like Mecano in your body!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Nuclear fusion on Earth

Is easy! The deep sea does it. As do green crops in the light. Animals do it all day.
On my degree, I was taught steam did it big time! So in pipes, or in steam, I.C. or jet engines.
Gun barrels do it for this reason!
I was even told that electrolysis did it, particularly with Pt electrodes: Some of you may recognize this as cold fusion. This was right, just very weak! To do more, pressurize the water, and it boils at higher temperatures.
High temperature and pressure water doe molecular nuclear fusion: So geothermal water does it, as it flows around the mantel in turbulent fashion.
This tops up all the fission isotopes, otherwise all nuclear fission would have died away billions of years ago!
So the deep does molecular nuclear fusion big time today. This gives Earth 25% of its heat.
Poor old Venus does steam fusion in the air, which is why it is so hot. Mars does deep fusion, which means there is life in the deep on Mars – away from the cold of space.
We can drive rockets using molecular nuclear fusion, and go and see! Heating our Mars base using molecular nuclear fusion.
We can do this at the Poles. Melting the ice will send more cold water back to the equator, as the ice acts as an insulator.
So using molecular nuclear fusion to melt the Poles will cool the Earth down. We can also sue air coolers, to send more of the solar heat in the seas toward the Poles.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones. All of this I learned while studying the phantom science of Global Warming – so this fiction did actually produce good results.
So we can heat the cold lands using the heat of doing molecular nuclear fusion with water. And cool the hot lands by doing molecular nuclear fusion in a helix.
Damn it, that means if the world had been in danger I could have saved it.
But the earth is big enough to look after itself. And it does fact, where as academics do fiction to get research grants. Any chance of my PhD now? Or is professor J Thomason actually me?


I note in the press this week, that stones are caused by small creatures. They get into the body as they are part of a larger bacterium. When the rest of the bacterium is one, they are left behind!
They sit there, in the kidneys or elsewhere, building a shell! A calcium shell. That is the object hat causes so much pain.
So stones are built by nano bacterium: Like heart disease. Which his neat, as we can use a drip of the lower cytokines, to produce and action the active antibiotic.
This will remove the stone, and the nano bacterium. Because these small organisms do no damage, you can contract them again, and will need a new course of pills.
I am here for your questions!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

No Global Warming

THe world has weather - get over it!

Not Global Warming

While there was research money, scientists researched the next ice age. Then we got the hot summer of 1976.
Next they spent $70 billion researching the coming warm period. Seas would rise, lands would aridify, and a lot of us would die.
The seas have not risen. The deserts have receded – so there is more life on Earth. Scientists then realized CO2 levels were higher in ice ages – not NATURAL warm periods.
We are not getting Global Warming or Global Cooling. What we are getting is what they call weather.
And now politicians want to tax CO2 – the trace gas of life. Not for any reason, just they have the power, and they want your money.

Let’s not mention all the money wasted on Global Warming research, which could have been spent on roads, hospitals. by

The Nice Life

Global Warming was about to make the world hotter. Then we had the first white Christmas in 25 years in the UK, I think in 2004.
So Global Warming was used to predict the next ice age! That is one malleable theory – wait to see what the weather does, then say ‘Of course, Global Warming said that!’. Only it didn’t!
So this year we have had a warn winter. So this was obvious proof that Global Warming was true. But then we had the worst winter in 250 years.
Oh dear, Global Warming said the summer should be very hot! In England that would not be unwelcome. But a cool wet summer is OK: It is actually the nice life.
Over the world, the deserts are receding. Global Warming never said that! But actually life on Earth is based on plants and bacteria metabolizing CO2. Before the industrial revolution it was at 2%. The latest figures I have are for 6 years ago, when it was measured at 3.7 parts per million – 0.000037%.
It should cycle down to 2 ppm. But no time data was given. The number was just too little to affect the climate, so the ‘measured’ it at Heathrow or New York.
Guys the name is global warming! Heathrow is actually no warmer than the surrounding country. NY has massive amounts of heaters, so the figures have no meaning.
Scientists also found CO2 levels goes up in ice ages: Global Cooling if ever there was any! It was also at 4 ppm, in the late Jurassic.
There was 60% MORE life then, and sea levels were 65 meters LOWER: In exactly the opposite fashion to the predictions from the phantom science of Global Warming.
Scientists no longer study Global Warming, as it is fiction, not science. European governments want to tax us on Global Warming. For no reason, as CO2 supports more life, and follows the climate, does not lead it.
China says Global Warming is terrible! And can’t western governments help it reduce Global Warming emissions! And it goes off to build four new coal burning power stations.
Burning fossil fuels actually releases life from the rocks, back into the air, and onto the fields of the Earth. Burn more, release life from the rocks!
Repeat, we are in a time of ‘Nice Life’. The US and china ignore Global Warming, and so gain commercial advantage on Europe: So Global Warming Bush is not so stupid! He is actually right.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Life on Earth

is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2. They produce He, CH4 and oxygen. The CH4 is combined with other water molecules, to make carbohydrates.
So the O2 you breathe, and the carbohydrates and proteins you eat all come from CO2! No CO2, no life on earth.
So why are we trying to reduce CO2? Because it affects the climate. No. There is only 0.000037% of it in the general air, and plants want all the CO2, up to 2% they can get. So up to 5,000 times more CO2 than there is today.
CO2 is life! By burning the fossil fuels, we are releasing the organic carbon from the 60% of life on Earth that died with the dinosaurs. We are adding to life on Earth.
Or maybe you HATE life. Whatever: CO2 is the trace gas of life! Academics know this, but their research grants depend on you not!
Remember, these guys were researching the next ice age, until the blistering summer of 1976. And we are having the worst summer for 250 years! Explain.

The warmest

A good April: We were told it was the hottest for 300 years. This takes us back before man burned fossil fuels! So there were no Global Warming emissions. And it was warmer – we think. It was another century before thermometers were invented.
So scientists guessed, and we all believed them. These are the same guys who in the 70s told us London would be berried by 20 feet of permafrost by now.
So the predicted the warmest summer for 300 years. All I can think was 300 years ago was a good time to live! Sea levels were no higher than today though. Another of the predictions of Global Warming that was dropped because it was not happening!
Great theory. Nature doesn’t agree, just alter the predictions for this definite, is happening science.
Look out of the window! In Manchester, UK, it is a nice autumn day, in the middle of summer. It is probably the worst weather since the little ice age, of the 18th century.
Last I heard, Global Warming was going to make the world cooler! Now that is an elastic piece of fiction. It is not, and never was science!
There is 0.000037% CO2 in the air, and all life on Earth depends on plants and bacteria taking it in! Without it, you would be dead.
Plants want more: Luckily China is about to give them it! Scientists, who can’t predict the weather tomorrow, said it would be the warmest summer on record.
Obviously a broken 78 disc!

Ice age

In 1976 all scientists KNEW the next ice age was with us. Then we got 1976, where the average temperature in June, in Manchester was 26 C!
This June all scientists talk about Global Warming, like it is proved! It is not even real. Average temperature in June, 19 C. So it would seem that the next ice age is with us, 31 years late!
The scientists are still talking about warming. Ignore them: Just don’t give them any more money.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Saving life on Earth

There is very little CO2 in the air: Only 0.000037%. But there must be more – why are all these scientists making such a fuss? Because it is there living. And a very good living at that.
When you burn fossil fuels, radiation is given off, as the turbulence of the flame does molecular nuclear fusion.
There are ways to do molecular nuclear fusion with no fossil fuels! Nature is full of them. The deep sea is the biggest on Earth.
The industrial revolution was driven by molecular nuclear fusion. If we use our brains, we can build fusion plants, only driven by molecular nuclear fusion.
No emissions: No Global Warming – but that was never real anyway!

Nuclear fusion on Earth

There is nothing hard about nuclear fusion. Or flying fusion ships into space.

Steam plasma

To provide constant, high temperature heat, we can set up a steam plasma tube! At a given pressure, this will self sustain, drawing no external power.
It will sit there turning water into heat! There are no emissions of any sort! To get the plasma established, we initially start with a part pressure of hydrogen.
And we burn no coal, oil or gas! Such a plasma doe a little molecular nuclear fusion anyway. There are other ways to do molecular nuclear fusion anyway, that do not toggle the phantom science of Global Warming.
NASA has proved them! We live in the fusion age.